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  1. Hello Howard, Thank you for your very helpful first impressions. As this airport is important to you, I would say the glass is half full, but nothing to write home about. ✈️ Cheers Tom
  2. I cannot read the minds of my fellow flghtsimmers, but I would prefer to have both options (live & flightplans). I think, we still have to see a real, self learning air traffic system in ✈️ simulation.
  3. Maybe I missed it, but where is the button to transfer the route to the fmc?🙈
  4. Simhanger tested a motion platform. A completely different 🎱 ballgame ✈️
  5. Hi, below you will find a few very nice airports. Edinburgh (EGPH) | Pyreegue Glasgow (EGPF) | Pyreegue London Heathrow (EGLL) | iniScene FilbertFlies reviewed them and a lot more.
  6. Tomshardware tested, that Default Windows VBS Setting Slows Games Up to 10%, Even on RTX 4090 https://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-vbs-harms-performance-rtx-4090
  7. Pilot to AI: „HAL extract the landing gear now" AI to pilot: „Im sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that“🙈
  8. @sd_flyer Arthur C Clark’s predictions about the future that machines „will completely outthink their makers“, is imho not far fetched. Remarkable foresight! About 30 years ago, on holidays in Florida, I bought the book „The Harper Encyclopedia of Military History“. The book covers the period from 3.500 BC to 1975. Man, it‘s a heavy (2,7 kg) book and written in very small letters on 1.600 pages. When these machines really start to think, what will they think about us when they read those kind of books? The moment the machines recognize who we really are, creating a flightplan to another planet would be a very good idea. But please don‘t use a computer for it!😂
  9. Btw, I often read at this forum „buy direct at the developer and not on the marketplace“. Imho, without the xbox users we either wouldn’t have MSFS or we had a subscription already. „… One cloud to rule them all,…., One cloud to bring them all and in the subscription bind them“ To stay on topic, I did not use a stopwatch, but a think, with the current beta I have longer loading times.
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