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  1. Aamir became a millionaire after the release. He probably took some vacation. I would do the same. This is the problem with successful projects, when you make so much money you have no reason to work anymore.
  2. When I first saw the opening sequence I was worried I was on the wrong movie and that they were screening the first Top Gun, I had to check my ticket. (it was during the afternoon with very few people so it didn't seem impossible)
  3. I suspect Fenix waited for PMDG release so that they can put a shadow on their release. Nobody talks about PMDG anymore. Good move.
  4. So what do we do if we don't have an integrated graphics card ? (AMD) No optimization possible ?
  5. My impression is that this product has been over hyped and I regret buying it impulsively as the performance is disappointing. The only thing impressive in this product is the core simulation of the plane, which is just Prosim running on the background. What they did on top of that (sounds, graphics, EFB etc.) is not that impressive. So I would rate a 5/5 to the Prosim product and 2.5/5 for Fenix.
  6. Fenix really cheated their way into the flight sim scene using Prosim. Very smart move but unfair to the other developers ... too bad no one ever had that idea before, I guess people never even bothered to take the initiative thinking a company like Prosim would never accept such a deal. This one move is single reason they have been able to achieve what they've done. They started with a simulator already made and already superior to PMDG, so they had all their time to focus on visuals and make everything perfect as possible.
  7. This will be entirely dependent of Prosim and the license they signed with them. It's hard to believe they would be allowed to do whatever they want with the codebase.
  8. Fenix simulation won't release any other product than A320, because their product is based on Prosim. Prosim only has one A320 simulator. So far there is no proof Fenix is able to develop a plane like this themselves, even by using an already made A320 simulator they are taking too much time for release. Could you imagine how much time would they have needed if they developed from scratch ?
  9. I think I missed this, where can I found his reply ? just curious
  10. We usually get updates each month, but not this time.... They promised the release of the 737 for Q4 2021, which ends in less than 2 months yet we still don't have any interior pictures nor beta test announcement. I'd be very surprised if they don't delay it.
  11. I have not been impressed by their presentation.
  12. Do you need subscription to visit https://www.bing.com/maps ? No We already have access to satellite data for FREE, from both google and bing maps. Millions if not billions are using it daily for different purposes (GPS for example). So why would you think that MSFS users, who probably represent less than 0.00001% userbase of bing maps would cost Microsoft so much money that they would have to do a subscription model ? doesn't make sense to me.
  13. Bing maps can be used outside of MSFS. Unreal Engine gives the ability to stream bing maps for game developers. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZXTZphgyps) So in order to compete with MSFS, one developer might use unreal engine and he would have the same technology available.
  14. My guess is Seb. The other one with long hair is not really necessary for the Q&A they already made Q&A without him. But Q&A without Seb would be impossible.
  15. A more tough question to answer would be the opposite : what are serious things to do for an adult who loves complex airliners in MSFS ?
  16. I'm on the dev version, is the experimental version stable enough or has it too many bugs ?
  17. I'm tired of waiting. I've had enough of the FBW A320. I desperately need a decent long-hauler (PMDG 777 / 747). I wish I could jump in time to next year
  18. I had the fps decreasing issue with FBW development version. I switched to stable version and I no longer notice this issue.
  19. how are bugs related to microsoft's management ? most of the simulator's problem right now are directly related to asobo and their programmers. I live in France and I know how french companies work in IT, these days they're all miserable. the managers recruit cheap junior developers just out of school and they deliver low quality software filled with bugs
  20. https://www.asobostudio.com/careers some of the jobs listed are: autopilot programmer full stack developer QA tech technical designer aircraft system designer associate producer
  21. I feel like we haven been betrayed. I think Seb & Jorg with their Q&A they as we say in French "mener en bateau" our community but in truth their agenda is different and they don't really care that much about what we want
  22. Are you worried this new A320 will make your product less relevant ? I mean I know yours is free but anyway, simmers tend to not have problem spending money.
  23. I think it's really rude to do a 6 months delay before releasing in the market place. very disrespectful to Asobo who assisted them so much. remember that MSFS need to make profit in order to survive and not being abandoned yet again, PMDG is not helping by being so greedy and not releasing in the market place.
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