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02AUG13 - This should confirm the conspiracy theories...

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I knew it..


The one month I`ll be in the Usa for 6 weeks without my computer...


You clearly did this on purpose.. Now I shall NEVER buy the 777 from you. Now I shall buy

someone elses 777 instead.............and I shall fly it over and over and over until I leave for the states :American Flag: ! :mad:


(If there is any conspiracy going on, it is clearly aimed at me!)

Yngve Giljebrekke

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I'm Confused.

That's life I guess, if your not confused....your misinformed!

Paul Curtis - Englands foremost air conditioning engineer.


You take a mortal man, you put him in control, watch him become a god,....watch peoples heads a.roll!!!!


Do Al-Qaeda (the base) have prayer mats...or their own agenda?

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Froogle made a preview of the 777 (L)!!!

Wait what?!! :huh:

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Ireland stands with Ukraine 🇺🇦                                   💎🦍




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I KNOW I WILL GET A OFFICAL ANSWER, when i asked about Beta announcing in a other thread... damn i knew it


when i came to "wide beta" in RSR post while reading -i say YES this month.


But the next thing i know now is that, i will be in Dubai too this time in the end of august.... dengl it i knew it. Maybe i take the laptop from my mom....


THX for this update.

William Whitaker


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I'm looking forward in the time between now and the release to the other snippets of information from Mr R and the team as to what features they have managed to shoe horn in there that we have not seen before.




Oh and ORBX and PFPX which all together will make a pretty impressive triple act.  


However, as typical I'm in the middle of emigrating to Australia, my PC is packed away and I will not see it again until December.  Bugger!

Greg B

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I can tell you guys it's one hell of a machine you gonna love it once finished

Johan Ketting

MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon Intel Core i7-7700K 16GB @2400mhz 128gb SSD 2TB HDD



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You guys are going to love it  :wink:


- Luke Pabari

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Watched the Froogle video from the B777. Love the VC on this bird. It certainly has a different feel, PMDG themselves have confirmed they are doing some stuff better to allow for a more realistic representation of what the pilots see from their seats, and I believe they said this modification is also coming to the NGX. Can't wait!

Alexis Mefano

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Wide Beta sounds very promising!  I remember that term very well during pre-NGX release.  Very good news.  Thanks for the update Robert!

Dylan Charles

"The aircraft G-limits are only there in case there is another flight by that particular airplane. If subsequent flights do not appear likely, there are no G-limits."

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...The fact that we would go out of our way to bribe a low level manager responsible for the creation of logo-branded Boeing Swag?



Time to find a low-level PMDG employee to bribe for a copy of the beta.

Dave Wegner


- Don't be afraid of common sense or the search function.

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