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Bob Scott

P3D V2 Master Compatibility List (Closed)

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This is a living list of the known compatibility or issues with add-ons running in Prepar3D V2, based on community input.  Please post your results in this thread--once reviewed and incorporated, posts will be hidden or deleted to keep things tidy.  If any special procedures or utilities were used, please specify how the add-on was installed and enabled in P3D.  If there are limitations when installed in P3D, please list them.  If there is a P3D V2-native version, or the FSX version is supported in P3D by the add-on maker, please tell us that. This list is for P3D Version 2.0 ONLY--do not post issues related to compatibility with versions prior to V2.


**Note -- Entries for any add-on whose use in P3D is expressly prohibited by its respective EULA will not address compatibility. 

DO NOT post instructions for installing add-ons with EULAs prohibiting use in P3D.  User sanctions may result for violations--you have been warned.


List last updated: 27 Jan 2014


Aircraft Add-ons


Aerosoft Airbus X Extended -- compatible; some growing pains.  See http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/76020-prepar3d-20-compatibility-question/

Twin Otter Extended--compatible(PierreF)

Wilga v1.2--works in P3D2; must run installer in admin mode, point to P3D directory

Bell UH-1D--works with manual install(spirit_66)

Discus X and WinchX--work installed with EMT(w6kd)

Katana 4X--working with EMT, and needs new asc.dll(Dumpcore)

Any Aerosoft acft using old (before 2 Dec 2013) asc.dll sound module will crash if switched between full screen and windowed while panel is running

A new asc.dll module and discussion are available here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/76224-new-asc-for-airbus-twin-otter-and-many-more/

Affects AXE, Twotter, Katana and possibly others

Alabeo C172 RGII Cutlass--works with native P3D2 installer (Highiron)

R66/PA38/Staggerwing D17--Have a P3D setup, must set P3D path manually (Leclercq A)

Ants Aircraft: P92 Eaglet, Drifter A-582, Tecnam Sierra 24, Trojan T28D, Freeware DH82 Tiger Moth 1.1 - All working in P3D2(Leclercq A)

A2A    B377--partially working--no cockpit lights, with cold-start mode engines won't start and some knobs stop working(spesiman)

C172--Should work in in P3D2--put renamed copy of prepar3d.exe as fsx.ex into P3D root dir, then point installer to P3D directory (MarkSC)

Late version FSX/P3D 1.x installer won't work if P3D2 folder name has blanks; disable VC mipmaps in P3D options(jabloomf1230)

Heinkel HE-219 Uhu--works installed with EMT (Alan_A)

Piper Cub--works in P3D2--place copy of Prepar3d.exe renamed fsx.exe into P3D's root folder then run installer(Arwen)

Spitfire--works in P3D2--place copy of Prepar3d.exe renamed fsx.exe into P3D's root folder then run installer(Wendall)

BayTower Vans RV7--need to edit panel.cfg to remove transponder gauge to prevent CTD in P3D2.  See: http://www.baytower.ca/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=496#p2462

CaptainSim C-130 pro-pack v1.3--mostly working, radar inop

need fs9.exe in P3D root for installer to work, need fsx.exe in P3D for ACE editor to work(Leclercq A)

B707--OK with EMT(Wendall)

B727--works in P3D2, need to add sound gauge to dll.xml(Dutch727)

B732--works with EMT(Shane_Strong)

B757/767--works with EMT(jaegerm)

B777--works with EMT and P3D in legacy mode(mulgrave/NikkiA)

Carenado B200 King Air--compatible with P3D native installer

B90 Queen Air--compatible with native installer(keithb77)

Cessna 337--compatible with native installer(keithb77)

CT182T w/G1000--compatible, with P3D2-compatible installer(Boylston)

TBM 850--works in P3D2(folie123)

Cera Sim UH-60L BlackHawk--partially working in P3D2 (no digital readouts, analog gauges only) (Jimmy RFR)

Bell 212 & 412--works in P3D2 using EMT(Shane_Strong)

Classic Hangar FW 190D/TA 152--works with EMT (change fallback.1=\4096 to fallback.1=.\4096 in texture.cfg) (oytjohns)

CLS B767 200/300--works in P3D2, needs fix for opaque windshield (http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=182251) (anthonyneave)

MD-81/82--works installed with EMT

Coolsky DC-9--works in P3D2 using EMT(Q_Flyer)

Super 80 and Super 80 Pro--works by copying from FSX install(drcancerman)

Digital Aviation Fokker 70/100--works in P3D2 (Victor Le Bellego)

Dino Cattaneo T45 & F-14--works in P3D2--needs copy of FSX FA-18.dll copied from FSX gauges folder to P3D(Jimmy RFR)

Dodosim Bell 206--works in P3D2 with some issues.  See http://forum.avsim.net/topic/428803-dodosim-b206-heli-compatibility/

Eagle Rotorcraft Simulation Bell 206 B Jetranger--works with manual installation(spirit_66)

Eaglesoft Citation X--works in P3D2 using EMT, may see lag in gauge loading on first use(Q_Flyer)

Citation CJ1--compatible(dumpcore)

Extreme Prototypes Learjet 20--compatible with native installer (TWHarrell)

Feelthere Embraer Regional Jets (ERJ 135/145)--works using EMT (Q_Flyer)

E-Jets V1 and V2 both working (Brian Doney)

Flight1 House-developed Aircraft  -- prohibited by EULA

Includes Mustang, B200 King Air, Cessna T182T, BN-2 Islander

Does not necessarily include aircraft produced by other developers marketed via Flight1 wrapper

FSL    ConcordeX--incompatible due to Simconnect version problem, P3D-specific version being considered(MarkW)

Airbus--will not be compatible with P3D on release, p3D specific version being considered(MarkW)

FSX Default Bell 206--works with manual install(spirit_66)

Hovercontrol Bell 412--works with manual install(spirit_66)

IFly B737NG v3.2 for P3D--works with some lighting issues  See: http://www.flight1tech.com/Products/AircraftSimulations/737NGforPrepar3D.aspx

Iris Mudhen Driver F15E with update 1-2--works, must add weapons mgr to dll.xml manually(Leclercq A)

Platinum A10 v1.3--works, with some HUD anomalies--enter P3D2 path in installer(Leclercq A)

BD5,F-20--works in P3D(Dumpcore)

Justflight Lightning F.6--Works in P3D2--copy acft folder from FSX, and effects from effects dir(EngineRoom)

Freemium B757--works with EMT(Spike54)

DC-8--works with EMT(Shane_Strong)

DC-6B--works with EMT(Q_Flyer)

L-1011--works with EMT(Shane_Strong)

Leonardo Maddog 2008--partially working in P3D2; 2D OK, no clickspots in VC(757FO)

Level-D B767 for FSX--works in P3D2(Bryn)

Lionheart - Robin DR400180 FSX/P3D - Runs OK - P3D check box, but you must set path manually (default path P3D 1.x)(Leclercq A)

Fairchild 24 & Super Pacer--compatible with P3D2--set path to P3D inside installer(Jimmy RFR)

Kodiak--works installed with EMT, needs sounds from FSX C208 or 3rd party soundset (RoboRay)

sound fix see http://forum.avsim.net/topic/433368-lionheart-kodiak-sound-fix-in-p3d2/

Lotus Simulations L39--works in P3D(dumpcore)  Lotus reports possible issues with lighting and canopy effects

Majestic Q400--working in P3D2--uncheck "mipmap VC panels" in view and panel setting(SamDim)

Dual FSX/P3D install does not work, installing into second FS on same machine prevents other copy from running

Manfred Jahn's freeware Basler BT-67, C-117D and C-47v2--all work in P3D2 (Alan_A)

Milviz T-38--partially working; No panel flood, instrumentation or external lights.  Needs to be recompiled to fix lights(n4gix)

Baron--partially working after EMT install, no VC clickspots(AviatorMan)

C310--works in P3D2, installer needs to find fsx.exe (copy of Prepar3d.exe is OK) in P3D root(winged532)

F-86--compatible with P3D2(Wendall)

Nemeth EC120B, AS350--compatible(PierreF)

MD 500, EC-130, BO-105, Bell UH 1 Huey--all work with EMT(spirit_66)

AW109, EC355--works installed with EMT, including autopilot(w6kd)

PMDG Aircraft (all) -- currently prohibited by EULA - P3D licensed versions of B777/B737NGX/B744V2 expected ~Q1 2014

Quality Wings RJ-85/100 (P3D V1.x version)--works with P3D2, requires fsx.exe in P3D root to install (juergenmartens)

BAe-146--works in P3D2(juergenmartens) 

Cross-compatibility issues with VimaCore.dll in P3D2 causing g3d.dll CTD.  See: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/430969-qw-bae-146vimacore-cross-compatibility-issue/

B757--working in P3D2--working with EMT(coryb13)

RealAirSimulations B60 Duke V2, Turbine Duke  & Lancair--works in P3D2, some panel sounds missing (MarkSC/Dionys)

Duke V1--works in P3D2, V1.5 update won't install, manual xfer of files does work(greuff)

Dukev2--possible memory leak/OOM issues in P3D2(MarkSC)

SF260--works in P3D2(Dionys)

Citabria--works, but causes CTD on exit in P3D2 (kama2004)

Scout, Decathlon--works in P3D2

Section8 F86--not compatible(Leclercq A)

Sibwings AN-2 Cub--working in P3D2 installed per instructions here: http://forum.sibwings.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1149

Virtavia C17, CH-47, T-34--Work OK in P3D2(Leclercq A)

Mi24 OK (GPS in terrain mode have a too strong bloom effect at night)

KA54 OK (HUD bloom effect too strong at night)

VRS F-18 Superbug & Tacpack -- currently prohibited by EULA  See http://forums.vrsimulations.com/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=8503&p=59361&hilit=prepar3d#p59361


AI Aircraft/Traffic Add-ons


ACA 2013--compatible with P3D2 from v0.6.0  See http://aifs2.pvdveen.net/

AIG flightplans--OK if compiled for FSX.  Works with variety of acft, i.e. AIA, AIG, AIM, DJC, HTAI, TFS, FAIB, OSP, etc.(jordanal)

Can reference FSX-installed acft and traffic bgl files by referencing in P3D's prepar3d.cfg and scenery.cfg files

Must still copy over the few respective AI files form \FSX\texture and \FSX\Effects, to the equivalent P3D folders

My Traffic 5.4b--works with manula edits; Do not use the Communicator for P3D for P3DV2 !  (See http://forum.simflight.com/topic/75732-towards-mytraffic3d-v2-and-support-for-prepar3d-v2/)

My Traffic X--works in P3D2, needs to be manually installed(Petraeus)

My Traffic 2013--works with EMT install(ajpongress)

Traffic 360--conflicting reports, see http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=4067

Ultimate Traffic 2--works in P3D2 with EMT

must also change the dll.xml to point to P3D versions of traffictoolbox.dll and visualfxtool.dll (leave object_placement.dll pointing to fsx version)

Installing into P3D will disable use in FSX--program uses registry settings to point to a single installed program folder

WOAI package installer--works in P3D2--need fsx.exe present in P3D root folder for installer to work (copy of Prepar3d.exe renamed to fsx.exe also works)


Aircraft Gauge Add-ons


Ernie Alston's Integrated Simavionics (ISG1)--works in P3D2(RWFeldman)

Jeehell Airbus 320 Flight Management and Guidance System--works in P3D2 (OmniAtlas)

Mindstar Garmin 430/530--P3D2 compatible

Project Magenta Boeing glass suite--working (pipsara)

RealityXP (all) - incompatible with P3D


Scenery Enhancement Add-Ons


AES (Aerosoft Airport Enhancement Services) -- incompatible with P3D.  See http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/74870-aes-and-prepare-3d/

Auto Star X--works in P3D2; point installer to P3D directory(spesiman)

FSGenesis Terrain Mesh--regional meshes seemed to install fine with the EMT(spesiman)

North America V2, Canada, and Mexico V2--work installed with EMT(w6kd)

GEX (all) -- prohibited by EULA

GSX (FS Dreamteam Ground Services X) -- ready for P3D2 with 27 Nov 13 installer

ORBX FTX Global - P3D2-ready as of version 1.1 -- needs new installer if downloaded before 23 Nov 13

FTX Vector Iceland Demo--P3D2 ready

Pilot's FSGlobal 2010 and FSGlobal Ultimate series terrain mesh--P3D v2 installers now available on website

REX Essentials/Overdrive -- P3D2 ready, some restrictions with weather engine. 

See http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/28254-rex-and-p3d-v20-compatibility/#entry206605

REX4 Textures Direct -- P3D2 ready, some pending issues awaiting LM action.  See:  http://forum.avsim.net/topic/429873-rex4-textures/page-2#entry2886629

UTX (all) -- prohibited by EULA


Scenery Add-Ons


Aerosoft--Matt Smith has a comprehensive list of instructions for setting up AS sceneries in P3D2: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/54998-how-to-get-aerosoft-products-working-in-prepar3d/

EDDM, LOWI, German Airports 2/3--partially working, lighting inop(guenseli)

LIBD (Bari)--installer does not work, works OK with EMT(spesiman)

Seychelles--partially working, no lights@FSIA, water issues(Bryn)

Mega Airport Stockholm--installs with EMT, performance issues (SAS443)

Ala12v Torrejon AB--dev says partially working, no lights and shadow issues.  Fix anticipated early 2014(mickyleitor)

Drzewiecki Krakow--works in P3D2(Q_Flyer)

New York City--partially working with EMT, some texture issues, black buildings etc(JamesHongKong)

Flightbeam (all)--compatible, new P3D2-ready installers available for download(Mir)

FlyTampa St Maarten -- P3D2 ready from version 1.6

Most should work, new installers coming.  See http://www.flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6432

OMDB/LOWW/LGAV/CYUL/KBOS V3 confirmed working(Q_Flyer)

OMDB V2.2 installer P3D2 ready

FSAddOn Vancouver V3--works installed with EMT (spirit_66)

FSDreamTeam--New P3D2-compatible installers for all FSDT sceneries available

Some P3D2-specific issues w/r/t performance(esp older sceneries), lighting (LSGG)

Holger Sandmann Tongass Fjords X--works installed with EMT(Holland_Holland)

Holger Sandmann and Jon Patch Victoria+--works installed with EMT (spirit_66)

Imaginesim KSTL--working with EMT

KCLT 2013--partially working, no runway lights(Blaze)

KATL original--does not work, causes AppHang crashes(Blaze)

KDEN--not working (no buildings)  Newer IS sceneries appear to have issues

LatinVFR KMIA--works, but suffers from poor image quality(t_bergman)

LH Simulations Budapest--P3D2compatible from V1.2(Fabo)

MegaScenery Earth--working in P3D2(The Oldar)

MSE North Carolina--works, with some oddities in ramps and taxiways at regional airports(flyerkg)

MSE V2 airports--working in P3D2(OzWhitey)

ORBX--scenery migrator in development, manual installation of regional sceneries possible(bonchie)

PNW installs OK with EMT(Wendall)

SAK--partially works with EMT(no ObjectFLow)

remove or rename the ObjectFlow_SAK.dll file in the P3Dv2/ORBX/FTX_NA/FTX_NA_SAK05_SCENERY folder after installation(RoboRay)

Pacific Island Simulations--Jeju and Xiamen work with EMT (Blaze)

Scansim Copenhagen V3(FSX/P3D)--partially working aith EMT, missing some textures--P3D2 version expected in 2014(volmmer)

SunSkyJet KPHL--compatible with P3D2 (Wendall)

Taxi2Gate Orlando--works in P3D2(coryb13)

MMMX Mexico City V3--OK with EMT(JamesHongKong)

Tropicalsim MDST Cibao--installs with native installer--requires manual addition to scenery library(MisterA)



Weather Add-Ons


*FSrealWX lite 1.07.1522 by Hanse-Coders--works in P3D2, select Simconnect option (Leclercq A)

*HiFiSim Activesky 2012 -- should work with P3D2, manually set P3D.exe path and directory, P3D-specific beta coming (WR269)

AS2012 works via Simconnect from remote PC--abnormal high OAT issue(RWFeldman)

*Open Clouds -- P3D2 Ready--temp issues should be fixed in V1.16  See http://www.fsopen.co.uk/forum/posts/listposts.php?threadid=3250

OpusFSX -- P3D2 ready

Pilot's FS Global Real Weather -- incompatible, P3D-compatible version expected early 2014 (MarkSC)

*REX Essentials/Overdrive -- P3D2 ready; (RWFeldman) (see link in Scenery Enhancement section above)


* - suffers from apparent P3D bug that misreads temp data injected via Simconnect resulting in sky-high OAT, so to speak




A2A Accufeel V2.0--working in P3D2(Rob Ainscough)

Airport Design Editor--working in P3D2 from V1.60  (see http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/airport-design-editor-release-notes-change-log.428831/)

Aivlasoft EFB--works using same compatility tips as P3D 1.x (see Aivalsoft forums)(Dumpcore)

V1.5.0 is P3D2 ready  See http://www.aivlasoft.com/support/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1512

Cockpit Sounds V2 (COCKPITSOUNDS_V2.ZIP by Daniel Gauthier) works(Holland_Holland)

DBS Airport GPS--OK installed with EMT(muffo)

EditVoicepack compiled EvpAccelerated3.gvp file works well. Drop into ..\Prepar3D v2\sound\ATC folder, rename existing USBigEnglish.gvp(n4gix)

Estonia FSX to P3D Migration Tool(EMT)--P3D2 support added with 26 Nov 13 Build--See http://www.flightsim.ee/

EZDOK--P3D beta version partially works, no exterior/world views-link at http://www.simforums.com/forums/ezdok-and-prepar3d_topic40274_post236510.html#236510

FSRealTime--works (via FSUIPC) with standard installer and compatible version of FSUIPC running(Holland_Holland)

FSUIPC V4 -- P3D2 ready with version 4.923 or later--this is first P3D2-specific release of FSUIPC--previous versions were for P3D betas(Pete Dowson)

FSXFlight--works as-is(jaegerm)

PDFKneeboard--put pdfkneeboard.dll and .ini into modules folder, must add entry into dll.xml(muffo)  See http://forum.avsim.net/topic/428095-pdfkneeboard-on-p3d-and-p3d-20/

LINDA -- Working in P3D2

Martin Boelens Simlauncher--compatible with a workaround--see http://forum.avsim.net/topic/427567-simlauncher-workaround-for-p3d2/

Mogwaisoft Shade v1.02--works with EMT--needs EMT running any time utility is used(spirit_66)

Plan-G--v3 works with P3D2 (Petraeus)

Scenery Config Editor--works with P3D (V1.1.2 tested)(w6kd)

Set P3D directory in the Flight Sim directory in preferences

Set location of scenery.cfg to "user defined" and browse to P3D scenery.cfg file, default location is C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v2\

TrackIR v4--works with or without EZDOK (waterman981)

v5--worksout of the box with 5.2.2 drivers, or with EZ_Dok beta referenced above or with OpusFSX(Jude Bradley)




Airtrack for iPad/iPhone--works with P3D2.  See: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/429949-airtrack-ipad-app-and-p3dv2-windows-81pro/

BA Virtual Phoenix ACARS--prohibited by EULA(MarkW)

Flying Tigers VA ACARS--P3D2 compatible(MarkW)

FS2Crew (AXE version)--P3D2 compatible(Jude Bradley)

FSCaptain--P3D2 compatible with V1.5.0--see http://fscaptain.proboards.com/thread/1589/fscaptain-beta-available-nov-27 (Dutch727)

FSCommander--works OK from remote PC using WideFS(RWFeldman)

IVAP V2--works, need to manually add Mtl traffic folder to p3d.cfg, remote ops needs port changed from 6809 to 49742(Wingcomm)

Multi Crew Experience" voice control for P3D (V1 & V2), FSX & FS9--works with new P3D2 compatible installer

Radar Contact--works with P3D2 (with appropriate version of FSUIPC) on P3D machine or via network

VOXATC--works with manual install--requires 2 gauges copied from FSX, see discussion in unofficial VOXATC forum, P3D2 installer in work(Petraeus)

Xample "FSX Air Nav Bridge"* version in P3D2 (vbazillio)




nVidia video cards prior to GTX400 series, AMD/ATI cards prior to 5000 series -- incompatible (P3D2 requires DirectX 11)

nVidia 3D Vision 2--not working in P3D2--LM working with nVidia on this--see http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=3849.0#postid-18692 (vr-pilot)



Known P3D Compatibility Issues affecting multiple add-ons:


1.  Global weather writes cause catastrophic high temp to be injected into sim--affects most weather add-ons, LM aware of issue

2.  A change in how a P3D internal state flag is set causes multiple FSX add-ons to crash when switching between full-screen, windowed, and/or minimized modes.

3.  A scenery visibility flag that was ignored by FSX/ESP is now properly observed, resulting in some default and add-on scenery taxiways to disappear.



"EMT" = Estonia Migration Tool


Color Coding Key

Green--Ready to install into P3D2 with native installer

Purple--Not working in P3D2

Red--Installation into P3D not in compliance with EULA


List maintained by:

Bob Scott | President and CEO, AVSIM Inc
ATP Gulfstream II-III-IV-V

System1 (P3Dv5/v4/XP12): i9-13900KS @ 6.0GHz, water 2x360mm, ASUS Z790 Hero, 32GB GSkill 7800MHz CAS36, ASUS RTX4090
Samsung 55" JS8500 4K TV@30Hz,
3x 2TB WD SN850X 1x 4TB Crucial P3 M.2 NVME SSD, EVGA 1600T2 PSU, 1.2Gbps internet
Fiber link to Yamaha RX-V467 Home Theater Receiver, Polk/Klipsch 6" bookshelf speakers, Polk 12" subwoofer, 12.9" iPad Pro
PFC yoke/throttle quad/pedals with custom Hall sensor retrofit, Thermaltake View 71 case, Stream Deck XL button box

Sys2 (MSFS/XP11): i9-10900K @ 5.1GHz, 32GB 3600/15, nVidia RTX4090FE, Alienware AW3821DW 38" 21:9 GSync, EVGA 1000P2
Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Yoke, TCA Airbus Sidestick, 2x TCA Airbus Throttle quads, PFC Cirrus Pedals, Coolermaster HAF932 case

Portable Sys3 (P3Dv4/FSX/DCS): i9-9900K @ 5.0 Ghz, Noctua NH-D15, 32GB 3200/16, EVGA RTX3090, Dell S2417DG 24" GSync
Corsair RM850x PSU, TM TCA Officer Pack, Saitek combat pedals, TM Warthog HOTAS, Coolermaster HAF XB case

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Folks--let's not have Q&A about add-ons in this thread.  In other words, please post information on known compatibility and/or incompatibility between P3D V2 and add-ons so it can be added to the list--this is not meant to be a place where people can ask if/how their favorite programs work with P3D V2 or to discuss performance issues etc.


If there are significant issues to mention related to use of a particular add-on in V2, please reference or start a thread elsewhere on the forums and provide me a link to that discussion here, and I'll post that where appropriate.  For the purpose of listing compatibility, I am erring on the side of those who report they got an add-on working.  If there is disagreement on compatibility or other P3D2-realted issues, again, please have/initiate that discussion in another thread, and if you provide me a link here, I'll link the list entry to the discussion.


An entry in the list only reflects other users' experiences with the referenced software and P3D2.  It's intended to give a quick look at other user experiences with FSX add-ons and P3D2 compatibility, not a comprehensive recommendation for any and all users.  Many of these add-ons were released for FSX and are untested and unsupported by their developers vis-a-vis P3D2.  It's up to each of us to do our own research.  This is intended to be a starting point only.


So that I don't miss anything by repeatedly sorting through a long list of old posts, I am deleting all posts in this thread as soon as I review them.  Please pose questions and conduct how-to discussions in another thread, as posts will disappear quickly here.



Bob Scott | President and CEO, AVSIM Inc
ATP Gulfstream II-III-IV-V

System1 (P3Dv5/v4/XP12): i9-13900KS @ 6.0GHz, water 2x360mm, ASUS Z790 Hero, 32GB GSkill 7800MHz CAS36, ASUS RTX4090
Samsung 55" JS8500 4K TV@30Hz,
3x 2TB WD SN850X 1x 4TB Crucial P3 M.2 NVME SSD, EVGA 1600T2 PSU, 1.2Gbps internet
Fiber link to Yamaha RX-V467 Home Theater Receiver, Polk/Klipsch 6" bookshelf speakers, Polk 12" subwoofer, 12.9" iPad Pro
PFC yoke/throttle quad/pedals with custom Hall sensor retrofit, Thermaltake View 71 case, Stream Deck XL button box

Sys2 (MSFS/XP11): i9-10900K @ 5.1GHz, 32GB 3600/15, nVidia RTX4090FE, Alienware AW3821DW 38" 21:9 GSync, EVGA 1000P2
Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Yoke, TCA Airbus Sidestick, 2x TCA Airbus Throttle quads, PFC Cirrus Pedals, Coolermaster HAF932 case

Portable Sys3 (P3Dv4/FSX/DCS): i9-9900K @ 5.0 Ghz, Noctua NH-D15, 32GB 3200/16, EVGA RTX3090, Dell S2417DG 24" GSync
Corsair RM850x PSU, TM TCA Officer Pack, Saitek combat pedals, TM Warthog HOTAS, Coolermaster HAF XB case

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Using the EMT I had no issue getting the addon Hardware VRInsight GPS-5 to work with no issues.

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Carenado SR22 GTSX TURBO HD compatible with native installer


Carendao C185F SKYWAGON BUSH compatible with EMT


Iris C27J compatible with native installer


Lionheart Creations Epic Victory compatible with native installer

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I am going to test my favorite freeware ACs from FSX in my new install of P3D2 over the next coming weeks. I would like to share my experience with the community; should I post this here or rather in the "P3D Aircraft & Vehicles - Native and Add-Ons" category? Whatever you prefer is fine for me.

Best Regards


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All afcads of the freeware scenery of BlueSkyScenery are reworked and ready for prepar3Dv2. So this scenery is now compatible in P3Dv2.

The afcads can be downloaded from the site.




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Realair Lancair Legacy - no click spots in vc

My first sim flight simulator pD25zEJ.jpg


Take a ride to Stinking Creek! http://youtu.be/YP3fxFqkBXg Win10 Pro, GeForce GTX 1080TI/Rizen5 5600x  OCd,32 GB RAM,3x1920 x 1080, 60Hz , 27" Dell TouchScreen,TM HOTAS Warthog,TrackIR5,Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals HP reverbG2,Quest2

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Carenado Pa28.... version FSX, installed with the native installer. Just pointed to the p3d directory..


I guess we can call it a failure...  unless this is a new kind of stratophaser..




The plane doesnt move, the wheels animation shows the wheel turning and a lot of smoke effect is generated....  maybe something related to contact points. When looking closely at the wheel, they are partially burried in the concrete..... I didn't try changing the contact point as I have no clue how the value are selected....


P3D when its freezing in Quebec....well, that's most of the time...
C-GDXL based at CYQB for real flying when its warming up...

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Hello Bob

Aerosoft LIME (BergamoX) has native installer 

Jude Bradley
Beech Baron: Uh, Tower, verify you want me to taxi in front of the 747?
ATC: Yeah, it's OK. He's not hungry.

X-Plane 11 X-Plane 12 and MSFS2020  🙂

System specs: Windows 11  Pro 64-bit, Ubuntu Linux 20.04 i9-9900KF  Gigabyte Z390 RTX-3070-Ti , 32GB RAM  1X 2TB M2 for X-Plane 12,  1x256GB SSD for OS. 1TB drive MSFS2020

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More information on Carenado piper.


In aircraft.cfg, changing the contacts_points section solve the buried wheel problem. 


on line point.0, change the third parameter from -3.65 to -3.95

On lien point.1 and .2 (2 main wheels), change the third parameter from -3.32 to -3.62.


The smoke was not really smoke. It was the fx_wheel_snow_spray effect because I started my flight in winter. I removed it from the effect directory to remove the effect altogether as it is not realistic. 


P3D crash on reloading the plane after a first load then on exiting p3d..But it's now flyable...


P3D when its freezing in Quebec....well, that's most of the time...
C-GDXL based at CYQB for real flying when its warming up...

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FSRecorder v1.331 works in regular mode (no need for legacy) (newer versions do not work either way).. however on launch of P3D a warning box pops up.. "This version of FS Recorder was not verified with your version of FSX" (OK to load, Cancel to not load)

MSI z690-a Unify; 1000 watt evga SuperNova Platinum; 12900kf at 1.255 adaptive LLC6, auto avx, auto Pcore, E-4.0ghz, Ring-4.1ghz, PL 241watt (Cine96c, games 83c case side On); DDR5 Gskill F5-6400J3239G16GA2-TZ5RS  at 6400mhz autovolt, Kraken x73 360mm; Thermaltake v51 Case; Gigabyte 4090 OC;  VR-Varjo Aero;  AstronomicallySpeaking:

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Was unsuccessful getting MAAM's 7th Edition B-25 for FSX to work in P3Dv2 without getting kicked to desktop . I was using EMT . Installation went well , AC and all texture variants showed up in AC Menu , gauges in Gauge folder etc , but after selecting any of the textures to load the AC , I immediately got kicked to desktop .

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A2A Piper Cub no longer works in P3Dv2.1.  No prop animation.  C172 still seems to work.  

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A2A Piper Cub no longer works in P3Dv2.1.  No prop animation.  C172 still seems to work.  


The spitfire seems unable to load fluids, and as a result is unusable.



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