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Prepar3D SLI support : I have a dream, let our voice be heard.

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Following several post in this thread ( here is the step-by-step process recommanded by nVidia to make our voice be heard.


  1. Download and install Geforce Experience (30mb and if you want to keep your installed driver you may so) :

  2. Launch GeForce Experience and go to the Game tab, then click on the “Send Feedback” button on the bottom right

  3. Select
    - “Feedback Category...” = “Game detection and support”
    - ”Select a sub-category...” = “Suggest a game we should support”
    - Point to the installed location of your Prepar3D (example c:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Prepar3D.exe)
    - In the Comments field, type something like this one :
    Hello nVidia,
    Lockheed Martin Prepar3D is one of the most advanced flight simulator on PC. SLI and proper AA would be a extraordinary helpfull for all P3D customers and certainly for all owners of 2 or more nVidia graphic cards.
    So far the benefit of having an nvidia SLI configuration doesn't worth the cost and it's not at the level of customer satisfaction nvidia owner may expect.
    Please considere adding SLI support for Prepar3D in an nVidia profil.
    Best regards,"



Yep. It’s just a drop in the ocean but many small one make a big one isn’t it ?


Ps : for those that want to spread the buz out-of-AVSIM forum :

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I don't expect miracles, but that's definitely a way we should use. Thanks for the head-up.


Kind regards, Michael



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Hi Vincent,


Excellent! You have my full support!


Moderators, please consider making this a sticky until we have a resolution. It would give this matter much more weight.



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Seems like a ground-swell campaign needs to be created.


1.  Formulate a team to create a campaign started.


2. Get as many flightsim websites to post a newsclip on their front pages about this campaign to alert as many simmers as possible with easy instructions on how Nvidia likes to be notified.


3. Place in as many forums as possible the same action.


4. Get a 1000 of individual requests submitted.  Needs to be in the 1,000's guys if you want their attention.


This may trigger a reaction.  It's all possible but needs to be a concentrated effort with a team lading its charge.  Think of it as a political campaign (but without the negative ads, ha!)



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Nice thread ... but I would recommend each and everyone doing this process to use their own words otherwise your request make look suspicious and be ignored as spam or a single individual trying to get his/her way.


Cheers, Rob.

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A lot less people have gotten a lot more accomplished using grassroots tactics like this, (both positive and negative changes: see Gamergate where a very small vocal minority was able to pressure Intel into pulling advertising from a website). I'm pretty sure with a focused effort we could get this done. If I remember correctly (Rob Ainscough correct me if I'm wrong here) the boys at LM have even encouraged us to do so on their forums which means they feel that it could be a productive pursuit. 

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Thanks to the first who use the "send feedback". 


Spread the word !

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