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Xplane 12.10 beta 1 released

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Yeah, I saw that. What a good surprise!

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i912900k, RTX 3090, 32GB RAM

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The biggest update we have ever seen for X-Plane:


  • Clouds are blended at the voxel level and not the METAR level anymore, fixing pyramids, cubes and other obvious shapes
  • Weather near METAR stations is blended using a softened voronoi diagram, not a lever law, resulting in closer-to-real METAR conditions at airports
  • Restructuring of internal code to rationalize interaction between envelopes, moments and the sim
  • Downloader is rewritten and will download the current weather faster
  • There is a new weather server in use for more resilient METARs and debuggability by being able to replay old weather that has been flagged by support

World space cloud shadows

  • This change moves cloud shadows from STR space into world space akin to regular shadows. This decouples cloud shadows from the weather domain. The registration between cloud shadows and the world has been improved.


  • Improved turbulence system for smoother experience, especially around cumulus clouds.


  • Updated icing effects on several aircrafts (A330, B737, C90 and Citation X)
  • Icing based on the surface normal and wind direction. Added directional icing even without thermal sources
  • Now with freezing rain and ice, some randomization thermal inversions for icing too.
  • Added support for overlapping thermal sources

Control-Pad support

  • Full protocol support for control-pad
  • Weather system supports drawing T-storm cells via control-pad

Bug fixes

  • IMC preset has stratus clouds for less turbulence for IMC training
  • Cloud bases become thicker faster for better transition to IMC
  • Fixed bug where bases of clouds were too high with low-ceiling weather
  • Multiple fixes to METAR parsing
  • Weather map shows raster GRIB data more accurately
  • TCP connections work on ipv4 for dual-stack machines (needed for control-pad support)
  • Fixed errors in cloud bases
  • Fixed cloud bases to be tighter and fixed missing bottom voxel. This somewhat helps cloud bases


Core Engine

  • FXAA is always enabled when MSAA is selected
  • Coverage to Alpha used on alpha-tested surfaces when MSAA is on for higher quality
  • MSAA resolve is now scene referred for better visuals
  • Depth of Field
  • RCAS exposed in the settings menu
  • Settings menu notice when textures get downscaled due to VRAM pressure
  • VRAM improvements because more data is in the graph and the graph can better place allocations
  • Smoothed shadows
  • Cloud shadows for water
  • Massively improved render graph rebake times
  • Improvements to cloud shadow quality and atmospheric scattering quality


  • Add a slight color to the thunderbolts
  • Make far bolts a bit fainter
  • Make closer bolts a tiny bit thicker
  • Fade the start of bolts a bit
  • Bolt spill illumination reach was excessive
  • Improve sound distance response

New particle effects

  • Particle FX system supports particles that appear upon ground contact
  • Particle FX editor supports copy/paste – finally!
  • New datarefs to help support particle FX
  • New built-in effects for JATOs, water bombing, ground scrapes, and rotor wash
  • Overrides in the ACF to opt out of new FX if desired.


  • Water turbidity model fixed: water is not always completely transparent.
  • Water color and clarity for default water depends on location ( For example; water near SABE is opaque and muddy. Unlike MBPV which is close to clear and turquoise water.)
  • Cloud shadows are more visible on water
  • Fixed bugs for orthophoto scenery packs that use water.

Important: these changes do not make X-Plane 11 orthophoto scenery packs “just work” without modification, because those packs have meshes that cannot support 3-d water. To be compatible with 3-d water, a DSF orthophoto scenery pack needs to be authored to X-Plane 12 standards. X-Plane 11 packs may have shadow lines at the water, “flat” 3-d waves, or other artifacts depending on the particular authoring.


  • Improved buildings for high urban houses in Europe
  • Improved spawning of parked aircraft at airports. The system will always choose the largest possible aircraft, depending on the size of the parking spot

Systems and avionics

G1000 Enhancements

Startup splash screen

  • Shows navigation database expiration date and version of X-Plane (thus version of X-Plane global airports)

NAV Page

  • Default nav map: Added ADS-B traffic symbols and the option to display METARs
  • Traffic map: Shows ADS-B traffic targets with precise velocity vectors (unlike old TCAS, we know precisely where people are headed) and flight IDs/tail numbers. The traffic can be filtered to normal altitude range (default), above (for climb), below (for descent) and unrestricted (to see all traffic at all altitudes)
  • Stormscope: Shows lightning activity around the airplane by passive detection of electric discharge
  • Datalink Weather: Shows in-flight weather received over ADS-B or XM satellite. Shows NEXRAD, Lightning, Cloud coverage, Winds Aloft and METARS
  • Terrain: Shows track-up terrain warnings

WPT Page

  • Airport: Display information about any airport. Pull decoded METAR reports for any airport (received over ADS-B or XM in real life)
  • Intersection: Display information about any intersection, including its nearest VOR
  • NDB, VOR: Display information about any navaid, including its nearest airport

AUX Page

  • GPS status: Shows current GPS accuracy and GPS status (whether DIFF NAV is available). Allows de-selection of SBAS if desired for training.
  • LRU system status: Shows status of all LRUs of the G1000 and helps with detection of failures. Allows verification of navigation database cycle.

Reversionary mode

  • When started cold, the PFD stays in reversionary mode until pilot has acknowledged the database on the MFD

New datarefs

Added new datarefs to query active page and overlay
  • sim/cockpit/g1000/g1000_n1_page byte[64] n string G1000 unit 1, active group and page, such as “FPL – ACTIVE FLIGHT PLAN” or “NRST – NEAREST AIRPORTS”
  • sim/cockpit/g1000/g1000_n2_page byte[64] n string G1000 unit 2, active group and page, such as “FPL – ACTIVE FLIGHT PLAN” or “NRST – NEAREST AIRPORTS”
  • sim/cockpit/g1000/g1000_n1_overlay int n enum G1000 unit 1, overlay. PFD: {None = 0, Alert = 1, timerref = 2, nrst = 3, dto = 4, fpl = 5, awy = 6, proc = 7, app = 8, sid = 9, star = 10, menu = 11, dme = 12}, MFD: {None = 0, Proc = 1, dirto = 2}
  • sim/cockpit/g1000/g1000_n2_overlay int n enum G1000 unit 2, overlay. PFD: {None = 0, Alert = 1, timerref = 2, nrst = 3, dto = 4, fpl = 5, awy = 6, proc = 7, app = 8, sid = 9, star = 10, menu = 11, dme = 12}, MFD: {None = 0, Proc = 1, dirto = 2}
Added dataref to allow overriding of ESP functions of the GFC-700 autopilot
  • sim/operation/override/override_esp int y boolean Override the autopilot’s ESP/USP function.
Added datarefs to query active page and overlay
BTN_bool(925,670,&TOGA_discos_servos  TRAN(“|-TOGA activation disconnects servos { Checking this button ON will disconnect the servos when the TOGA button is hit.”),xfals);
BTN_bool(925,650,&has_ESP_roll  TRAN(“|-enevelope-protection equipped: ROLL { Checking this button enables electronic stability protection like that provided in the Garmin GFC700 autopilot.”),xfals);
BTN_bool(925,630,&has_ESP_stall  TRAN(“|-enevelope-protection equipped: STALL { Checking this button enables electronic stability protection like that provided in the Garmin GFC700 autopilot.”),xfals);
BTN_bool(925,610,&has_ESP_overspeed TRAN(“|-enevelope-protection equipped: OVERSPEED { Checking this button enables electronic stability protection like that provided in the Garmin GFC700 autopilot.”),xfals);

Flap systems additions

Johnson bar flaps

The Piper PA-28 has one of the world’s simplest flap system. It is completely manual, doesn’t require an electric motor, and simply puts flap control directly into the pilot’s hands. The Johnson bar between the front seats is directly connected to the flaps. This allows to actuate the flaps quickly or slowly at pilot’s discretion, and even allows to extend the flaps a little more than the last notch, if you keep holding on to the bar. “Milking” the flaps just right is a tried-and-true technique of commercial pilot students everywhere to nail their power-off-180 landings. 

Therefore, X-Plane now has a new, manual flap system. You activate it in Plane Maker by checking the box “Johnson-bar direct link” in the Control Geometry section of Plane Maker where you set the flap detents.

If this is active, the flap handle and flap extension are linked directly, with a few new behaviors, but all using existing commands:

  • If the commands for flaps up/down are tapped, you get an immediate flap movement (ripping the handle up)
  • If the commands instead are held, you get a nice gradual handle movement (observing the travel time entered in Plane Maker)

This way you can time your flaps precisely. Tap “2” three times quickly and you can rip the handle up click,click,click. Hold the “2” and you are nicely raising the handle to the next click. Release and hold down again for the next click. 

  • If you are in full flaps, hold down the “2” and you can extend the flaps to 110%. They snap back as soon as you let go.
  • If you have a joystick axis assigned to the flaps, it follows the joystick axis directly, with no delay
  • The full extension of the joystick axis corresponds to 110% extension
  • All datarefs for the flap handle now accept 0-1.1 range input and the handle is immediately linked to the flaps with no delay.


Dial-a-flap is a system found on McDonnell-Douglas aircraft that allows you to select any flap extension between up and landing for takeoff. Simply dial the selected flap extension, then set the flap handle to the “dial-a-flap” position, and the flaps will move to the pre-selected extension. 

When dial-a-flap is selected in Plane Maker, one flap notch can be designated the “dial-a-flap” notch. By default, it will have a flap extension halfway between the notch above and the notch below, but the pilot can dial in the desired extension for takeoff. The desired setting is pre-selected with the dataref “sim/cockpit2/controls/flap_dial_a_flap” – then the flap lever is placed in the notch for “dial-a-flap”, and the flaps will extend to the selected setting. 

S-Tec ST-360

The S-Tec autopilot system has been extended to include the ST-360 altitude pre-selector and alerter, that works together with the System Fifty-Five autopilot. The little altitude alerter has its own baro adjustment that is independent from the pilot’s altimeter, so the pilot needs to remember to enter the altimeter setting in two places, otherwise the autopilot will level off at the wrong altitude. The baro adjustment on the ST-360 only works in terms of 1/10th of an inch (as opposed to 1/100th of an inch on the altimeter) so the level-off will only be approximately accurate. It is expected that the pilot will need to fine-adjust the altitude hold at the autopilot itself (the knob on the S-Tec55 adjusts the altitude hold in increments of 20ft). 

The new commands for the ST-360 are:

Command Description
sim/autopilot/st360_dta Altitude pre-selector: Data Entry
sim/autopilot/st360_bar  Altitude pre-selector: Baro
sim/autopilot/st360_alt Altitude pre-selector: Alt
sim/autopilot/st360_alr  Altitude pre-selector: Alert
sim/autopilot/st360_dh Altitude pre-selector: Decision Altitude
sim/autopilot/st360_vs   Altitude pre-selector: Vertical Speed
sim/autopilot/st360_man Altitude pre-selector: Manual
sim/autopilot/st360_inc Altitude pre-selector: Increment
sim/autopilot/st360_dec Altitude pre-selector: Decrement
sim/autopilot/st360_pull Altitude pre-selector: Pull Tenths
sim/autopilot/st360_push Altitude pre-selector: Push Hundreds
sim/autopilot/st360_tog_tenths Altitude pre-selector: Toggle Tenths

The new datarefs for the ST-360 display are:

Dataref Type Description
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st55_hdg boolean S-Tec 55X HDG LCD
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st55_rdy boolean S-Tec 55X RDY LCD
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st55_nav boolean S-Tec 55X NAV LCD
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st55_cws boolean S-Tec 55X CWS LCD
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st55_apr boolean S-Tec 55X APR LCD
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st55_fail boolean S-Tec 55X FAIL LCD
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st55_gpss boolean S-Tec 55X GPSS LCD
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st55_rev boolean S-Tec 55X REV LCD
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st55_trim enum S-Tec 55X TRIM LCD (0=off, -1=down, +1=up, +2=test)
im/cockpit2/autopilot/st55_alts boolean S-Tec 55X ALT LCD
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st55_gs boolean S-Tec 55X GS LCD
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st55_vs boolean S-Tec 55X VS LCD
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st360_display string Display readout on the ST-360 altitude preselector/alerter instrument
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st360_tenths boolean  
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st360_ent boolean Display ENT on the ST-360 altitude preselector/alerter instrument
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st360_alt boolean Display ALT on the ST-360 altitude preselector/alerter instrument
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st360_sel  boolean Display SEL on the ST-360 altitude preselector/alerter instrument
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st360_alr  boolean Display ALR on the ST-360 altitude preselector/alerter instrument
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st360_dh  boolean Display DH on the ST-360 altitude preselector/alerter instrument
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st360_vs boolean Display VS on the ST-360 altitude preselector/alerter instrument
sim/cockpit2/autopilot/st360_baro boolean Display BARO on the ST-360 altitude preselector/alerter instrument     

Approach preview

Approach preview is a function of some electronic HSIs that allows you to see horizontal and vertical deflections at the same time, and prime the autopilot to intercept one while holding the other. Most commonly, this is used for GPS navigation on the way to intercept an ILS approach. In this case, the HSI will be selected to the GPS source, so that the transition route can be flown. The autopilot in NAV mode will follow the GPS. Then, the ILS is tuned, and the corresponding NAV receiver selected for preview, using the dataref “sim/cockpit2/radios/actuators/HSI_preview_source_select_pilot”

An EFIS capable of displaying a preview (such as the one on the Citation X) will then show the ILS in addition to the GPS. 

Arming the approach mode on the autopilot will then make the autopilot wait for the intercept of the lateral signal of the source selected for preview. Once that lateral deflection (the ILS in our example) will start moving in, the autopilot will abandon GPS navigation and switch over to the previewed source automatically, without pilot interaction. The autopilot seamlessly transitions from GPS to VLOC navigation and the HSI will stop showing the preview and instead switch the new source active. 

Electric clutch for helicopters

The clutch that is used on helicopters with reciprocating engines to connect the engine to the rotor system is now an electrical component. That means, its motor can be assigned a bus and an amperage, and depends on electric power to be working. 

The tachometer instrument can now also be electrically powered so it displays the correct failure modes. 

Single-lever turboprop control

Turboprops can combine the prop governor control and the idle/fuel control into one lever known as the condition lever. At the top range, it acts as the prop control, setting the desired RPM on the prop governor. Towards the bottom, they first feather the prop, and then ultimately shut off the fuel to the engine. 

To make such a single-lever control, in Plane Maker both the options for “feather when prop control at min” and “shut off fuel when prop control at min” need to be checked. 

In X-Plane, the condition lever can then be assigned the “Prop Lever with Feather and Shutoff” in the joystick curves screen. This way, the crossover points for feather and shutoff can be set to precisely match specific hardware. 

GPS & ESP update 

GPS override, setting the nav flag means the GPS provides a deflection and can be coupled

Setting the vertical flag means the vertical signal is valid and can be coupled. Added GPS2 obs dataref. Made nav id dataref writable (provided you have override_gps on ). Made a bunch of NAV-radio and GPS datarefs in cockpit2/ writeable. They were already writeable (with override_navneedles or override_gps) in sim/cockpit, so there’s no reason they were not writeable in sim/cockpit2/

This allows the autopilot to couple directly to any GPS that sets the TO/FROM flag to TO or FROM.

Refined ESP feel based on flite test of real plane

Refined ESP feel based on flite test of real plane. In the SR-22, the wing auto-level should be less of a ‘jolt’, and more just smooth, that you can over-power, like the real plane.

Garmin ESP features can be enabled or disabled per ACF in Plane-Maker

Authors can specify which ESP protections the Garmin provides with check-boxes in Plane-Maker. See this in the plane-maker autopilot screen and turn on or off as desired


  • New Dataref for autobrake deceleration rate
    Auto-brake deceleration is now available as an array dataref, to pre-set the desired deceleration in g for each setting.
  • Added dataref for MOR (manual override) throttle

Dataref description updates

Datarefs.txt updated with description of fuel pump dataref.

Fadec no longer writes to the N1 arc: This is a no-op in observable behavior – the value was never readable as it was immediately overwritten. The value one might be interested in (what is the limit N1 we can reach at full throttle) is already available as the dataref sim/cockpit2/engine/actuators/N1_target_bug

Bug fixes

  • G1000 “Big red button doesn’t work right anymore”:The red button wouldn’t work on the PFD, plus red button status was forgotten whenever the MFD restarted. In reality, the red button is a hardware button that’s stateful, it’s a switch, not a trigger button. That state needs to be applied with a logical OR. If the system thinks it needs to be single-display OR the button is physically pushed and latched, then we go single-display.
  • DME speed correct with ground speed compression
  • King Air Nav display fix: When using GPS override, you could only set the to-from flag, but not UN-set it.
  • Added idle underspeed protection to the FCUs. Off for old aircraft, but can be opted-in by specifying an idle Ng or N2 percent
  • Altitude intervention wasn’t working in climb with some autopilots
  • Terrain layer works for all aircrafts now and not just the Airbus A330
  • Terrain layer on the Airbus and the Citation ND is not longer cluttered by wind barbs


  • Added user-defined holds
  • Added correct labelling for RNAV approaches where not all levels of service are authorised.
  • Added banana (selected altitude target range ring)
  • sim/cockpit2/radios/indicators/fms_distance_to_tod_(co)pilot now works with G1000 enroute VNAV as well
  • ADF needle interference by electric discharge: ADF needle will momentarily point to nearest lightning strike

Plane Maker

AHRS alignment time

  • The “gyro spool up time” set in Plane Maker for mechanical gyros is now also used to determine how long the AHRS needs to align. During the time, the PFD shows the correct indications as its waiting for the AHRS to send a valid attitude.

Now with left and right cyclic defs 

  • In plane-maker, make left and right cyclic defs for helos and then see diff cyclic avail in left and right directions 

Plane Maker flaps explainer video

  • Plane-Maker now has an Austin explainer video found on the flaps page. Accessed by clicking the ‘Huh?’ button

Fix Plane Maker to set RPM for max torque for non-reciprocating engines

  • This fix fixes both the UI, and also acfs if they are already hosed (by using a pre-alpha Plane Maker, as the bug is not on 12.08).
  • Max torque RPM (maximum green RPM on the tachometer) is a sea level limit for reciprocating engines with fixed-pitch props. C152, C172 and the like  It’s basically the pilot flat-rating the engine by having to keep RPM in check, which goes up when you level off for cruise. It does not exist or matter for turboprops, jets, or electric motors. On everything but a recip engine, this var must match redline RPM.

Add service ceiling to Plane Maker

  • Now enter max_atc_alt_ft in PLN for ATC to use, and the UI in PLN made a little less awful on the viewpoint screen


Bug fixes

  • Fix AI not spawning as departures in some locations
  • Fix crash when cancelling IFR in the air
  • Correct ‘request departure information’ for the case where the airport’s closed.
  • Airport/plane/phrase updates
  • Optimise controller pressure setting updates.
  • Other dev-mode asserts and rare crashes
  • Correct some weather dataref descriptions


New screenshot options

  • We added new options to create screenshots in X-Plane. Several settings can be adjusted under View -> Show screenshot controls. The screenshots are taken as usual by selecting File -> Take Screenshot.

Airport taxi centerline lights update

  • Green color of taxi centerline to be closer to pure green and not cyan

Image overlay saved right

  • Overlay image reappears when loading a config
  • Can clear the projector overlay file and it will be gone when you re-load that saved preference.
  • The node-dragging is finally right: grab the edges or the corners or the middle of the projector grid when viewing projection params and it should all drag in a natural way 

Fix synchronization of static aircraft on exvis

  • Initialize random seed on exvis to that of master when initializing exvis via EXVI packet and skip explicit ini_rand_seed if on exvis.

CLI system restructuring and docs

  • Every major CLI command now has help tips
  • tokenization can now handle sub-token matching, e.g if a token is a sub-string of another the command will execute. this case used to cause a bunch of failures
  • tab completion on real sim commands
  • fixed incorrect identification of E46 (the ‘first’ airport)

Now with tuning to the warp-blending colors

  • In the projector setup window you can select a background bitmap to be an overlay… normally it is shades of opacity for blackness to do custom edge-blending.. now there is a slider to set degrees of opacity for that file  convenient.
  • In the projector setup window you can drag around the points and the edges with the mouse, and that should drag the lines around smoothly with the points being the vertices: no discontinuities or crashes or other annoyances should happen
  • The little field of view numbers in that screen, they should now be every 10 degrees, and along the vert and horizontal cetner axis only, not splattered all over the grid.

Pro Customers: Run without default fleet or tutorials

  • X-Plane can run with the default aircraft and tutorials removed. This allows pro customers to customize the simulator to integrate X-Plane with only their FAA certified aircraft installed

Log Airbus AP disconnect reason

  • Increase logging around Airbus AP protections and disconnects so we can diagnose why people lose AP in the middle of unmonitored flights.

Add support script for ex-visuals telemetry

  • These are shell scripts that can be double-clicked to start the sim with network telemetry gathering on for pro customers.

Fixed handling of installed stations

  • Installed stations are handled correctly in the UI Station index conversions between UI and sim are correct

Linux Multi-Monitor Support

  • Better support of multi-monitor setups in the UI on Linux via xrandr.

Updated POH manuals

  • We updated the POH manuals of several aircrafts

Bug fixes (with XPD)

  •     XPD-8073 – Ground trucks should only have head- and taillights on if they are actually operating.
  •     XPD-10012 – Add tags to windsocks and flags.
  •     XPD-11353 – UDP packet should be able to write byte-array datarefs.
  •     XPD-12074 – F-14 engines go missing when paused.
  •     XPD-12491 – Tone map vs MSAA resolve is backward.
  •     XPD-12568 – Bloom or flare on the sun or very strong reflections.
  •     XPD-12656 – CTD When Reloading Aircraft.
  •     XPD-12670 – Cessna 172 VR seat position too forward.
  •     XPD-12671 – S76 VR seat position too backwards.
  •     XPD-12673 – Aerolite 103 VR engine start button doesn’t stay pushed when clicked with the controller.
  •     XPD-12796 – Expose FPS test recorder utility to users.
  •     XPD-12878 – Far Tree Fade is Broken – Trees Pop In Without Feather.
  •     XPD-13079 – Allow G1000 customization.
  •     XPD-13424 –  Bug report: Propeller torque is modeled in an over-exaggerated fashion.
  •     XPD-13508 – From Bug Report: The Speed vector on the F-14 HUD does not follow drift.
  •     XPD-13528 – Allow aircraft to start takeoff run from intersection if runway length allows.
  •     XPD-13619 – Small tiny sparse clouds producing too much shadow at sunset.
  •     XPD-13680 – Selection of controller for overlapping airspace could be inconsistent.
  •     XPD-13692 – Add option to cancel departure clearance before takeoff.
  •     XPD-13801 – Expose RCAS slider to user and add the ability to enable RCAS without FSR.
  •     XPD-13814 – Moon depicted rotated AND flipped.
  •     XPD-13817 – From Bug Report: autothrottle toggle dataref not working.
  •     XPD-13835 – Per-airport flatten switch creates floating beaches.
  •     XPD-13850 – Icon generator picks wrong distance for some aircraft.
  •     XPD-13860 – Antialiasing apparently entirely ineffective on vegetation.
  • XPD-14015 – Not recognizing traditional/rectangular exclusions with trailing spaces
  •     XPD-14019 – X-Plane restores windows at the wrong position.
  •     XPD-14028 – King Air C90 main gear way to far from CG – super nose heavy at TO/TD.
  •     XPD-14059 – Bug report “ATC clearance from “Hold” does not include back-taxi instructions.”.
  •     XPD-14074 – Clouds still shadow aircraft at too high an altitude.
  •     XPD-14076 – Zibo mod hangs on Nvidia hardware when loading into memory heavy airports.
  •     XPD-14096 – Wipers only wipe the raindrops, not the rainstreaks.
  •     XPD-14110 – Merge tidal Barra beach into Global Airports.
  •     XPD-14111 – Add option to divert to an existing flightplan waypoint.
  • XPD-14147 – Unable to toggle between bright and dim on HUD
  •     XPD-14158 – Bug report “Incorrect implementation of clutch in the new Robinson R22”.
  •     XPD-14202 – Even the slightest amount of bloom makes runway lights shimmer.
  •     XPD-14219 – Invalid use of 3-d line shader in mission markers from 2-d drawing land.
  • XPD-14222 – ODALS approach lights float in air on sloping terrain
  •     XPD-14233 – RWX: Weird cloud shapes coming out of the weather system.
  •     XPD-14270 – Light post disappearing when looking at certain angles. .
  •     XPD-14277 – sim/graphics/view/projection_matrix is wrong in avionics callbacks.
  •     XPD-14278 – Carrier’s arrester cables are visible through the clouds.
  •     XPD-14279 – SSAO is rendering incorrectly on AMD cards.
  •     XPD-14284 – A330: Wind sounds are tied to airspeed indicator dataref.
  •     XPD-14303 – Bug report “Cessna Citation X:”.
  •     XPD-14329 – Allow users to remove all aircraft EXCEPT the certified ones from XP.
  • XPD-14353 – Dataref to disable autotune
  •     XPD-14363 – Bug report “Helicopters Goes Through Frigate Deck”.
  •     XPD-14370 – Untoggling “Toggle Replay Mode” after replaying landing causes faulty reading on cabin pressure dP sensor
  •     XPD-14380 – Continuous stream of console output from default 737.
  •     XPD-14387 – metars not parsed as well as they could be.
  •     XPD-14401 – Rain streaks surging in intensity on window after about 5 minutes.
  •     XPD-14415 – Bug report “spelling mistake – carburator”.
  •     XPD-14432 – Bug report “Kingair prop deicing switch only turns on for prop 1”.
  •     XPD-14446 – Cloud and water interaction broken.
  •     XPD-14454 – Prop / Mixture Control.
  •     XPD-14458 – Exiting replay causes cabin pressurization weirdness.
  •     XPD-14462 – LINUX “X-Plane starts only in Windowed Simulator instead of  Full Screen Simulator”.
  •     XPD-14471 – Bug report “GCU478 and GCU479 transponder mode wipes code when exiting mode”.
  •     XPD-14483 – AI aircraft are at unreasonable altitudes for their aircraft type.
  •     XPD-14492 – Bug report “Trying to insert RNAVD Approach for KMSO RWY30 leads to CTD in the A330-300”.
  • XPD-14499 – Dome offset datarefs broken
  •     XPD-14502 – Sim window into “OS window” can result in  m_fence.can_read().
  •     XPD-14513 – Dumping ATC state to log results in assertion failed .
  •     XPD-14518 – weather radar regression 12.06 – rendering no longer matches UDP output.
  •     XPD-14519 – piper cub vr thingy broken i guess.
  •     XPD-14527 – Need ability to remove “non approved” aircraft from menu for FAA Certification .
  •     XPD-14528 – Joystick test fails immediately when loading from saved flight. .
  •     XPD-14529 – Bug report “Save flight / Load flight situation in XP12”.
  •     XPD-14540 – Propwash does not respond to failures.
  •     XPD-14544 – Crash with IOS or 2D panel monitor usage.
  • XPD-14565 – Improper use of ATTR HUD breaks aircraft stenciling.
  •     XPD-14567 – R22 bus_load_amps C&D start test failure – integ_philipp_121.
  •     XPD-14574 – B58 Baron is missing Alternator Load and Bus Voltage instruments.
  •     XPD-14577 – Bug report “Unable to properly clear out X1000 Flight Plan”.
  •     XPD-14582 – No VR mouse pointer on some objects like avitab on some aircraft.
  •     XPD-14586 – Bug report “Cirrus Vision SF50  Fuel Tank Switch”.
  •     XPD-14591 – Unable to load flight school missions .
  •     XPD-14593 – Only first third of METAR files being read in 12.0.8 alphas.
  •     XPD-14595 – Bug report “King Air surface 10-sec de-icing cycle terminates immediately on momentary switch release”.
  •     XPD-14596 – When programming the MCDU, A330 PERF page defaults to “DES” and not “TAKEOFF” performance.
  •     XPD-14614 – Bug report “Cessna 172 Suction Gauge Visual Does Not Match Dataref”.
  •     XPD-14617 – Bug report “X-Plane 12 logbook not recording any Cross Country flight time.”.
  •     XPD-14619 – Bug report “Laminar Supercub PlaneMaker Model Error”.
  •     XPD-14620 – Bug report “sim/flightmodel/forces/lift_path_axis Dataref not active during replay”.
  •     XPD-14622 – Re: Bug report “No wing-retraction assignments (only sweep…).”.
  •     XPD-14624 – Bug report “G1000 gets it wrong when displaying the course of a DME ARC”.
  •     XPD-14625 – Bug report “In the F-14 3D cockpit HUD, the uncaged flight path marker does not show the correct flight path”.
  •     XPD-14634 – Using Night Vision view results in dev assertion.
  •     XPD-14635 – Tried to access a resource that doesn’t exist – feat-fxx.
  •     XPD-14640 – Add slider description to RCAS slider? .
  •     XPD-14641 – illegal source format for minify – feat-ffx.
  •     XPD-14646 – Bug report “ASK21 Wheelbrake is wrong – airbrake should apply wheel brake”.
  •     XPD-14662 – Bug report “Slight 3D artefacts on the PA-18”.
  • XPD-14665 – HUD too dark at night
  •     XPD-14677 – Bug report “massive pressure difference”.
  •     XPD-14679 – ZUCK Village at RWY21 (including the one on gateway) and Current Packed is too hilly
  •     XPD-14680 – Ships and Boats Update.
  •     XPD-14684 – Flight path vector symbol not following aircraft movement vector.
  •     XPD-14686 – Crash after AI landing? – assertion failed thread_is_inited.
  •     XPD-14688 – Sun effects visible ‘through’ mountain terrain.
  •     XPD-14693 – GamePP Reshade Crash.
  •     XPD-14694 – Inconsistent state of gear switch displayed (down) and position (up) at start of ILS-Anflug (Baron B58)
  •     XPD-14700 – Illegal access to wxr_region from worker thread.
  •     XPD-14702 – Bug report “sim/cockpit2/radios/indicators/nav_display_vertical not working for indices above 1.”.
  •     XPD-14703 – Bug report “Command sim/GPS/g430n1_vvol_dn and similar don’t work”.
  •     XPD-14712 – Re: Bug report “Nearest Airports black list”.
  •     XPD-14720 – C172 LIT map enabled on main fuselage.
  •     XPD-14722 – VirtualFly .joy files.
  •     XPD-14723 – .joy file header text needs updating.
  •     XPD-14724 – Bug report “X1000 Direct-to behavior incorrect under certain conditions”.
  •     XPD-14737 – Bug report “Direct-to missing connection line from present position, also leading to failure to engage GPS mode”.
  • XPD-14740 – Missing exception handler for broken navdata
  •     XPD-14749 – Perf: 5% of main thread spent in FP16 decompress for Austin’s water.
  •     XPD-14757 – Fuel Transfer / feed  wonkiness.
  •     XPD-14761 – SF-50 auto-start scripts do not turn off engines when auto-board is picked while engines are running.
  •     XPD-14776 – Make PAPI.obj PRIVATE.
  •     XPD-14778 – Small visual CDU glitch in CitationX.
  •     XPD-14782 – airport roads.
  •     XPD-14784 – Cloud shadows over water causing rendering issues?
  •     XPD-14788 –  Crash when loading flight on Mac – feat_ffx_dof.
  •     XPD-14790 – Bug report “Laminar A330-300 Not Powering On with GPU”.
  •     XPD-14793 – A330: No sound on GPU switches A & B.
  •     XPD-14794 – Read scenery authors from apt.dat instead of API call to Gateway.
  •     XPD-14795 – Bug report “Out of order direct to on X1000 approaches with duplicate waypoints”.
  •     XPD-14796 – Bug report “X1000 doesn’t switch to GPS when direct-to added”.
  •     XPD-14802 – Bad FPS performance on feat_ffx_dof.
  •     XPD-14807 – X-Plane tunes COM1 to current “GROUND” frequency to request service from ground trucks.
  •     XPD-14811 – Crash and Metal device loss whilst inspecting weather presets – feat_ffx_dof.
  •     XPD-14813 – Raindrops flashing on windshield .
  •     XPD-14815 – FXAA different between 12.0.8 and 12.1.0.
  •     XPD-14816 – Smoothed shadows leave traces on edges in feat_ffx_dof branch (12.1.0).
  •     XPD-14817 – VR: Green laser beam not visible on holodeck.
  •     XPD-14818 – Unstable cloud shadows during sunrise/sunset.
  •     XPD-14826 – Bug report “4 different light types create excessively large billboards”.
  •     XPD-14830 – Cloud bases do not work – being inside the cloud does not limit visibility enough.
  •     XPD-14834 – New and improved library items (baggage, cargo, towbars + other small tweaks).
  •     XPD-14835 – SR22 windshield rain phasing in/out of existance.
  •     XPD-14836 – Crash when enabling screenshot tool DOF .
  •     XPD-14837 –  “Preview” button function on the source controller panel in Citation X Honeywell Primus 2000.
  •     XPD-14843 – Issues when dragging/repositioning AI aircraft on map .
  •     XPD-14844 – Bug report “baro minimums max value 5000FT”.
  •     XPD-14850 – Bug report “G1000 AMPS needle for bus #2 does not move”.
  • XPD-14851 – Datarefs local_ax, local_ay and local_az jitter with a lot of noise around the zero point
  •     XPD-14852 – Bug report “PNG loader interlaced file decoding is not activated in png_read_image”.
  •     XPD-14854 – S-76 cold_dark_starts test failure on feat_user_holds.
  •     XPD-14855 – Map test failure on feat_user_holds branch.
  •     XPD-14856 – Water needs to be tuned.
  •     XPD-14863 – Re: Bug report “Second sun reflected on water bodies during dawn and dusk”.
  •     XPD-14866 – B58 surface de-icing  of wings (leading edge boots) not working in AUTO.
  •     XPD-14867 – Missing terrain reflections on water under cloud shadows.
  •     XPD-14868 – Situation load sets bank_angle_mode to 0 because gogo is skipped.
  •     XPD-14870 – Cloud opacity cache crash – feat_ffx_dof .
  •     XPD-14871 – Significant frame rate drop with G1000 database page open.
  •     XPD-14872 – Unable to uncheck “Set mean time between failures” box .
  •     XPD-14873 – If the user changes runway light intensity, this affects all LIGHT_SPILL_CUSTOM lights anywhere
  • XPD-14874 – Runway light levels do not affect rabbit
  •     XPD-14875 – Spawned AI altitudes tended to be at their upper limit.
  •     XPD-14876 – Arrival airport always duplicated in X-Plane 530 when transferring from flightplan.
  •     XPD-14877 – Rudder trim indicator on F14 not centered when rudder trim IS centered.
  •     XPD-14879 – The range selection of the nav display on the Citation X should not go to 2.5NM .
  •     XPD-14880 – Failures can not be triggered with key command (ctrl-f).
  •     XPD-14884 – SF50 tail navigation light still ON even with NAV and BAT switches off.
  •     XPD-14887 – New splash screen conflicts with third party splash screen on G1000.
  •     XPD-14888 – G1000 unable to remove approach.
  •     XPD-14889 – Long magenta line after loading different approach.
  •     XPD-14891 – G1000 State Tracking.
  •     XPD-14892 – Thermal-based windshield anti-icing does not work.
  •     XPD-14893 – G1000 MFD – Press FPL button to open flight plan and map orientation changes to North-up.
  •     XPD-14897 – Missing some objects from the default library.
  •     XPD-14898 – G1000 stuck on startup screen on Ext-Vis.
  •     XPD-14899 – Prevent crashes for ATC background tasks running before airport has loaded.
  •     XPD-14901 – Crash when using AI Flies with aircraft in C&D state.
  •     XPD-14902 – Aircraft symbol on standard turn indicator in C172 mounted too high, making indication erroneous.
  •     XPD-14915 – weight and balance UI does not understand fixed payloads, or remember settings.
  •     XPD-14916 – New RealSimGear .joy Profiles.
  •     XPD-14928 – F14 AoA indexer does not indicate “on speed” AoA unless hook is down.
  •     XPD-14929 – Rain and snow are black.
  •     XPD-14930 – Tower object LOD threshold is too close.
  •     XPD-14931 – Rendering artefact in wind turbine blades.
  •     XPD-14932 – Runway flows with time restrictions that crossed midnight UTC were misinterpreted.
  •     XPD-14935 – Texture swizzling in Ortho4XP generated tile.
  •     XPD-14939 – Dev assert when attempting to load ALIA – W&B fix branch.
  •     XPD-14940 – F14 can employ reverse thrust.
  •     XPD-14943 – Map clips through the flight configuration menu.
  •     XPD-14952 – Bug report “Sunglasses not working (tested on VR)”.
  •     XPD-14961 – Disable VK_LAYER_RTSS by default due to crashes.
  •     XPD-14963 – LOD bias does not affect objects outside 1_terrain.
  •     XPD-14964 – SF50 Cirrus Vision Jet Does NOT have a steerable nose wheel.
  •     XPD-14967 – Linux Sim freezes when Installer is launched via sim action.
  •     XPD-14968 – Enable Zink by default for eligible devices.
  •     XPD-14978 – External visuals instances remain in standby mode when the aircraft model is not found.
  •     XPD-14980 – X-Plane immediately crashes on startup when launched through the installer on Windows.
  •     XPD-14988 – External views sometimes do not connect.
  • XPD-14990 – Cabin pressure test function doesn’t work on the C90
  •     XPD-14993 – wrong planes in parking spots in ex visuals.
  •     XPD-14996 – Tile occupancy map needs a recut.
  •     XPD-14997 – Particle emitters don’t line up on landing gear: multi truck + eagle claw.
  •     XPD-14999 – Crash during FMS test run.
  •     XPD-15000 – Rain passing through aircraft cockpit and cabin.
  •     XPD-15001 – Crash when requesting VFR departure at a closed airport.
  •     XPD-15002 – Landing lights rain effects need some tuning? .
  •     XPD-15003 – New guardrails and railings facades.
  •     XPD-15004 – Bug report “X1000 speed tape does not reflect Vmo”.
  •     XPD-15007 – Sim Objects library update.
  •     XPD-15008 – Black window rain streaks in ffx_dof.
  •     XPD-15010 – XPLMGetDisplayedFMSEntry() always returns 0.
  •     XPD-15011 – Weight changes are not instantaneous anymore.
  •     XPD-15013 – Overlay image reappears when loading a config .
  •     XPD-15014 – PA18 sounds displaced because of CGZ change.
  •     XPD-15015 – Ships and Boats Update.
  •     XPD-15016 – Silly ATC reaction when asking for closed ciruits on airports with one-way runways.
  •     XPD-15019 – Weather dataref tests failing on Freezing-rain branch .
  •     XPD-15020 – A330 FMS Right Side Fields Smeared Into Display Margin.
  •     XPD-15021 – Global airports: all truck destinations are assigned to all types of service trucks.
  •     XPD-15022 – Aerolite starter sound even if power off.
  •     XPD-15025 – ACF windshield raindrops and lighting bloom.
  •     XPD-15027 – SR22: Spurious shaking sounds standing still on platform.
  •     XPD-15028 – PA18 VR head pos displaced because of CGZ change.
  •     XPD-15030 – Dragging with right button triggers mouselook lock.
  •     XPD-15039 – Crash on making departure request with tower controller specified in atc.dat but no tower specified in apt.dat.
  •     XPD-15041 – SF50 wants to roll (ventral fins incidence).
  •     XPD-15043 – External visuals standby mode is confusing for some users.
  •     XPD-15045 – XPLMFindNavAid doesn’t return TACANS anymore when using xplm_Nav_VOR.
  •     XPD-15047 – Replay needs a DR for new particles.
  •     XPD-15051 – “Failed to find a suitable Vulkan device” – feat_gfx.
  •     XPD-15052 – ATIS was excluding cloud layers with a base lower than ground level.
  •     XPD-15053 – Airport flows with 0 ceiling (i.e. no restriction) were excluded with regional cloud layers below local ground level.
  •     XPD-15054 – Taxiway center lights not green enough.
  •     XPD-15056 – Cabin altitude warning and blackout after short 737 replay.
  •     XPD-15057 – Crash when setting certain weather conditions with AI aircraft enabled.
  •     XPD-15058 – Precip “flash” in low vis conditions at night.
  •     XPD-15060 – Dev Assert after filing flight plan from YISF to YSTO –  cab->isCabInited().
  •     XPD-15061 – Crash when hitting ‘null shader’.
  •     XPD-15062 – ATC GA Test failure – dev assert .
  •     XPD-15063 – Silly tower view at ~50% of all airports.
  •     XPD-15084 – Abnormal C&D test screenshots on feat_gfx branch.
  •     XPD-15085 – Odd cloud shapes with master (pre 12.1.0).
  •     XPD-15086 – Leaked File Descriptors on Mac.
  • XPD-15087 – New HUD not visible whilst in replay mode
  •     XPD-15088 – default airport grass has “smooth grass taxiways” physics.
  •     XPD-15089 – Rio de La Plata not brown anymore on gfx_12.1.0.
  •     XPD-15090 – Boats and Ships Update.
  •     XPD-15091 – 1000 autogen library update.
  •     XPD-15092 – sim objects library update.
  •     XPD-15095 – Small Ships Update.
  •     XPD-15100 – Sunglasses not working in VR.
  •     XPD-15101 – pressurization variables recorded as unsigned chars rather than floats for replay.
  •     XPD-15104 – Merge Global Airports for 12.1.0.
  •     XPD-15107 – Pull small jetway art asset change for 12.1.
  •     XPD-15108 – Water doesn’t properly interact with depth of field.
  •     XPD-15110 – SHIPS parts update.
  •     XPD-15112 – Global airports: Jetways size update, local codes updates.
  •     XPD-15113 – SHIPS update again.
  •     XPD-15122 – Can’t access ATC transmission logs and nearby frequencies when flying F-14 on my Mac Box ..
  •     XPD-15128 – Move lawn track art to a higher layer to render above draped orthos.
  •     XPD-15131 – External visuals init – ack doesn’t check if the other side is legit.
  •     XPD-15133 – Typing cursor not appearing in DataRefTool 2018.
  •     XPD-15134 – dataref docu on ALL classic nav/com frequencies wrong.
  • XPD-15139 – Circle cloud artefacts
  •     XPD-15140 – NEXRAD tune/review?
  •     XPD-15141 – helicopter particles too strong at low thrust.
  •     XPD-15145 – Duplicated/confusing Rotation Offsets and Visual offsets config sections.
  •     XPD-15147 – Icon generation throws nullptr pipeline assertion.
  •     XPD-15148 – Cloud shadows on water are gone.
  •     XPD-15151 – Update icing effect on 737, A330, C90 and CitX.
  •     XPD-15152 – RWX: Negative wind direction in METAR interpretation.
  •     XPD-15153 – RWX: Downloaded real weather doesn’t match METAR winds.
  •     XPD-15154 – RWX: Runway is wet when it shouldn’t.
  •     XPD-15155 – Reloading aircraft with new window ice throws LOG errors on aircraft reload.
  •     XPD-15156 – Broken weather and cloud meld – feat_wxr cloud observations.
  • XPD-15158 – New HUD does not scale with UI
  •     XPD-15160 – Rain Inspector : Clicking on “visualize forces” causes nullptr crash.
  •     XPD-15163 – over-exposed grid-warp page.
  •     XPD-15166 – Red tint in GPS windows in 3-d cockpit.
  • XPD-15167 – Argus asserts because nt_dme_nofrq is not known at KBOS
  • XPD-15169 – Sound on/off check-box does not mute/unmute legacy sound path
  •     XPD-15170 – Fixed hangar kit parts with hard roof.
  •     XPD-15172 – Cloud layer top bx assert.
  • XPD-15177 – Dev assert when loading a flight at AZ04
  •     XPD-15182 – Exception (EXC_BAD_ACCESS) in ATC_tasks.cpp with 16 AI aircraft.
  •     XPD-15183 – Water waves white capping artifacts.
  • XPD-15184 – Exhaust speed dataref shouldn’t go negative with turboprops in reverse
  •     XPD-15186 – Boats and Ships Update.
  •     XPD-15188 – Create new Dataref for autobrake deceleration rate.
  • XPD-15194 – Bug report “ODALS approach lights only visible from close distance”
  • XPD-15196 – XLua crash loop on replay, possibly Linux only
  •     XPD-15198 – Popup touch locations visible despite mouse buttons released and cursor outside the window.
  •     XPD-15200 – Avionics OS popup window isn’t “destroyed” when  quitting the sim.
  •     XPD-15201 – Removing master IP from exvis while in flight doesn’t kill the flight.
  •     XPD-15204 – Sim fails to launch when Zink is enabled and the VC 2015 redist package isn’t installed.
  •     XPD-15205 – Preference files get incorrectly seen as read-only and can no longer be written.
  •     XPD-15217 – Re-Scan resets Weather settings (Deletes cloud layers and sets wind layers 0kts).
  •     XPD-15219 – Junk Data in Icing System When No Thermal Textures.
  •     XPD-15224 – Crash when mousing over avionics with avionics plugin disabled.
  • XPD-15225 – turboprop particles need adjustment for perf.
  • XPD-15227 – Missing mouse cursor resource in VR.
  • XPD-15228 – Crash with missing pipeline with custom textured lights
  • XPD-15229 – Runway RVR breaks METAR parser
  • XPD-15230 – Window icing visual effect doesn’t get correctly read back for aircraft without thermal sources
  • XPD-15231 – “Banana” blue prediction semicircle
  • XPD-15232 – Rain intensity settings chosen by user in the weather GUI is not honored
  • XPD-15234 – Coverage to Alpha Breaks Grass Rendering.
  • XPD-15235 – Weather not according to METAR (temperature and wind off)
  • XPD-15236 – Impossible to turn on anti-ice switch “MAX” in SR22
  • XPD-15237 – New window icing effect is not affected by window heat in SR22
  • XPD-15238 – Wing boot de-icing of wings (B58 Baron) should be possible already at lower ice accretion.
  • XPD-15239 – Center of Gravity shifted in PA18 Super Cub
  • XPD-15240 – Oil temperature excessive in C90 King Air
  • XPD-15241 – Water solidly opaque – fights with overlay .pol files
  • XPD-15246 – Third Parties can’t Clear G1000 Loading Screen.
  • XPD-15249 – Bug report “XPLMGetVersions() returns 400 for SDK 410″.
  • XPD-15250 – Bug report “XPLMGetAvionicsHandle() twice, with same ID returns NULL”.
  • XPD-15251 – Bug report “XPLM AvionicsGeometry top/bottom flipped”.
  • XPD-15252 – Bug report “XPLMIsCursorOverAvionics weirdness Laminar G1000”.
  • XPD-15253 – Bug report “XPLMIsAvionicsBound return 0 for Laminar G1000″.
  • XPD-15255 – New high urban houses in EU autogen
  • XPD-15256 – Bug report “rpath for CEF is relative, without being based on $ORIGIN”.
  • XPD-15257 – Native plugin bridge on Nvidia uses a lot of wall-time
  • XPD-15258 – Crash Filing ATC Flight Plan.
  • XPD-15259 – Impossible to see the runway in SR22 with heavy rain
  • XPD-15261 – Bug report “Avionics API cursor callbacks ignore Arrow cursor”.
  • XPD-15262 – XPLMCustomizeAvionics_t is not backwards-compatible
  • XPD-15267 – Graphics corruption after overcast cloud layer
  • XPD-15268 – Unclearable “UNABLE XXXXX AT XXXXX” on FMS scratchpad
  • XPD-15269 – GUI tables draw with overlapping backgrounds on the last row
  • XPD-15276 – SDK401 source files not ASCII
  • XPD-15279 – Distant scenery bleeds through 3d water
  • XPD-15280 – Cannot change brightness of avionics devices not bound to an aircraft
  • XPD-15281 – Bug report “CreateAvionics popped out window wrong title”
  • XPD-15283 – Crash when reloading plugins and more than one plugin publishes an avionics device
  • XPD-15284 – Particle emitter doesn’t work without some geometry in the obj file
  • XPD-15292 – Banana in MFD NAV – TAWS-B screen not centered ahead of plane sometimes
  • XPD-15308 – Alia-250: With engines running, aircraft initially spawns with an upward acceleration
  • XPD-15310 – Windshield/rain friction should be adjustable by aircraft authors
  • XPD-15311 – Watercolor missing in close-ups around foreground object edges
  • XPD-15314 – Split crosshair on screen – G1000 avionics touch plugin and test acf
  • XPD-15315 – Avionics test device OS Popup window bezel doesn’t change color at night
  • XPD-15316 – XPLMSaveFMSFlightPlan crashes if no flight plan defined
  • XPD-15317 – Trying to load Hot Start CL650 crashes in aircraft OBJ parser
  • XPD-15319 – Mistakes and typos in avionics SDK documentation
  • XPD-15325 – XPLMGetDestinationFMSFlightPlanEntry() always returns 0
  • XPD-15333 – Crash in OBJ loader loading S-76
  • XPD-15335 – Turbidity channel incorrectly interpreted in water
  • XPD-15337 – COM radio frequencies do not roll over to lowest frequency when tuning UP past highest frequency
  • XPD-15345 – Fixing failures should not reset the fuel load in the plane
  • XPD-15346 – Avionics lighting system can’t do Garmin auto/manual display control
  • XPD-15347 – Linux steam 12.1.0-alpha3 CTD on locale setup
  • XPD-15348 – Crash in replay system
  • XPD-15356 – LVL button should always activate AP and should be wings and pitch level
  • XPD-15360 – Error “Unsupported vertex format for shader” when using X-World and some custom airports
  • XPD-15383 – Failed to allocate a streaming GPU buffer crash
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i912900k, RTX 3090, 32GB RAM

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I shall promptly join this beta and have all my plugins and addon planes stop functioning correctly 😅

Joking aside, really been looking forward to this one!

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Asus TUF X670E-PLUS | 7800X3D | G.Skill 32GB DDR @ CL30 6000MHz | RTX 4090 Founders Edition (Undervolted) | WD SNX 850X 2TB + 4TB + 4TB

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1 minute ago, Randall said:

On vacation . . . 😔

So at least you have a lot of text to read, see the release-notes above 😁

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i912900k, RTX 3090, 32GB RAM

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Looks great ! Thanks LR !

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Best regards, Fritz ESSONO

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Posted (edited)


Weather / clouds effects so far so GREAT !!!!


Colours & lighting look astoundingly REAL!!!

Only getting some errors with SimHeaven Europe 3.0 ... Will probably require an update from developer(?)

Great update!!!!


Edited by jcomm
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Main Simulation Rig:

Ryzen 5600x, 32GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti, 1 TB & 500 GB M.2 nvme drives, Win11.

Preferred Simulator: X-Plane (and seriously considering AEROFLY FS 4 too)

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16 minutes ago, jcomm said:


Weather / clouds effects so far GREAT !!!!


only getting some errors with SimHeaven Europe 3.0 ... Will probably require an update.


Yeah. It looks pretty awesome so far 😊

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i912900k, RTX 3090, 32GB RAM

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me giving every post on the first page of an avsim thread a heart or upvote is true progress 🤣


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AutoATC Developer

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Welcome to the 12.1.0 Beta!

I know but to be honest, I expected something else. It's better but it won't do it for me at the moment. You don't need to make ten flights to realize this. I welcome the efforts and the improvements and I realize that it is very difficult to have a more revolutionary and spectacular result than this.

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    AVSIM is a free service to the flight simulation community. AVSIM is staffed completely by volunteers and all funds donated to AVSIM go directly back to supporting the community. Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time. Thank you for your support!

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