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  1. I wonder if this is a settings issue? Mine is now set at high-end and did not see any square tiles.
  2. I went to download and it wants my personal info. LOL Very shrewd Sporty's. No thanks!
  3. Fantastic news! It took some time, but they are finally getting them done. I have a feeling that Tahiti has already been updated but I have not confirmed.
  4. The update went without a hitch and everything seems normal on my end. I still need to do some more testing, but so far so good.
  5. The Norway ground textures look the same to me. I'm guessing that these updates will amount to added POIs & some enhanced airports. It will not be like upgrading to an ORBX region back in the FSX/P3D days. BTW, the most annoying thing is still there; pauses and stutters. They need to address and fix this because it reminds me of FSX. I'm still grateful for the updates and will continue to follow the sim closely.
  6. It's now available at the ORBX store. https://fselite.net/news/gaya-simulations-releases-block-island-for-msfs/ Who is getting it? I've been there many times and it's one of those airports that always brings back many memories of training in the NE. Jose
  7. I like the way that the developer (Flight FX) is using phrases like "In Flight," "Departing," and "Arrived" to describe the status of his projects. Nicely done. Let's hope that support is as good as the "looks" of the airport.
  8. It's worth every penny. Support is excellent.
  9. For those of you looking for another must have destination in the Caribbean, here are the pics I promissed: Merengue is their preferred music. 😀 Jose
  10. We need @raymar to make it happen. 😀 Got to check up on him. I have not seen him here in a while.
  11. You might need to mark the file as "read only" to prevent the file from changing back the figures to default.
  12. Let me think: * lightning on sunny days with no TS in the vicinity * Live weather still not working as it should * Stutters and pauses are still prevalent in many regions * I wish I could just choose a different destination with having to go back to main menu * Long loading times
  13. Glad you got it sorted. Win 10 files sometimes act up and deleting the file is sometimes the only option.
  14. Interesting. I have TNCM (Simmarket) and I have it in my Caribbean folder. Anytime I install a payware to my community folder or anywhere else, I move it to a specific folder, then I use the linker to enable or disable. Are you saying that you can't move the folders?
  15. Good idea. 😀 I need to stop using my smart phone to post. My tired old eyes are straining. 😀
  16. For those of you who missed this one: https://fselite.net/news/bravoairspace-releases-las-americas-international-airport-for-msfs/ If you love flying in the Caribbean, it's a must have! I'll post some pics this afternoon. Best regards. Jose
  17. I'm with you. MSFS is beautiful! The freeware airport enhancements and other mods keeps me coming back daily. Every time I load XP, I'm hopeful that one day MSFS can achieve the kind of smoothness. I'm also grateful that I have two amazing choices.
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