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  1. Oh man, where were you when I was making the scenery! I needed photos!
  2. Great news on Sydney hey. Who saw that one coming. .
  3. Hi guys Black windsock is strange because its just a stock FSX windsock placed with ADE. It's not mine. I will look into it. With the folders. Just make a Gold Coast folder and put my extracted scenery and texture folders into that. (I forgot to zip up correctly). Anyway enjoy and just remember there might be one or two small bugs but these are hopefully bearable if you just ignore them. Max.
  4. I think the take off/ spool up sounds by PMDG are perfect. No need for any changes. They are fine. Great work on all your efforts Steve.
  5. Did a flight last night. These sound great Steve..
  6. All you can eat ? ed: oh now I know what you mean.. sorry
  7. This is the only issue I am having with the NGX. (No freezes, no low fps, nothing) Everything else is fine. It's happening every landing now. Usually stowing REVs and then applying footbrake deactivates AB. I don't know why there should be any difference here.
  8. They look like normal airways to me, based on the format of that route you quoted.
  9. Get the Wilco Airbus, then get FS2Crew for the Wilco Airbus, then fly from it's beautiful VC with TrackIR. I've tried them all and found the best.
  10. (Even after, what is it a year now?..) I can still see no reason to run FS9 or FSX on Vista. Even the DX10 bits aren't worth using Vista. XP still has way more headroom. I got curious again recently and thought I was being harsh on Vista, so I gave it a third chance - it still disappointed me and off it came.
  11. Ronald,Even though you say you know how to fly the PMDG747, your description doesn't fill me with confidence. I just think you're plain doing it wrong. Have a read of the manuals (they are very good), read them again, fly a tutorial and slow down the learning curve a bit. Learn how to properly program a route, set up your fuel quantities, weight distribution, how to plan a climb, cruise, descent and approach. There's also a PMDG Support Forum right here that can help you too.
  12. As your FS install "ages", the load time will rise. Fact of life really. Every little tweak, addon scenery, module, gauge will exacerbate this. Only way back is to un-tick, deactivate scenery not used, remove aircraft you don't use any more and generally be really strict on what you add in. Other than that, a reinstall might be the only way back for you. Every time I reinstall (and I did only just last week!) I say - right, let's not fill it up with junk this time - 6 months later it's an overweight, obese FS9, having gorged on freeware airports and aircraft until it can't run up stairs any more and needs to trim down again. A reflection of humanity!
  13. I had this problem a few years back. All my Spanish airports vanished. It turned out to be a rogue file in a freeware Croatia scenery for Dubrovnik I had installed that was killing airports 500miles away in Spain. Are you running this croatian scenery?
  14. 3/2 this topic gets deleted as well.
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