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  1. flyhalf

    Static ships for harbors?

    Yes as mentioned you can get hold of a number of static ship packages in the library here and if there are mdl files included you can use a scenery placement tool to place them.
  2. flyhalf

    UK2000 London Heathrow V3 Released!

    Always love a 40% discount. Bought! Agree. I am so over shopped screenshots with all the wide angle/HDR/Bloom/ENB stuff going on, with the sim paused and Autogen ratcheted up to maximum.
  3. flyhalf

    Where is your 737 now?

    Been in the hangar since July last year. Up on the crane with the engines off and in various pieces. No time lately to fly.
  4. flyhalf

    Four minutes pure awesomeness!

    There's just something about a 747 leaping into the air that is so beautiful eg KLM at 1:29
  5. flyhalf

    Four minutes pure awesomeness!

    You just can't do that. And to add extra awsomeness he got pilots to wave, ffs.
  6. flyhalf

    Dragoneye Hong Kong

    Looks great. Anything that adds atmosphere to Hong Kong is worth buying.
  7. flyhalf

    I Loathe FSDT's COUATL!

    If you're after a better dynamic head movement in VC try Opus FSX. Perfect interface. You get a great weather engine too as a bonus. I ditched EZDok ages ago.
  8. A good place to take your new 777 ! B)
  9. flyhalf

    DX10 Users Poll

    If you add up (1) and (3) you get about equal to (2) which is about what I thought. The performace and visual improvements in DX10 preview made me stay with it.
  10. I like the sound of that Paul !
  11. Even in FSX native ground mode? The entire city has no ground poly at night. It's not useable in DX10 unfortunately unless you return to native mode.
  12. Good point Jim. I didn't think it was that easy. I thought all those shader file changes needed reversing to use dx9 again. But you make sense I will try it out.
  13. Wow now THIS is good news if true! I am teetering on the edge of returning to DX9 because night flying is pretty much off the menu for me with these incompatible airports. ps even my OWN sceneries I designed need fixing ! :-)
  14. flyhalf

    YBCG Gold Coast Airport Released

    Oh man, where were you when I was making the scenery! I needed photos!
  15. flyhalf

    LatinVFR San Diego released

    Great scenery. Stay classy !