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  1. Looks really nice! I'm a big fan of these single runway, single terminal sort of "tier two" size airports. Usually they are in great locations and perform really well.
  2. Hi all, I'm running a 3070ti which states max width 7680 pixels. That would equate to 3 x 1440p monitors, ie 2560x1440 So my question is: Is it possible to get 3 x 3440 x 1440 to run - ie 10,320 wide ? I have 2 x ultrawide curved 34in running @ 3440 but the centre bezel is annoying so was thinking of getting a 3rd one. However I'm not sure I can push 3 of these right up to 3440x1440 The ones I have are https://www.lg.com/au/it-monitors/lg-34wp65c-b Thanks or am I right off base here? Don;t get me wrong, even running a single one of these has been awesome. Max.
  3. Luckily I was on the stand shutting down when this error came up !
  4. Looks stunning to me. I dont really care about numerous more types of clouds needed. It’s always impressing me every time I fly. there is still this overcast issue with light poles. Have a look at airports as you taxi past them under overcast.
  5. To close out my own issue... In case anyone else experiences this. It's apparently due to a hydraulic failure. Didn't know failures were ON by default. Anyway I cleared the failures and all is good again. topic on PMDG forum I found. PMDG 737 Flaps indicator not moving - PMDG Simulations
  6. Anyone seeing any odd behaviour with the PMDG since WU10 ?? [eg. loss of rudder, loss of brakes, flaps indicator needle not moving, strange A/T behaviour] I will have another try but had a very odd first post WU10 experience last night. Startup/push went fine but after that had issues getting off the ramp! No other things touched config wise except WU10 came in.
  7. Ditto here. I have everything on, runs great, rig below. Nice to be in a period of Time Flying > Time tweaking. For so long it was the opposite in versions gone by.
  8. I tried Google and saw all these tile squares updating in a certain radius from the plane. It looked strange, is that a setting thing ?
  9. Looks like a nice place. I'd love to go there one day! A world away from the east coast I'd say.
  10. I see a lot of hit/miss traffic going on too. I have all the major packs from AIG installed maybe 40 or so to give a good world spread (using Live AI setting) . I fly sometimes continental EU and there's nothing there. When really the skies over Germany and France should be littered with planes. There's always traffic around in general at airports coming and going, but something is a bit wrong still. I don't think we are seeing all of it.
  11. I really think the "turn around" state is just that the plane has power from the GPU. And that happens to be step 1 in the CD startup process. A few clicks, maybe the ADIRS stay aligned also? APU, lights, FMC programming etc - is all flight specific.
  12. I once thought just keep the FBW, Use the experimental and it's updated twice a day. It already does everything. I bought Fenix and it's noticeably more solid, feels heavier, the taxi speed doesn't get away from you, the sound set is better, some things are deeper/more polished systems-wise, it gives you warnings about everything slightly mis-configured, the TCAS TA/RA is wonderfully done.... Does all of this matter? - not really. You could stick with FBW and still have a beautiful experience.
  13. If you're droning around then that video sounds great. From inside the cockpit, which is where 99% of my time is spent, the most you'd hear is a low rumble as the plane in front takes off or lands and hits reversers. Think about how it sounds when you're a passenger waiting to take off.
  14. Bought the Fenix this week too. Very much exceeding expectations. Feels like a very solidly designed addon. A joy to fly. I was quite skeptical and thought everyone was a bit hysterical but the hype is justified.
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