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  1. 2023: We want a tablet! 2024: We want moar tablet!
  2. I have the registered FSUIPC7 but I have never been brave enough to mess with it for controllers above and beyond using the MSFS controller profiles I have made for each plane I use.
  3. Wow I just worked out I have had my TrackIR for almost 20 years.... Crazy. I couldn't be without it, to be honest.
  4. Bing and PG yeah I tried loading in US, EU and AU all looked down to me
  5. If it's still worth some advice - START SLOW. Buy one payware jet that you know well. Like the PMDG which is still the same high quality. Fly that jet between some default airports in areas you like to use, get used to the sim and the weather features, etc. Out of the box, MSFS is really great due to the bing maps and photogrammetry built in. Default airports are very good this time round. Then find one or two airports you'd like to upgrade. Do it slowly! There's no rush !
  6. I look forward to the finished product down the line. I loved flying the MD-11 on FSX, it just was so much fun, a great balance between old and new.
  7. I'm partial to a 6-7 hour flight to hit the UAE area, but with a bit Ratex2 during the cruise... 🙂
  8. I'm sure all you beta people will do your job and pass the report in, and it will all be fine when we get the final release. Thanks
  9. My PERF INIT load from the FMC is always way off compared to Simbrief/OFP numbers (Cruise, CI etc) It also drops my Navigraph account requiring another QR scan. Will see if that happens next flight too.
  10. This tablet works great. Does what it says. I have to say I'm a recent convert to using the Navigraph in-tablet charts instead of the toolbar app window now. All the calculators work nice and the options are not too elaborate and overly cluttered. METAR has no issues in my location.
  11. Agree, behaviour-wise it's all over the place but I can let that go as it's an immersion thing for me and I'm not trying to be a news chopper. I only really pick it up as I come in to land. Maybe it's my new 4090 but 100 % traffic setting is really not giving any fps away which surprises me. Originally traffic was the first thing they told you to turn off.
  12. Has something good (optimisation) been done to the road traffic over the past few SU's? I originally thought these were fps hogs and turned it down to 5 however in recent testing I cannot see any fps difference now between 5 and 100 in most areas around the world.
  13. I just wish he wouldn't go back to "hands on knees" so much between each action as it looks pretty robotic. But it's difficult to model things like this. Looks better than I thought though
  14. Yeah some FSLTL and was just live weather, light cloud. A lot of the INI scenery candy was turned off, I'm not real big on all the landside and interior stuff and you never really see it. It's so hard to bench this kind of thing as we are all running different.
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