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  1. Thanks Ron, it should be working again now, sorry for the issue Brian
  2. The issue you pointed out has been fixed, it was displaying the wrong count of found downloads.
  3. Let me reiterate something I said earlier. The total number of posts is exactly the same before and after the upgrade. The difference is post that were intentionally deleted a long time ago. An example is a forum that was completely removed along with all it's posts. Put simply nothing is missing
  4. Hi Steve, Hopefully this helps clear things up a bit for you. Post counts are stored as part of each individuals profile as a simple number attached to your records. Over the years this count is simply incremented each time a user makes a post. As part of the upgrade process the software vendor included a required step which recounted every single member's post count to match the number of posts which were visible and existed at the time of the upgrade. The reason why the vendor did this is unknown to us but it was not an optional step we could bypass. There are a few reasons why you may have less posts now than previously. Largest is any forum which existed previously but has been closed and deleted, all those posts have been removed and no longer counted. Another possibility is any topic which has been deleted individually, those posts would not have counted during the recount either. The last possibility which you raised was the possibility of posts being lost during the upgrade. I can assure you that was not the case. As part of the process we verified the total system post counts before and after the upgrade and they matched. All you are seeing now is where prior to the upgrade if you were to add up each member's post count and compare it to the total number of posts in the system you'd find the member's number greater; now you'll find they match. While we would have preferred a choice we were not given the option by the vendor's software and unfortunately it was something we had to go forward with regardless. I hope this clears everything up Brian
  5. Its specific to each forum, some forums you can't do it in while others you can
  6. I'm looking at it guys bare with me please
  7. Take a screenshot of what you are seeing please and email it to bsperduto@avsim.com
  8. That is how it should work, to the right of the "Post" button on when you are using the editor just below a message should be the words "Use Full Editor" that will take you to where you can attach images.
  9. When you go to reply to a post it should take you to a new page, Right past the text area where you enter your reply should be the Attachments section
  10. It should apply to any post, you do have to use the full editor though
  11. You have to attach the image to a post, once you do that is should come up with an "Insert into Post" link
  12. Does anyone know if it is possible in an XML gauge to send something to a remote server using http or another method?
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