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  1. Thanks Kroswynd. I just wanted to be certain that it was the case.
  2. Kroswynd, does this mean that the Q400 Training edition will be for P3Dv4 only?
  3. It is better to set your camera position with walk around mode enabled for that view. Then pressing Num 2, twice to set/remember that position.
  4. You can do a work-around by editing the panel cfg file. (make a backup first) I also prefer having the "pop-ups" available on the shift+xx keys, rather than the 2D panels. You do not change the values as such, you change the order of the windows listed in the cfg file. For example, by default, the PFD popup is listed as #14 at the top of the cfg file, and again in the [window 14] section further down the page. You should change not just the numbers but re-order the windows entries themselves just to keep everything organized. I swapped (cut and pasted) [window 14] PFD popout, with [window01] FO panel. Now the PFD opens up with the default Shift+2. It sounds complex but it really isn't. As long as you make a backup first, it is easy to correct any changes aka mistakes.
  5. The Aerosoft a330 will probably not be a study level sim. That isn't the business that Aerosoft are in. But it will be better than all the rest, once it is released of course. At least for the foreseeable future. Just my opinion, of course.
  6. Hi Darcy, There is a lite texture pack available for CYYZ at the FT forums, that helps with performance without impacting the look of the airport.
  7. I guess it is kind of late for this tip, and i do not have the CRJ to try it out myself. Did you try deleting those view preset assignments from the simulator controls so that Ezdok would be the only software using them? I had to do something similar with the Majestic Q400 and haven't had any issues three years and going.
  8. If Sode is showing up in the simulator, than it has probably installed correctly. The new way of adding products to P3D means that we do not have to mess around with the old dll.xml, and exe.xml files. Any add-on that does is not entirely compatible with P3Dv4. They may work, but they will require re-installation after a P3D update. Add-ons added to the P3Dv4 Add-on menu are now creating their own xml files in "C:/Users/your name here/My Documents/Prepar3D v4 Add-ons"
  9. As is the dynamic lighting. Not sure if this has ever been mentioned. There are 2 settings in the cfg file which can limit the number of dynamic lights being drawn. I haven't tested it, but it may be useful for those wanting to try out the DL. In the cfg, look for; MAX_POINT_LIGHTS=250 MAX_SPOT_LIGHTS=250 *LM caps the total number of Dynamic Lights at 500.
  10. Actually, the Dynamic 3D Vegetation is the "speed trees."
  11. Sounds to me when you made a backup of your sims shader folder with PTA after they had already been modified, and were not the stock shaders. Now, every time you use PTA to reset the sims shaders to default, you get the black screen issue because the shaders are incompatible. My advice is to reinstall the P3d content, and try again. Leave PTA out of the equation until you get a stable simulator. ps, you could also try deleting the shaders by going to the appdata folder, and then restarting the simulator to let it rebuild the stock shaders. A reinstall may not be necessary.
  12. It's not for pc, but I love the updated electronic battleship, with missiles, torpedoes, and airplanes. It is a bit old fashioned because the multiplayer is actually done with the 2nd player sitting in the room with you. What can I say, I'm an old foggie!
  13. Agreed. The wait for the CRJ hasn't cost anyone any coin. The same for the A320 and A330 series' of aircraft, they too will get released when they are ready. The only people on the hook for the time it takes, is Aerosoft. I'm quite ok with that.
  14. You haven't seen the Exxon Valdez cruising around, have you?
  15. I agree. The price is too rich for my sim tastes. Hopefully, maybe, Orbx will "improve" their night-lighting now.
  16. So I take it the subscription is to "pay" for support? It would be nice to get an answer to the question that has been asked many times already.
  17. Regarding the rain starting and stopping, may I ask if you are using Active Sky? I see this only when flying with AS running. I believe this is the way that AS presents intermittent rain showers. If you look at the radar, you should see the small clusters of rain showers moving across the screen. I'm not too fond of the abrupt start and stop of the rain, but I doubt that Hifi can do very much to control it. That is something that LM would have to implement. ps, this is with detailed precip enabled.
  18. Which aircraft are you using? Did you use the "import default cameras" option/utility, to import the views for that aircraft? Which keys are you using to cycle views? You may have a conflict with another add-on, or that particular aircraft and its built-in view system. For the record, FSUIPC should not have any effect on the ezca cameras. Check the Flight1 forum for posts by the developer on which hotkeys can cause conflicts. Also, look for duplicate assignments in the sims controls page. I usually delete any/all assignments associated with views, and/or the "num" keys in the sim.
  19. It sounds like you have the horizon hold feature enabled. On the ezdok gui, look for the Horizon Hold button. A right click will open up an adjustment page with 2 settings. One for the amount the head tilts during a turn, and the second for the amount the head rotates in the direction of the aircraft turn. A left click on the HH button will disable the feature.
  20. My biggest problem with the CRJ, is that we do not have Fly Tampa's KBOS-v4 to go with it! ps, Just to lighten the mood in here. It's getting a little stuffy.
  21. @ branks737, I did double check to be certain, and I do have that box ticked. It does eliminate the flicker when changing between views in the same category. It isn't that noticeable on my setup, as it is only a very brief flicker. Since I have my views assigned to buttons on a G13 control pad, I usually have to look away from the screen to the keypad, so I usually miss the flicker between changes. According to the developer, it is something that only LM can address. Appreciate your posting though.
  22. I do have FSUIPC5 installed and am using Ezdok 2.5v11 without any major issues. Minus the minor screen flicker when changing views between VC and outside cameras, of course. Which is a known issue and is being worked on with LM.
  23. Patiently waiting here as well. P3dv4 seems so empty without the Q400. I am looking forward to the training edition, and the extra niceties that come with it.
  24. Comparing the posted screenies with open-street map. It is pretty dang close. As in, I can't tell the difference. Unfortunately, the BM roads do not match with the FTX vector, OLC-NA texture layout at all. At night this wouldn't be an issue, as you shouldn't be able to see the ground. At dawn and dusk, it is very noticable. For right now, it is pick one for nights and the other for days, which makes this a very expensive street light add-on. AI traffic (road) is AI traffic, most people set it very low or off for performance reasons. So I have those cancelling each other out. Orbx generates a lot more of AI road traffic with the slider set to 6% than does the default traffic in P3D. (thought I should mention that) just my .02c
  25. If the pots are of a higher quality than saitek's junk, or are easily replaceable, I'm in.
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