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  1. i must take myself together,and have it installed.
  2. mourad has never existed,fjord is mourad,look at their forum,there will NEVER be a patch,he has made enogh money,of this program,the reason they keep telling us there is an update on its way,is to keep people continiue buying proatx.TRUST ME!!! If morad really was a person,and he has made the program,why dont he just come in to the forum with information,about the update,why is it al going trough fjord? have you considered that.Strange right !!! therefore i belive fjord is mourad,and the patch talk is just to keep people contuniue buying proatcx
  3. there wil be an update for proatc in 2022
  4. with pro-atc we will NEVER see the update,i have given up.They just promise and promise and nothing happen.
  5. i use dx 10 in fsx and have not seen one single OOM not even in pmdg 777 on along trip.i have ftx global+vector and rex 4 installed.
  6. i love the B1900D but i do not love that it is impossible to control even in no wind.
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