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  1. That is for apron animation traffic and AES lite.
  2. SSTX

    UK2000 aiports in 2.3

    No issues what so ever, except from the gate docking system.
  3. Go for 1/4 refresh rate and it will still be smooth at 30FPS.
  4. SSTX

    PC Registry Cleaner suggestions

    CCleaner is free and excellent.
  5. Is the FlexNET service running?
  6. SSTX

    FA/FSX(SP@) and Win81 = loss of joystick?

    Losing the joy stick is a known issue with Windows 8.X. Try disabling the USB Power Saving option by going to Power Options, select your current power plan and select "Advanced Options".
  7. Any chance you could add P3D v1.4 compatibility?
  8. SSTX

    KLM Approach to EHAM

    Wow! They looks spectacular!
  9. SSTX

    unsecure site

    I also get the same message.
  10. Looks great! What 787 model? Aerosim?
  11. SSTX

    Black Box Announce A340 Series

    From BBS: ================================ A340 "ADDITION" GUYS .. I am getting a little tired of answering this one.. so PLEASE Understand .. there is "NO NEW PRODUCT" and we are "NOT STARTING ON SOMETHING NEW" The A321 was added to the A320 series as they are very similar and the whole family uses (Almost) the same code .. The A340 is now being added to the A330 Family for exactly the same reasons.. IT IS NOT A NEW PRODUCT This additional "modelling" does NOT Take anything away from the systems or gauge improvements and upgrades we have Scheduled for the updates... BBS Consider these additional (FREE) models as Additional content to existing products and offers exceptional Value for money to our valued customers. Finally we are not announcing an A380 , A350, A300, A310 or Beluga as these would indeed be "separate and totally new products" =============================== I am looking forward to the update!
  12. SSTX

    Ryan, Little Bug In Baw772 Livery...

    Ok! Ok! We get the message. No need to say it twice.
  13. SSTX


    Wow! I did not expect someone like FSX Genius to engage in such a devious behaviour. I am shocked by this. I thought FSXGenius was better than this. But, before I draw conclusions, I hope the other side of the story can be heard.
  14. SSTX

    727 from LOWI to LOWS

    Those screenshots look stunning! Amazing! What add-on have you used for the sky textures? Sky MAXX Pro? Aerosoft Sky Tools (if so, what theme?)