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  1. Do you have multiplayer enabled? I imagine a lot of simmers are flying around that airport since it was just released and free 😉
  2. You are seriously only concerned with seeing previews of a product that is most surely 6 months or more from release?
  3. For future reference, there really is no need to disable the community folder when installing these updates. I have well over a TB of add-ons in my Community folder and have never disabled my Community folder during an update - and never had an issue. Add-ons being incompatible after an update is a separate issue...
  4. That is a laughable answer when the "one area" is the very area on which the world update focused. Shouldn't THAT be the area the "testers" concentrate on?! 😂
  5. Please do explain how scenery fixes don't fit into the category of a "world update". Asobo certainly seems willing and able to break scenery across the globe via world updates, so logic would lead me to believe fixes are allowed as well.
  6. Has anyone compiled a VR compatible executable yet? I checked the latest zip on Github and it appears to still only contain the 2D executable.
  7. Wow, the drama from some people when their video game occasionally has a blip and doesn't work 100% as intended. It must be REALLY stressful to "fly" 2% of the time with manually configured instead of live weather... 🙄
  8. When I get the urge to fly something like the CRJ, I usually end up flying the Longitude, which I think is pretty good (but obviously not at the PDMG/Fenix level).
  9. This seems like an issue that could be corrected VERY easily in code.
  10. Tell us you don't fly in VR without telling us 😉 I fly 100% in VR and have on occasion wished I could experience one of my flights from a passenger perspective. Not something I would ever do on a regular basis, but in VR I think it would be pretty cool. I could probably achieve the experience using one of the replay tools and replay a former flight from the passenger cabin - but I have yet to try that out.
  11. Ha! Haven't heard that one but it will definitely make it into my vocabulary now 🙂 Having said that, I choose to remain on the side of the optimist - if only because I think a parachute sim would be kinda boring compared to an airplane sim 😉
  12. Some people simply wake up in the morning with a negative attitude...
  13. Why would they specifically mention VR, when it is already incorporated into MSFS2020? I think it goes without saying MSFS2024 will have VR support. I have no idea what sent you back to "pancake mode" after using the Reverb G2. I personally fly 100% in VR (G2) and would have zero interest in continuing my MSFS hobby if I couldn't use VR. I'm not saying the MSFS VR implementation is without issues, but certainly no problems that would make me want to go back to 2D monitor(s).
  14. Can you show me a single flight simulator, game or software package in general where people are not "still waiting for pending improvements"? If every product has to be deemed perfect by the majority of users before a newer version of that product is ever announced/released - we will never have any new software or products. I am neither surprised nor disappointed by Asobo's announcement of MSFS2024. Of course, a year-ish from now when 2024 is released, I may very well be disappointed by what the new version of MSFS offers (or fails to offer). As long as the majority of 3rd party mods continue to work in newer versions, it wouldn't bother me if I had to purchase a new version of MSFS every year or 2 in order to stay current. I get thousands of hours of enjoyment from this sim, so a yearly "subscription/upgrade" fee of $100 (or whatever it is) isn't going to ruin my hobby. My only true fear is MSFS2024 will be a downgrade from MSFS2020 - just as some of the sim updates have been...
  15. I don't think your timings with/without add-ons coincide with what most of us are seeing. I have well over a TB of add-ons (all loaded on a fast M2 drive). The difference in load time with all add-ons enabled vs disabled for me is probably well over 5 minutes. Using add-on linker to disabled unused mods is absolutely beneficial to me.
  16. Honestly, if you are looking to substantially boost the "immersion factor" in MSFS, I would forget about larger 4K monitors and get yourself a quality VR headset. Some people refuse to or can't fly in VR for various reasons, but I believe 95% of people who give VR a chance refuse to ever fly in "pancake mode" again. I absolutely fall into that category. Sorry, I do understand my response is off topic from what you specifically asked...
  17. I honestly have no idea what your point is. I have downloaded probably thousands of add-ons from flightsim.to and found maybe 2 that ended up causing conflicts in MSFS and had to be removed. Fortunately, managing add-ons is easy and painless using the fantastic add-on linker program found on (you guessed it!) flightsim.to. I feel every bit as comfortable using the free add-ons I find on .TO as I do using payware add-ons purchased elsewhere. Yes, I think we all understand there is no hand-holding once we download and install those add-ons. That's kind of the nature of freeware though, isn't it?! Given there is virtually zero competition, I am actually amazed flightsim.to continues to provide such a fantastic user interface/experience and I really have never given a 2nd thought to the ads. If you have a better alternative, I think we would all love to find out what it is 😉
  18. I don't have a favorite flight plan, but anything into or out of KJAC or KSLC is always satisfying. Usually though I fly out of whatever airport I flew into on my previous flight, generally looking for flights of around 250-300 miles. That distance makes for a reasonable duration flight (in VR) in the Longitude (and other smaller jets, like the CJ4, Vision Jet and HondaJet).
  19. Add-On linker is FAR from clunky and a life-saver when trying to pinpoint add-on issues. I have no idea what you did wrong or what you mean by "everything disabled in the community folder". When you use add-on linker, the presumption is you keep your add-ons out of the actual community folder, and let the utility link your add-ons to that folder. Honestly, it is an extremely easy to use (ie the opposite of "clunky") utility and a utility I find almost necessary to enjoy the sim if using hundreds/thousands of add-ons.
  20. After you select your airport, zoom in on the map display and select a starting location. If you select a parking space, your aircraft should start in a cold-and-dark state. If you select a runway, your aircraft should start in a running state at the end of that runway.
  21. You must be flying a pirated version. I had to pay for my Fenix A320 😉
  22. How does that make it the "best way"? I understand not everyone wants to use an add-on linker (though honestly I have no idea why). Not everyone uses a yoke, throttle or joystick to control their aircraft in the sim either, but I would never say flying via keyboard control is the "best way"... I am not saying your way (writing a batch file to pre-load programs for MSFS) isn't a valid or even best solution - as I haven't tried it myself. But your argument that "not everyone wants to use an addon linker" certainly doesn't answer WHY it is the best way. I bet not everyone wants to write their own batch file either 😉
  23. Out of curiosity, what makes this the "best way" - and specifically, how is it better than using the free Add-On Linker tool?
  24. Yep, you are correct - I got those 2 confused and used the wrong terminology. I meant to say I use FSTraffic models, not RealTraffic.
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