Airlines you have flown with who are no longer with us

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Which was your favourite and why?


To kick things off, I can only think of 


British Caledonian

British Midland



Dan Air was my favourite, partly because they flew the BAe 146, and partly because the stewardess' uniforms were so smart.



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Hi Folks,


Peoples Express - because they wheeled the cash register down the aisle after takeoff to collect the fare for the flight - for some reason I found this hugely amusing...




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As i live in Switzerland I flew with Swissair and Crossair quite a lot. Both ceased operations in march 2002 and became Swiss International Airlines


Also did some trans-atlantic flights with PanAm, their unforms looked quite similar to DanAir's ;)



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I got my kid wings on my first flight on an Eastern 727 flying down to Orlando.


The rest of my defunct airline experiences are with carriers who were absorbed into others. I had a lot of flying on USAir and MetroJet. Flew out of Boston to Frankfurt on a Northwest DC-10, then returned from London on a Northwest 747 - glad I can say I had at least some time in both aircraft.

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First aeroplane I ever went on, was a Dan Air London de Havilland DH-106 Comet - i.e. the first ever jet airliner - so I have a fondness for both that aeroplane and that airline. I went on quite a few of their Comets (usually to Spain and back to Manchester), and on one of their Boeing 727s (both those types were regular sights at my local airport - EGCC Manchester, which we all called 'Ringway Airport' in those days).


Dan Air London was eventually sold to British Airways for a quid (literally). If I'd known that at the time, I'd have offered 'em twice that lol. Once, when one of Dan Air's aircraft went unservicable at Girona (LEGE) in Spain, they replaced it with a charter from Monarch (an airline who are still going strong), but that replacement charter meant that I got to fly on Monarch's Boeing 720B, which was really cool, went in the cockpit for much of the flight (not that you can really do that often these days, but back then you could). That 720 landed at Birmingham though, so I had to get a coach back to Manchester, but it was worth it to fly on that cool Boeing.


I also flew on some BEA and BOAC aeroplanes at that time too (mainly Hawker Siddeley Tridents and BAC 1-11s, but also the Boeing 707) both airlines eventually merged together in the early seventies to become British Airways. Because of that, BA's coolest Concorde was G-BOAC, which never actually flew in BOAC colours, but I've been on that thing too. It's on display at EGCC nowadays.


I've got a bit of a soft spot for British Caledonian, on account of the fact that I flew on one of their L-1011 Tristars a couple of times in the late 80s. Caledonian merged with Flying Colours, to become JMC. I laughed my &@($* off when they picked that name - to me, JMC will always be the Jupiter Mining Corporation in Red Dwarf. The L-1011 was really cool, much prettier than the rival DC-10 and a lot more inclined to not fall apart than the DC-10 as well lol. Come on PMDG, make an L-1011!


I also have a bit of a soft spot for the ATR-72, which I think is much prettier than the rival Dash 8, although it is admittedly a noisy bugger in the cabin. I went on quite a few of Aer Arran's ATR-72s. Aer Arran eventually became Stobart Air, who operate flights for Aer Lingus and FlyBe.

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God, this a sign i'm getting old.So in no particular order  types beside it if I can remember

BUA....... BAC 1-11

BEA......  Vanguard,Viscount

British Airtours ..... B707 ,L1011, Comet

British Caledonian....BAC 1-11, B707,DC10

Invicta international..... Vanguard

Chanel Airways..... Trident

Dan AIr...Comet

BMA...... DC9

Air UK........BAE 146

Olympic airways.......B747,A300

Swissair .....DC9



Some gone completely, and some merged with others. There might be a couple more but can't think of them.

Of them all I have no favourite airline But the L1011 will always be special to me as it was the first aircraft I had a maintenance  approval for. So I've had the pleasure of working on some of them in 3 different paint schemes but with the same registration.


Remembered another    BEA airtours .... B707, comet     ( flew it before it became British Airtours)

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Dan Air

Ward Air



I remember flying from Vancouver to Frankfurt when I was 8 on a B707 in 1972. We landed in Greenland to refuel. The return home was a nightmare. The hostage incident was taking place at the Munich Olympics and our plane was delayed 16hrs. I remember sleeping with my brothers on a bench at the Airport.


Our plane then had to make a stop for 6 hrs in London, the captain stated that we had lost an engine. We were all kept in a room at the London airport while the repairs took place. I don't know which airport it was.


That was a long trip home :(

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Northwest on a Airbus A330-300 from Detroit to Amsterdam

Nice flight - although it got delayed 2½ hours, due to a medical emergency...

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ANA (Australian National airlines)

Mcrobertson Miller Airlines MMA

TAA (Tran Australian Airlines)


you used to be able to go to the airline counter and if Micky Mouse Airlines was full and if so you won;t chance it with Ansett so you will Try Another airline and go ANA.

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Britannia 757

Air2000 757

Air UK Leisure 737-400

US Airways A320 and A321

Northwest DC-9 and A330

Jersey European F-27

GO 737-300

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Arrow Air (DC-8 from Manchester to Denver, CO. and return)


Air Scandic (A300 from Manchester to Tenerife and return)

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Eastern - my first flight ever (1968, KJFK-KMIA on a DC-8, and back on a 720)


TWA - the first 747s I saw (parked at the terminal at KJFK, dwarfing the 707s alongside them - could see them from Rockaway Boulevard as we drove past)


Northwest - my first 747 flight (1970, KJFK-KORD).


Laker Skytrain - without Sir Freddie, my family would never have been able to afford that 1978 trip to London (my first time in Europe).

Ozark - the wine-tasting flight gave my my happiest-ever holding pattern.


There are others I miss that I never flew - Northeast (remember the yellowbirds?), Trans Caribbean...


Note the JFK-in-the-late-1960s theme emerging here...

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Off the top of my head:


Braniff - 727

Eastern -727

Panam - 707

TWA - L1011

Evergreen - if jump seating counts

DHL - see above

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Hmmm.....have to access brain areas dormant for a long while....

  • Pan Am
  • TWA
  • Eastern
  • Western
  • Republic
  • Ozark
  • Arrow Air (Military charter)
  • American Trans Air (Military charter)
  • Trans America (Military charter)
  • NWA
  • Braniff (curious not to see this one mentioned yet.)
  • Continental
  • US Air and US Airways
  • Allegheny 
  • Air Tran
  • Value Jet
  • Piedmont 
  • New York Air
  • National (the Sun logo airline)
  • Air Florida

Phew....so many airlines not with us any longer (for some that's a good thing!)


Almost forgot Delta's "Song"

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Probably most of the ones I have flown are not with us - the ones I can recall are:

BEA - Viscount, Trident, 1-11

Court Line - L1011, 1-11

Pan Am - 747

Eastern - L1011

Air Wales - Do228, ATR-42

Britannia - 737, 757

Air Europe - 737, 757

Aviaco - DC-9

Transasian - 707

Paramount - MD80

Airtours - MD80

Air Alpes - Do328

Jersey European - F27

Antilles Air Boats - Sandringham

Air Atlantique - DC-3

And probably some others that I can't remember!


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Ozark Airlines. Flew on one of the DC-3's from Cedar Rapids to Chicago when I was a young lad. 

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