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  1. DJJose

    AS CRJ SP1 Released

    You wanted everything to work perfectly out the box without community/customer feedback? Even the best of the best don't get it right all the time.
  2. DJJose

    AS CRJ SP1 Released

    My favorite feature is that I'm no longer having CTDs. Right after I installed a full version of 4.3, I installed the CRJ 1.06 and my flights ended in a CTD. I just completed one and everything went smoothly.
  3. You need to disable ENVTEX. You also need to follow the instruction on the textures for ASCA page. There is a learning curve if you want to use ASCA along with KIWI textures in dynamic/global mode which IMO are best available for any sim.
  4. DJJose

    Favorite Addons ?

    You need PTA. I forgot to add that one to my list of must have addons.
  5. DJJose

    Madrid Barajas for P3D v4?

    When I did it, I had FSX installed. I then copied the relevant files to p3d v4.
  6. DJJose

    Favorite Addons ?

    ORBX (Every freakin' thing!) Weather: ASP4 & ASCA Airports (Too many good ones) + GSX + Traffic360 (Awesome addon) Utilities (EZDOK) (Editvoicepack) (GTN/GNS Units) (LittleNav Map) Planes: Realair Lancair & Turbine Duke, XP Lear 25, Q400, PMDG 737, and Lotus L39. I'm waiting for the F1 Mustang to be updated.
  7. DJJose

    Madrid Barajas for P3D v4?

    I got it to work and also fixed the afcads. Working ok until Latinwings releases their version.
  8. DJJose

    api.dll crash, P3Dv4.3 Client only update

    win 7 64u, 1 gtx 970, and 1 screen.
  9. DJJose

    api.dll crash, P3Dv4.3 Client only update

    Thanks Umberto for your insight.
  10. DJJose

    api.dll crash, P3Dv4.3 Client only update

    Why no api.dll error in log when I disable the FSDT add-on manager?
  11. Yep. I see no error with addon manager disabled. Umberto needs to look into this issue.
  12. AS wants to create happy customers, but in their forum they have a negative rating system for their customers. If a legit (10 year) customer (me) asks a question or post a comment their fan base doesn't like, I get a negative. That is a form of bullying and it's unacceptable! I'm up to 4. My goal is to get 10, then I'll ask for my account to be deleted. 😀 AS has no concept of effective customer service.
  13. My experience with AS has convinced me to wait a while or don't buy anything from that seller.
  14. DJJose


    It works!