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  1. Aerosoft CRJ worth it?

    I wanted to bring back this thread for anyone interested in the Aerosoft CRJ. IMO it's evolved into a must have for p3d v4. With the exception of performance with DL enable, on my system, the plane is performing well. I'm enjoying the hell out of it! I just hope that the developer adds FSX native landing lights so that I can see where I'm going when taxing at night. DL & 2 or 4xSSAA affects performance too much on my 2600k/GTX 970. Other than that, I'm finally happy with my purchase.
  2. New 310R from Milviz

    Is there a video that showcases the new features of this bird? If there isn't one, can someone please upload one. Thanks.
  3. Locking Frame Rate

    Thanks for the tip! I have a 60Hz and your tip lead me to test 50Hz. That's the lowest I can go in Nvidia CP. I already have VSYNC & TB on in P3d v4.2. I locked fps at 25 instead of 30 and it's very smooth. My old 2600K & GTX 970 can not maintain 30fps with the setting that I want or the CRJ, but 25 seems significantly better. I wish Inspector would force p3d to run at 1/2 refresh rate. It doesn't work. Maybe then I could run with Unlimited fps and avoid the blurry ground textures and get even better performance.
  4. F1 B200 What A Beaty!

    I'm not sure. I saw it in the PDF manual for the Flight1 B200 and did a search, but I could find it. Maybe there isn't one. Thanks.
  5. F1 B200 What A Beaty!

    By any chance, do you have the repaint VH-NAJ by Pierre Bowden for the B200?
  6. F1 B200 What A Beaty!

    Got to thank my buddy Ryan for the mini review. My main concern was fps. It's a little hard on fps, but acceptable. This is the kind of addon that motivates me to update my hardware. I'm waiting for the current over priced video cards to be replaced by Volta.
  7. Dynamic Lighting issue at LatinVFR KMIA

    Yes! I'm on win 7 64u.
  8. That's excellent. The Islander does work with Bert's recommendation to use the GTN 650, but it would be cool if the original KLN90B GPS could be utilized. Did you get it to work and how?
  9. Dynamic Lighting issue at LatinVFR KMIA

    I just completed a test flight to KMIA with DL enabled and the B200.
  10. I can't believe I waited a few days to add this amazing airplane to my hangar. I love it! Arrival at KMIA with DL enabled: Jose
  11. New 310R from Milviz

    Wednesday is my birthday.
  12. New 310R from Milviz

    If you develop it, they will come.
  13. Flight1 E-Commerce Error

    Issue resolved thanks to this thread:
  14. Flight1 E-Commerce Error

    I can't believe the amount of money that we spend on addons, only to have server issues that do not allow us to install our purchases. In fairness to F1, this has never happened to me in the past.