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  1. Can someone who has REX4 T EE for p3d v4 check if new runway lights halo are showing up when you apply a change with the UI? I'm interested in knowing if I'm the only one who can not change the runway lights.
  2. Thanks. Have you tried Paul's upgraded VC textures? I want to read what you think.
  3. Paul, Are these available for download?
  4. Looks like you're getting the hang of it.
  5. I understand. Thx
  6. BINGO! When you want to go full dynamic, use ASCA. You will still see a better sun & lens flare and beautiful water & animations. etc. When you want to go manual, use REX4 + Active sky. Do me a favor. Set a runway lighting color like blue or red and then go to a default airport and check to see if your runway lights are changing in p3d v4. Mine are INOP. Thanks.
  7. I keep a copy of a working Prepar3D.cfg and replace when I need to.
  8. and what happens when you do not use an AM setting? Does SteveW explanation pertain to p3d v4?
  9. This is the thread that won't die or get locked up.
  10. The best way to fully understand what each addon does is to take a look at the product page of each addon. This thread should be pinned. There's a new one of these popping up every week.
  11. Negative. ASCA only changes your clouds & sky textures. You manually install all the textures you like using the REX4 UI. Then open ASP4 & ASCA. Make sure dynamic is the active profile and then go fly. ASCA will change textures and clouds during the flight. If you want to use REX Textures & soft clouds, then disable in ASCA clouds & sky textures. But, you will be missing the benefits provided by ASCA's dynamic mode.
  12. Hold off until a 50% off sale. Unless you have money to burn.
  13. No. REX4 doesn't allow texture integration with ASCA with dynamic or global mode. That's where your ENVTEX investment comes in. Use ENVTEX textures & ASCA cloud in dynamic mode.
  14. p3d v4

    At $25 it's a steal!
  15. p3d v4