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    Attended Aviation High School, NYC Class of 84. I've been involved in Aviation since then. I still have a current CFII, SEL & enjoy beta testing P3D v4 add-ons.

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  1. DJJose

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    The dev did state in a post that loading times were a bit on the high side, but he did so after some customers complained about loading times. Maybe he thought that this was something we wouldn't notice. 😀 This should be a reminder for all of us to start demanding that developers/sellers offer customers a refund if we not fully satisfied with the purchase.
  2. DJJose

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    I saw a many pics of ORBX Orlando City, but none were of the updated KMCO afcad. Now I know why.
  3. DJJose

    Taxi2Gate KMCO Taxiway Bridges are gone

    With all the threads and posts on AVSIM about T2G's KMCO compatibility with v4, one would think that by now all of us would be on top of the T2G dev team imploring them to update the airport. They are obviously still in business and willing to take customers money. Aside from the disappearing bridges, some trees become transparent after dusk, and there are some lighting issues. The reason for the disappearing bridges is that as soon as you change the airport aftcad, you throw the scenery out of wack. By changing the mesh setting you get the bridges back. But, it's hit and miss. The only way to fix this OBJ issue is with the dev files. If you go back to ONLY the original afcad, you will have your bridges back, but you will have default taxi signs and wind socks. Either way, we are at the mercy of the developer or some talented member who can come up with a fix and is willing and able to share it. It's going to be interesting to see if ORBX Orlando City fixes the disappearing bridges since we will need to disable the terrain folder in order to achieve compatibility. Unfortunately, ORBX is not going to do a full version of KMCO, but a watered down version. We will still need T2G's version. There will be either have working bridges with ORBX ORLANDO CITY, or no bridges at all. Can't wait to test! We now need to send the dev an e-mail asking them for an update to P3D v4.4 and our willingness to pay for the update. I'm not saying that this will get the dev to update the airport, but it's worth a try. I've already sent my email. Have you?
  4. DJJose

    Vertx Diamond- Wow.

    Its been mentioned once or twice. 😀
  5. DJJose

    Cielosim KJAX

    PM me.
  6. DJJose

    Cielosim KJAX

    The black texture underneath the terminal is the only minor issue I see with the scenery. Other than that, it's the best KJAX we have for v4.
  7. DJJose

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Bill's work has never, EVER, disappointed me. I doubt that this will be the first time.
  8. DJJose

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    It's just you. 😀
  9. DJJose

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Kudos to Bill for the generous discount.
  10. DJJose


    Editvoicepack ATC Phraseology Modifications Jose
  11. DJJose

    Which 3 Orbx Sceneries To Buy?

    If you already have FTXG+ LC US & EU, then get PNW, Norway, and England regions.
  12. You need to ORBXize your sim. 😀
  13. DJJose

    Orbx P3D 4.4 and NO SEASONS!

    Such a short term way of thinkin' by ORBX. As if the future will never get here. It always does. 😀
  14. Thanks for sharing your expertise. I have many sceneries that use the merger, including yours which are among the best for P3D, and so far I have not had any CTDs or issues. I'm looking forward to Christchurch! PLEASE make your photo sceneries for NZ available. After seeing what you did with NZDN, I want everything you offer.
  15. KPDX, I would add ORBX Orlando to the list. It will include KMCO.