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  1. The KMIA configuration panel does allow you to turn DL On or Off. THX
  2. 20 to 6 is a huge drop. At Latin VFR's KMIA v4 (latest version) my fps only drop from 28 to 20. The problem with DL is that panning is no longer smooth with the gtx 970 at 4xSSAA.
  3. P3Dv4

    The GTN 750 & 650 will work in the Turbine Duke, but not in the Piston Duke. It's not supported.
  4. The city of Seattle is now available.
  5. P3Dv4

    According to Sean, "RealAir has definitely closed shop." He decided to update the Legacy & Turbine Duke out of the kindness of his heart. The good news is that both the Piston Duke and the Spitfire work in P3D v4.1. All you need to do is copy the files to P3D v4. Thanks to Bert, you can even add the RXP GNS 530 v2 to the Duke. The only issue I have with the spit is the vc lights are INOP. It's still one of my favorite planes and lots of fun to fly.
  6. Thanks for sharing. I'd have to test on my system to see if I can achieve a steady 30fps. I'd have to disable T2G KSEA. My 2600k can't handle that airport. I'm due for a full OS & P3D v4 re-install.
  7. Contact the developer. He's very friendly and is the best person that can answer your question.
  8. At 3K, only if I win the lottery.
  9. Thanks Andras. Can I replace the default X-Plane 11 Global Scenery/Earth nav data with HD mesh v4 to save space or do I need to keep the default xp 11 nav data?
  10. I've been using flight sims since FS 98 and I can honesty say that with my 2600k at 4.7 and a GTX 970 I can get butter smooth fps with low reflections and medium texture setting with xp 11.10. I have objects at high and it's butter smooth. If I had a an 8700K and 1080TI, I imagine I could up the settings and still remain smooth. XP 11 is the smoothest sim I've ever purchased.
  11. If I kept a log of the airplanes that I flew/sim in FS9 & FSX & now fly in p3d v4, the Legacy & Duke would win easily. It's not even close.
  12. Dirk, You have to request the latest install from Sean. Jose
  13. Excellent add-on!
  14. ORBX Global + USA & Europe LC & FTX Airports ASP4 + SC & Freeware Textures by Kiwi Editvoicepack Ezdok Realair Lancair & Turbine Duke with GTN 750/650, Maj Q400, and XP Learjet 25