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  1. It says 36 days left to finish the download. I'd say there's a problem with the server. 😀
  2. The problem is that without a dedicated P3D v5 forum, v4 users feel left out. We are lost without our ability to express our thoughts. We need to write something. 😀
  3. What are the recommended drivers? I'm currently using 445.87 with 1809.
  4. Adding XP-Realistic did not work, but I finally found the perfect preset and I also learn how to add the files and save presets. Very happy with X-Vision!
  5. If I ever need DL or GSX for any airport I'll just pay the fee to Inibuilds and they get it done expeditiously. Then they share it with the community. I'd love to be able to help, but right now I do not have P3D v5. By now most airports that needed exclusions would have been done.
  6. You probably need to add exclusion file with ADE. It's not hard to do.
  7. Thanks. I forgot about Inibuilds.
  8. Where does it say that SODE is supported? You might need to add your own MJs with GSX.
  9. Most issues with P3D v5 airports are related to elevation issues which can easily be fixed with ADE. I do not have P3D v5, so what do I know? 😀
  10. The products were not available then I implored simmarket to make them available for purchase. Now everyone can take advantage of the bargain. 😀 Better hurry because if simmarket decides to stop selling these two essential airports for the Caribbean, you'd be out of luck!
  11. LatinVFR's Montego Bay was released in 2010. Kingston in 2009. What do you think cause I have no idea?
  12. Colonel, I noticed that the Vivid preset has .lua scrips that install when using X-Vision UI. Can I add the xp-realistic .lua scrip or any other scrip so that they are always enabled when I apply the preset? I also want to create my own profile with different sky textures that I like and a light file that I like to use every now and then. Thanks. Jose
  13. At $5 bucks, they are a steal. https://secure.simmarket.com/rwy26-simulations.mhtml
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