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  1. In geneva lsgg, when you are under 7ooo feets your are in qnh after 7000 you are standart pressure 29.92
  2. Lanzarote, Fuerte ventura are Spain ....
  3. get TBM mod outside of community everything will working good
  4. what about a 2D panel to get all the in formations from cokpit like a real one ? no use of camera to look right/left/down/up ? Serge
  5. si vous l'utiliser avec F1 GTN 750/650 vous le trouverez dans la liste sans problème. Serge
  6. same problem for me with fsx, W10 pro ? Serge
  7. with rtx 2060 I have 450.12 for FSX ...Serge
  8. using W1603 pro my GTN750 was functionning perfectly, getting Build19013.vb_release 191025-1609 the same GTN standalone and into the aircraft stutters and not functionning normaly. Has someone same problem ? Thanks, Serge Asrock Z390Pro4, W10pro, Intel 9700K, 4.3gb, rtx 060, 2x ssd 1tb, ram 32gb (1 for W10 second for FSX)
  9. recived today by email with alot of references about this new product ?? what it is about ?
  10. I would like business jet Gulfstream GLF5.5. Thanks, Serge
  11. I'm going from W7 to W10pro. What about to reinstall FSX on my new computer ? Thanks alot to give me some tips..., Serge
  12. flyaway.com erj 145 freeware Serge
  13. Bonjour Jean-Luc, Plaisir de vous lire à nouveau. Des nouvelles des 530/430 V.2 pour FSX ? Serge
  14. for download I've used direct download for about 18 min. in total. Just for information... Serge
  15. for W7/64 FSX/sp2 put Msvcp120d.dll and Msvcr120d.dell into C:\Windows\Sys\WOW64 Serge
  16. same from me and from Switzerland, Serge
  17. what about GNT what aboutg GTN 750/650 v 6 ? Serge
  18. why not spending time and monney for an update/upgrade GTN 750 versus V6? I was using GNS 530/430 for a long time but not coming back to it. Serge
  19. svallott

    PC12 NZMF 4

    any panel 2d for GTN750 ? Serge
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