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  1. You learn something every day. I've been in Italy many times and never noticed or heard about it.
  2. Frankfurt am Main (EDDF). This is my favourite one also in real life. And as I fly mostly jets, I can fly almost every airline, both pax and cargo all around Europe and beyond.
  3. I also almost got a heart attack for a few seconds. 😁
  4. Hi, Roland! Thanks a lot for replying. 1. I use FSUIPC's traffic limiter set to 50 (upper limit). And so single vanishing did happen a few times. However, it was the first time ever when all (several) of the taxing aircraft disappered in short intervals of time. Must be some weird coincidence though, as you say your tools do not delete AI aircraft. 2. Sure, it is By the way, if that matters, I'm on P3Dv4.5.2 and Windows 10 Pro.
  5. On his Facebook profile, Mir wrote it is an open-ended sale, so it may end at any time, depending on how effective it is going to be.
  6. I realize these tools have been around for a while but it's only now that I decided to give them both a try. To begin with, thanks a lot for developing them and sharing free of any charge! Now a problem I noticed yesterday. I was taxing my FSL A321 for RWY25C departure at EDDF, following a few AI aircraft. The problem is they were disappearing in fractions of a second, one by one. I mean first the one I followed disappeared, then another one which I followed afterwards, etc. Reaching the runway entry, I was left alone. I am not saying this is due to the tool, but I haven't experienced multiple vanishing before (single cases did happen). Is this a question of settings maybe?
  7. Thoughtless rewriter from the thread's title. 🤭
  8. You simply can't go wrong with Flightbeam. In my view Mir is on the top of the tops in scenery design and development. And the KSFOv3 is one of the best addon airports I have ever used flightsimming. 😎👍
  9. Yes and no. I've had it with B717 and P3D only non stop, flying a few different aircraft and never experiencing it.
  10. I would say different developers will have different ideas of what 'financially viable' is. 😉
  11. Great to hear, Pablo! There was nothing wrong in your setup, so all the situation was weird. I suspect the loading time which, as I mentioned, sometimes takes many minutes or requires additional restarts. It seemed to work finally. Enjoy you flights!
  12. Dear Pablo, Please check one more thing. Open the folder where your EDDLv2 is installed (probably SimMarket inside your P3D folder) and check the EDDL.ini file. In the 'data' folder, there should be one subfolder called 'Misc' and 'GSX' inside of it. There are two EDDL.ini files. Choose the one which suits you (depending if you bought and installed SODE VDGS or not). Then make sure this file is in your EDDL's scenery folder. Also open this ini file and make sure your AFCAD path is corret - it must point at its location. The example from mine (yours will be different of course): [general] afcad_path = G:\Prepar3D_v4\SimMarket\JustSim-EDDL v2 P3Dv4\data\Scenery\AFX_EDDL.bgl Again, do not forget to relaunch the sim and let the scenery and GSX libraries rebuilt before you check the result. I have a good tradition of launching the sim once again after the rebuild. I hope it may be the culprit!
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