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  1. I'm a huge fan of Herzog's remake of 'Nosferatu' with Kinski, Ganz, Adjani and the amazing soundscape by Popol Vuh.
  2. A very interesting statement to read. I'm just trying to comprehend it. 🤔
  3. If I wrote here what I really think of MSFS clouds, I would be banned for using words not allowed. 😁
  4. If real world pilots have them outside of their planes, why can't we?
  5. Terrain.dll may happen for many reasons. It may then not repeat for a long time and is usually hard to figure out (at least in my experience). By the way, there is HF2 freshly released, so you may use this occasion to update or even reinstall the sim if you wish so. Nothing to lose - a lot of bugs removed and performance is said to be stellar.
  6. Might be a little bit of wishful thinking, I'm afraid. I asked iFly about compatibility with Virtual Avionics panels (MCP/EFIS) and got a reply: 'you'll need to check with them about compatibility'.
  7. 1. I have it, but don't use it any more. It was nice years ago, but got old and it shows. 2. I don't have it. RFSB quality is way too low for me to invest money, but tastes differ. 3. I have and use this one. It is far from being Flightbeam-like but, unless you want to be based at LSGG, will serve the purpose just fine. There was an ILS problem in the original release, but as I haven't flown from/to Geneva for a long time, I don't remember if it was officially patched. There was a user's afcad to replace though. So, all in all, there is no really decent LSGG made or in the making, but out of these three, I would definitely choose number 3.
  8. Absolutely. But after having finally convinced myself to fly with EA on, and loving the lighting in general, I find it disappoinitng to see the x-plane-like brownish tint around. Winter seems to be worst, due to the (should be) white snow.
  9. And I thought I was daydreaming seeing my P3D looking more and more like X-Plane. Even the snow looks like someone peed on it.
  10. What about Volanta? https://volanta.app/ Isn't it free for this purpose?
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, Maxime. I have just set it from 0 to 500. However: - the AS function descriptions says 'P3D ATIS will report incorrect cloud bases' (not nice) - it also says 'Does not apply to EA Mode' in which I am (without volclouds though) - I am not sure if I see it again, as I didn't take precise notes on what conditions it appeared in
  12. Hi everyone! I have the impression I read something about it earlier, but I couldn't find the reference at the moment. The problem I sometimes experience is, let's call it, a 'visibility wall'. It's a definite screen of lower visibility / fog / haze, which I can easily see when moving the plane in the spot view. I have just taken a screenshot and would like to show you. You can see it coming through the plane. I'm on Prepar3Dv5.3-HF1-HF with ActiveSky, ASCA and Envshade. The screenshot was taken at MK-Studios Helsinki, but I have seen the wall in other locations too. Does anyone recognize the issue and know if it can be fixed somehow? Thanks a lot in advance!
  13. In the sim, there are 9 CARGO ramps. I can't tell you if your 777 fits, as I don't use PMDG. But the biggest plane I operate, A321, leaves a lot of free space when loaded there, so I am 99% postivie you can park there. In reality, Malmo has seen some big birds too:
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