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  1. Rafal

    P3D v4 awful layers in the sky

    Right, punctuation may still make a whole lot of difference. 😉
  2. MD-11(F) for P3Dv4. 😈 Someone had to write it.
  3. Rafal

    SkyHighSim's Belgrade X and Tivat X Installers

    You are welcome, Luka. I hope you enjoyed your holidays. https://we.tl/t-IkMqjSd28n
  4. Rafal

    Jo Erlend Sund's EDDK preview - WOW!

    I couldn't agree with you more. It looks A-W-E-S-O-M-E! 😲
  5. Rafal

    Plane shaking

    In FMC under PMDG Setup \ Options \ Simulation you have a page of SHAKING options. Try disabling them and see if this is your problem. Won't hurt checking.
  6. Thanks for making me better informed now. 🙂 As a commercial drone (or RPA, as Robert correctly mentioned) pilot (?), I now have to take all I learned and all my materials/documentation/certificates with a huge pintch of salt. They use the word 'pilot' too often... Probably they followed the definition of a pilot which is ' A person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft '. I won't even dare to comment on your 'toy operator' idea, as I admit to have zero understanding of how what I've been doing for some years now (commercial filming, photography, monitoring, assisting emergency services, search, etc.) turns out to be... using a 'toy'. 🤔 And no, I don't work for the military.
  7. Rafal

    MK Studios Tenerife

    Yes, a whole different level for me eyes and liking.
  8. Rafal

    A cautionary AI tale......

    https://ibb.co/g2mVRe <== SEE THE IMAGE HERE Above is a link showing a quick insight to what my AI traffic looks like at different airports in Germany, Norway, Russia, the UK, the USA and China. I forgot to turn off FSUIPC traffic limiter which I use to get reasonable performance. If I hadn't forgotten, there would me more traffic visible in the shots. As for repaints, I don't care for different regs (e.g. I won't install 20 Lufthansa A302's just to see different regs). But if liveries visibly differ, I will take care. For instance I have 161 (!) 738's, 9 7378Max's and 28 787's of Norwegian Air Shuttle, since their liveries (portraits) are so distinctive. I also have 70 airbuses in Frontier animal liveries (love them!). I will also linstall special liveries, especially popular in Asia with Chinese and Japanese carriers. Also if an airline goes bankrupt and stops flying, so it does in my sim.
  9. Right, except that in case of flying drones commercially, you have undergo training, pass exams, have medical certifications, analyze weather, avoid other traffic, obey to xxx rules, follow zone restrictions and get ATC permissions. LOL.
  10. One suggestion if I may. If you want this research to be a bit more scientific, you shoud specify in being what kind of 'pilot' you are interested in. Only plane pilots? If yes, then only commercial or GA too? If not just planes, do gliders qualify? If yes, what about hang-gliders, paragliders and their motored versions? What about drones and other RC's? I think some people may not click yes even though they pilot some kind of aircraft. By the way it would fit the HANGAR forum more than just P3D where you limit the viewers.
  11. Rafal

    A cautionary AI tale......

    Will do when I'm back at my PC.
  12. Rafal

    A cautionary AI tale......

    Christopher, it only seems to be 'ONLY'. 😉 Since you fly in the UK, the Heathrow airport itself generates most international airlines of the world. So you have a tedious task to do, sir. As I am mostly a heavymetal flightsimmer, most of my flights originate and/or end at large airports (80-90% of time in Europe). One of the basic things I need to feel immersion (sim-wise) is realistic traffic around. One of the things VATSIM never gave me, as much as I love the real and diversified human interaction it is based on. So nowadays I'd rather fly offline (I don't believe I wrote it, lol). As for traffic, I have been for years on custom AI traffic. I started compiling my own traffic in FS9, then FSX and now P3Dv4. Maybe someone will find it valuable, so let me share some basics of my traffic creation workflow. 1. I regularly check the best AI repaint sites to download the latest repaints. Those sites are mainly juergenbaumbusch.de and jcai.dk, but also atco-repaints.com, kyles-ai-works.com and, yes, the AVSIM library (flyingcarpet75 used to be nice too). 2. I regularly check the best AI flightplan databases to download the latest flightplans. This is mainly unitedtrafficteam.com/index.php/ai-flight-plans (updated daily) but also AIG and, again, the AVSIM library. 3. Each flightplan set consists of 3 essential text format files: Aircraft.txt, Airports.txt. and Flightplans.txt. I edit the Aircraft.txt file with NotePad to replace the aircraft names with the ones I have in my Prepar3D_4\SimObjects\Airplanes folder and just save it. 4. Then I compile the flighplan using AIFPC (AI FP Compiler) - it's a very easy automated thing to do. And it ready! 5. I also often check my created traffic files (the bgl's from Scenery\World\Scenery - where they reside) with ACA2017 - if there are any errors, which happens from time to time, I correct them easily. I don't know much about the payware traffic programmes but my custom traffic is very accurate and current. Most of my flightplans are now dated the summer 2018. At this moment I have 354 airlines (just checked), pax, charter and cargo, mostly European but also some from all other continents. All the main players plus a number of regionals. This way wherever I fly, I always have traffic buzzing around me. When/where possible, I sometimes play real world ATC from liveATC.net and - for me - the immersion is huge. As for AI aircraft models I use a lot, currently it's 192 (!) of them, e.g. TFS, FAIB (a huge base of these!), FSP(XAI), UTT, AIA, AIG, AIM, OSP, HTAI, CIS, Raven, SBAI and others. They have been improved with some nice freewae AI sounds available at the AVSIM library. I am curious to read how others create their traffic. If you have any questions about my way to do it, please feel free to ask.
  13. Rafal

    737 MAX on final

    The project announced in 2017 is supposed to be out in 2020. http://ifly.flight1.net/forums/whats-coming-2018-and-beyond_topic16751.html
  14. Rafal

    737 MAX on final

    This someone knows it's on final but doesn't know anything about it? 🤔
  15. Rafal

    Blurries out of nowhere

    There indeed was a Windows update soon after GSXL2 was released. I wonder if there is any relation between the update and the blurries people are experiencing.