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  1. Rafal

    FlyTampa LOWW Vienna Schewechat

    In the stock AFCAD coming with FlyTampa LOWW runway 11 is closed for takeoffs.
  2. I thought you have a landclass simulator? 😀
  3. Rafal

    Asian or Indian Airports.

    Nathan, I don't know any real GA airports in Asia and I am afraid that due to market demad most airports develped are big airliner-type ones. But, all in all, people also fly GA aircraft into some bigger airports. However you may check Aerosoft's Lukla, whcih could give you a lot of fun (and challenge). 😉
  4. Rafal

    RC Design ESGG V3 - opinions

    I don't have it but I would like to tell you that I fly in Scandinavia a lot and have always missed ESGG. However I am not buying it as the scenery in the screenshots looks... 😑 ... . I know it is only sceenshots but I do not believe they lie SO MUCH. I also found a video showing it a bit (in the end). Maybe it will help you decide too:
  5. Rafal

    Maddog sounds

    Read David's post over your first one and/or his earlier post (keyword: VC).
  6. I am not Chris, but I can see them, which you can also see in my screenshots below. Look at images 1 and 3 - they show the light structures in front of RWY27L threshold. However I admit they are not well visible on approach (see image 2), maybe due to the ground photoscenery which they seem to blend with.
  7. I don't mind the current Sim-wings version to be honest. Not Flightbeam certainly, but nothing is.
  8. Rafal

    Drones back but now at Heathrow!

    You can photograph and film almost everything with drones, Jim. A thousand times cheaper, quieter and safer than with helicopters. Adding countless other uses, there is no way back from drones. And there shouldn't be. It's not drones that are dangerous. It's people who misuse them, just like they misuse guns, cars, money or whatever else.
  9. Rafal

    TFDI 717?

    In my case it didn't help at all.
  10. Rafal

    TFDI 717?

    If you fly in VC only - you can get it, it looks great and flies nicely. If, however, you sometimes like watching wing views or the external model (e.g. in flight or during GSX boarding) - I can't recommend it. You will sooner or later get a CTD and frustration instead of fun. I have given up on this plane.
  11. Rafal

    Turn off GSX boarding sounds?

    Sure, try these - much better in my opinion. And European! 😊 https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=Nick+Kidd&CatID=root&Go=Search
  12. Rafal

    Does this happen to you?

    Regularly! Recently after installing the new EPKK scenery, I have hit a real weather season of fog, low visibility and precipitation. So in my flights I haven't seen a piece of my new airport or the nearby city scenery. Until I finally decided not to launch ActiveSky, select default fair weather, Cessna and went for a sightseeing ride. 😀
  13. Rafal

    How to hear ATC and radio "faster"?

    What strikes me in this thread is that all, or almost all, of its participants are native English speakers. Yet you admit having problems with understanding ATC in English. Now imagine what we, non-natives (most of the world), are exposed to. A happy new flightsim year to everyone, by the way! 😀
  14. of pounds for Pete, I hope. 😉
  15. Rafal

    JetStream Design LFPO Paris Orly Released

    They make some really fantastic scenery I must say! 👍