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  1. For me basically Scenery is managed through a 3rd party program And I'll only activate relevant the scenery for my flight. AS16+ASCA does my Wx, PFPX+TOPCAT for flight planning and t/o perf. Navdata is taken care of by Navigraph with Google calendar reminders letting me know when the AIRAC cycle needs updating. With my VA base being so far north (ENGM) It takes 15 minutes to align the IRS in the 737-800 I use this time for planning in PFPX and fetching departure plates. I have a single monitor setup so keep that for FSX, export the OFP to my phone and view charts on my tablet with the Navigraph Android app which now has a moving map function. I have looked at Aivlasoft EFB. But Idon't see any benefit from it that I don't already have especially on a single monitor setup were I'd have to constantly flip between windows.
  2. So far I've taken the 74 on more longhauls than shorthaul which is unusual for me. One off the first things I did was take it on a RTW routing YMML-NZAA-KLAX-EGLL-VHHX-YMML (all realtime). I also just did CYVR-RJAA (4x compression) now I'm taking a little break from doing and I'm in the T7 doing RJAA-YSSY realtime. All offline for me at the moment.. I can't forward ports on my current router and I'm not going to stuff around being a /T/ only pilot.
  3. I think they'll do a NGX update next (but not MAX models). Hopefully a new expansion pack including the 700ER/BBJ and -900ER models. Selfishly I'd like see detailed 747 classic simulation. I know it's unlikely that PMDG will do it. I'd also be happy with a 777 expansion pack with the earlier models. Saying that though I'm very happy with the 737NG/777 and now 744 combo by PMDG.
  4. Yes! Thank you so much for including this. I'm actually taking my new 747v3 on a welcoming rtw trip. currently in EGLL next flight was to recreate QF's nonstop EGLL-YSSY delivery flight but I'm seriously considering taking Landor on somewhere in Asia for the next leg now that it's available.
  5. My two most wanted. 1. British Airways "Landor" 2. Qantas "Delivery Scheme" (Ideally VH-OJA) Many Thanks
  6. Not to mention Singapore Airlines just started flying their 777-200ERs into NZWN which only has a 1815 metre runway and is notorious for its windy landings. Granted it stops in YSCB both ways it's still quite impressive.
  7. Generally SOP1 Because It flows nicely and I can't be bothered changing it most of the time. If I'm simulating a flight from that certain airline below the equator then I'll use SOP 2. I haven't tried SOP 3 yet but I did have a good look at it while I was doing a PDF checklist for all three. From what I saw of SOP 3 I didn't like it one bit. I might give it a try one day though.
  8. Mines too short :( Australia (Home) New Caledonia New Zealand Singapore Thailand Vanuatu so 5.5
  9. Longest Ever Toulouse, FR (LFBO) > Noumea, NC (NWWW) 9306 nm Project Opensky A340-200 (FS9) Longest Realtime Brisbane, AU (YBBN) > Los Angeles, US (KLAX) 6223 nm PMDG 747-400 Longest Realtime in a single session Bermuda, BM (TXKF) > London/Gatwick, GB (EGKK) 2998 nm Captain Sim 707 Longest PMDG 777 Los Angeles, US (KLAX) > Alice Springs, AU (YBAS) 7032 nm PMDG 777-200LR Realtime Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi, TH (VTBS) > Hong Kong/Kai Tak, HK (VHHX) 926 nm PMDG 777-200LR Longest PMDG 737 NGX Manchester, US (KMHT) > Manchester, GB (EGCC) 2734 nm PMDG 737-700 NGX
  10. vhqpa88

    Your age?

    As of a week and half ago depending on where your from I can be either - Twenty-Five - Fünfundzwanzig - Vingt-Cinq - Veinticinco - पच्चीस - двадцать пять okay enough showing off without the help of google I only know how to count in English and Deutsch. Or another way to put it. Maybe I'm starting to get too old to play around with planes on the computer. Should I get a life? Maybe later.
  11. I would like to request a 737-700 repaint for Our Airline of Nauru as worn by VH-INU. IRL they have two 737-300's based in BNE. I don't mind if it is the winglet model or not. But if it is can we have the tail design continued onto the winglets? Thanks in advance.
  12. 6x Airbus A320-200 (Jetstar, Strategic, Tiger Airways) 1x Airbus A330-300 (Qantas) 1x Airbus A340-300 (Lan) 2x ATR72-500 (Mount Cook Airline) 1x ATR72-600 (Skywest Airlines) 2x BAe Jetstream 32 (Aeropelican, Air National) 1x BAe Jetstream 41 (Brindabella Airlines) 2x Beechcraft 1900D (Eagle Airways) 4x Boeing 717-200 (Cobham, Jetstar) 1x Boeing 727-200 (Ansett) 6x Boeing 737-300 (Air New Zealand, Ansett, Qantas, Silkair) 4x Boeing 737-400 (Qantas) 5x Boeing 737-700 (Virgin Blue) 24x Boeing 737-800 (Pacific Blue NZ, Qantas, Virgin Blue/Australia) 1x Boeing 747-300 (Qantas) 1x Boeing 747-400 (Qantas) 1x Boeing 747-400ER (Qantas) 7x Boeing 767-300ER (Qantas) 1x Boeing 777-200ER (Air New Zealand) 2x Bombardier Q200 (Sunstate) 4x Bombardier Q300 (Eastern Australia, Sunstate) 3x Bombardier Q400 (Sunstate) 1x Cessna 172 (Private) 1x De Havilland Canada Dash 8-100 (Skytrans Regional) 4x Embraer 170 (Virgin Blue/Australia) 4x Embraer 190 (Virgin Blue/Australia) 1x Eurocopter AS350B-2 (Seaworld) 2x Fokker 100 (Alliance) 4x Saab 340B (Regional Express) And another bonus two where I have been on the type but not actually flown on it. 1x Boeing 747-200 (Qantas @ LRE) 1x Douglas DC-3 (Connair @ ASP)
  13. If anyone's up to it I'd love to see a Air Greenland -700WL repaint Many thanks
  14. If anyone is up for it could I please request someone do up a -700 (non winglet model) in Ansett's shooting star livery in use from 1981-1990. Registration preferably VH-CZK http://www.myaviation.net/search/photo_search.php?id=02213712&size=large http://www.myaviation.net/search/photo_search.php?id=01636823&size=large Here is a close up of the tail design. Thank you in advance
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