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24JUN13 - PMDG 777 Virtual Cockpit Preview!

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 Maurice perfect track - nice :yahoo:

Rich Sennett


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Good work. I don't remember if it was posted previously, but wanna know if the T777 will come with a 2D panel. Thanks.



Ed Patino

MSFS Steam & P3Dv4.5hf3 - Win10 Home x64 // Rig: Corsair Graphite 760T Full Tower - ASUS MBoard Maximus XII Hero Z490 - CPU Intel i9-10900K - 64GB RAM - MSI RTX2080 Super 8GB - [1xNVMe M.2 1TB + 1xNVMe M.2 2TB (Samsung)] + [1xSSD 1TB + 1xSSD 2TB (Crucial)] + [1xSSD 1TB (Samsung)] + 1 HDD Seagate 2TB + 1 HDD Seagate Ext 4TB - Monitor LG 29UC97C UWHD Curved - PSU Corsair RM1000x - VR Oculus Rift // MSFS Steam & P3Dv4.5hf3 - Win 10 Home x64 - Gaming Laptop CUK ASUS Strix - CPU Intel i7-8750H - 32GB RAM - RTX2070 8GB - SSD 2TB + HDD 2TB // Thrustmaster FCS & MS XBOX Controllers

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Release the bird please.....


Nice preview. Let me excited again and again.


"Oh...  yeah....  when will it be finished?  It practically is."


Then public it.... :rolleyes:

Tom Gu from China




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Amazing pictures - can't wait for release!



Great job PMDG!



-Dmac Macon

Derek MacPherson

At the risk of sounding cliche, I love planes.
GTX 770 / i7-4790K / 16GB DDR3


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Hope I dont die before it gets released




Wisnu Prabowo

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The detail is simply insane! Very impressive work.  Should I be polishing up my credit card?

Robert Yunque

PilotEdge Ratings =   CAT-11 (2016-09-13)  I-11 (2016-10-23)  V-3 (2016-08-01)


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Hi Robert,


How is the performance compared to the NGX when using the same high end computer?

Have you come up with any new programming techniques to keep the performance the same or better even with the increased detail?


Looking forward to it.


Tom Hibben

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And its parked at my home airport YMML with a route programmed / DEST of VHHH. (which livery are you in?)

Jeff Blyth

MD11 J41 747 NGX . . awaiting 777 !!!

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Wow that is nice work by Vin. This makes me feel a bit better after the Bruins lost. Thanks for cheering me up team PMDG.

Bob Donovan - KBOS

  • Hardware: i7 8700k on ROG Strix Z370 ► Asus ROG GeForce 1080 Ti 11gb ►FDS 737 FMC ► VRInsight 737 Overhead ► GoFlight TQ6 ADV ► Thrustmaster Warthog
  • Software: P3D 4.5 ► XP11 ► DCS World

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Robert, Amazing Updates !


I understand why the 777 is the best of all.


Next Updates Video

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Great update guys! Shes looking georgous. I may end up burrowing the first few in ground looking at all the eyecandy. But at 80$ for an infinite fleet it will be worth it. Lol


Looking forward to closing the blinds, taking the phone off the hook and spending a few days getting to know her. Thanks for the update!


"To most the sky is the limit but to me it's home"

Rick Harms (CYVR) i7 950@3.8 (for now) asus p6t v2, 6gb ocz 1600 CL7 ram. BFG 285 oc, vista 64, Samsung 52" 1080p lcd track IR5.

PMDG j41, 747-400x, 747-8i/f, NGX.......Finally!!!!

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I have removed 10 posts from this thread for having failed to sign their posts...


Please:  Take a moment, read the forum guidelines- and then create a signature file for yourself in your user account settings so that you don't have to worry about remembering in the future...


I don't like removing folks from threads- so please- work with me here...

Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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This is great! Now seriously, shut up and take my money! Also please show frame rate counter lol

Kacper Nowotynski

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Captain Randazzo,

Excellent work...I shall continue to look forward to the release of the 777-200 and flying it for British Airways Virtual.


Cheers from KIND!

David L. Lamb

FAA Certificated Aircraft Dispatcher


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