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24JUN13 - PMDG 777 Virtual Cockpit Preview!

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One, question, before I leave. That lower FMC below the Throt Quads (sorry if its not an FMC, I need to get familiar with it first lol), it had Cabin Announcements, are...is this...DO THEY WORK?!!?!?! :O 


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Rob and everyone at PMDG,


The "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" image has never been so relevant. This is looking like a fantastic beast which will become my first day-one PMDG purchase. I hope it isn't too far off but I'll certainly have other planes to keep me occupied if so!




Karl Brooker

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OMG!! Waking up to these has got to be the best thing ever! This has put be in the best of moods to go to school. 


"Oh...  yeah....  when will it be finished?  It practically is." YESSSS!!


Made my day, thank you Robert!

Jordan McTiffin


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Wow I was asleep ....saw the update on FB I said it must be another dream .....what a beauty thanks PMDG 

Alaa A. Riad
Just love to fly...............

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Guys you are amazing! :-D

Bought a new Laptop last week and because I'm running FSX only now, I am happy to see this great progress! still enjoying the 737 so much and looking foreward to this new amazing bird! Rgds Patrick C.

Patrick Claussnitzer,
Virtual Pilot, real Air Traffic Controller

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Dear Robert,


I have been repeating at various posts and forums how much I admired your recent talk at the AVSIM gathering last month. I particularly appreciated the mentions to those good-old usenet times, around 1991-92 when I started using the internet as well to participate in a few aviation / simulation groups, mainly those tied to ATP, but also fs (those where enrico schirati and maurizio gaviolli also participated :-)


Reading your enthusiasm regarding X-Plane made me buy it back, and I even invested seriously ob that sim on tha last 2 months, but Robert, I came back to the NGX when I decided I was really needing some good airline feel - and that is still not possible to taste in X-Plane, I'm afraid...


It's good to have both simulators, but it is particularly good to know that this product will give new life to FSX (in my case, and to be very honest, P3D...) Together with the upcoming ORBX Global, I believe instead of seeing FSX slowly perish, I believe we will instead see it start climbing and maintaining again, and for a long time, the simmers well interested in it. 


I hope LM does the best to ensure downward compatibility of P3D v2 with these products :-/


Thank you for yet another breath of fresh air and positive energy  from PMDG!


jose carlos monteiro

Flight Simulation is the Virtual Materialization of a Dream...

Uninstalling flightsims is a temptation I can never resist...



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Gulp ... just swallow my heart ... again ... amazing piece of kit, a release this weekend would be an advantage to me with next week off work to sit in front of the PC flicking switches and pushing buttons, although the wife won't be happy but hey ho I can live with a little nagging.

Gary Blake.

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nice pics but is there an EFB on the Captain's side ....I didn't see it.

Naughty naughty! :Shame On You:


Dana Palmer


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Wow wow wow :blink: can't wait for that beauty ! Congrats PMDG Team  B)


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It has been seven weeks since my last preview.... (A little Catholic humor for those subjected to it...) :P

And now for your penance, my son, please make a dozen Stations of the Cross, 15 rosaries, 10 Our Fathers and 10 Hail Marys for mercilessly taunting prospective Trip Seven jockeys . . .


The flight deck represents a truly remarkable piece of work and clearly sets a new high water mark for the industry. Kudos to you and your team for pulling out all the stops to produce a masterpiece (until an equally gorgeous 744 is released :P). The level of effort is very apparent and will undoubtedly be much appreciated. Really like the panel lighting in the night shots.


Best regards


Rob "Don't Forget the Start Locks" Mrofka

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To PMDG Team:


How could you produce an aircraft even BETTER than the NGX???


Amazing job - congratulations to you all. 



Edmundo Azevedo

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If there only was a 2D panel... :(


Nice  try but  not going to work :lol:

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Peter kelberg

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I'm literally out of words here..... I was drooling throughout starring at these screenshots. Like a said I have no word to describe this.


Ohh, ~BTW Robert you owe me a new keyboard :)




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