[21JAN17] PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II - More Release Info

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As promised in my update from 18JAN17, I wanted to swing through tonight and give you some additional information on the upcoming release of the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II.


Lets go through WHAT we are giving you:


The following aircraft will be included in the initial release:


747-400         -- 3 engine types

747-400BCF  -- 3 engine types

747-400D      -- 1 engine type

747-400M      -- 2 engine types

747-400F      -- 3 engine types

747-400ER   -- 1 engine type

747-400ERF -- 2 engine types


Each aircraft/engine combination has it's own unique, accurate performance data, engine model and flight characteristics where that applies.  (The F flies slightly differently than the standard 400, did you know that?)


In addition to the Rolls Royce engine, you will be able to choose between two different GE versions (where it applies to the airframe) and two different PW engines where it applies.  (4056 and 4062...)


Yes...  All of that in the base package...  As a single purchase.  The 747-8/8F will come to you as an expansion for this base package a bit later!


In addition- we will include an SDK at release time, similar to the SDK included in the 777 and NGX.  This SDK is not for casual users, but is targeted toward hardware and application developers who wish to interface with the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II for their product interfaces or extensions.


Livery painters will not be forgotten, and we expect to have the paint kits or all of the above body types available to interested painters on release day.



Okay- so next- we will be selling licenses for the PMDG 747 base package across two simulation platforms:


FSX/FSX-Steam Edition will both be covered through purchase of an FSX based license.


Lockheed Martin Prepar3D will be covered through purchase of a P3D based license.


Both platforms will be available on release day.  The licenses for FSX/P3D are not interchangeable or exchangeable.  For Prepar3D users, we are still planning to protect P3D v3 users if/when Lockheed Martin elects to convert v3 to x64bit.  (it is assumed this will be called v4, but nobody really knows and Lockheed Martin has made NO commitments or announcements in this regard.  As of today, an x64 P3D is not in development that we are aware of any any conjecture of imminent release of same is largely hyperbole...)



Currently the PMDG 747-40 Queen of the Skies II is not compatible with versions of Prepar3D earlier than 3.2.  We are evaluating if it is possible to make it compatible with v2.x but as of this writing, it does not appear that this will be possible.



I'm going to narrow down the release timeline, based on our expectations as they stand right now:  We are within two weeks of release.


NOTE:  If anything comes up late in testing that we feel is a show stopper- we will slide the release date as far as it need to slide in order to cure the problem.  Please bear that in mind before you send your wives and kids off to Bolivia for vacation, take that leave of absence from work, or just outright quite your job.  :Tounge:



II am in the process of compiling a list of "okay, THIS is cool" details to show off some of the really interesting details and features that are packed into the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II.  We have a number of simulation experiences ready for you that will be entirely new to simming- and we expect them to add an entirely new level of realism and authenticity to your simming experience!


Additionally we have a few things buried in this build that we will unveil at a later date...  that will truly blow your mind.


Stay tuned for more details on those!




I can't possible leave you without a gratuitous glamor shot of our Queen doing what she does best!


Here is a quick screen grab of Jason returning to CYVR from a short visit to CYYZ a bit earlier this week.


How beautiful is this model?  (CLICK ON IT!  Get the full sized image to see just how gorgeous this girl is!)






We are putting together a little chart of VAS use to give you some real data on actual VAS use.


Overall, my experience has been that the 747-400 has better performance overall than the 777.  Frame rates are more fluid, and VAS use is more easily managed.  We will put together some real-time comparisons for you so that you can see where she weighs in!




We are planning a 50% off sale for the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II for 22JAN17.  For a mere $125,000,000 you can be an early adopter- and we will even charter a 747-400 to bring your copy to you.  Don't wait- inventory is limited!  :P


Seriously though:  We will release pricing information when we tell you the actual release day...  You can expect it to be in line with the 777, roughly- which we think makes this package a pretty darn good value because you get the entire 747-400 product line to work with for a single purchase!




Alright- that is the basic information rundown for tonight...  It has been a long day of flying today and my brain is mush- so it is time for some sleep so that i can get back to the debugging cycle to wrap up some remaining open items in the morning!


We hope you all have a great weekend!

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Thank you for the info.




We are planning a 50% off sale for the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II for 22JAN17.  For a mere $125,000,000 you can be an early adopter- and we will even charter a 747-400 to bring your copy to you.  Don't wait- inventory is limited!   :P


And they say PMDG doesn't do sales...

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The longest 2 weeks ever.   Wow that CP744 is stunning!

Good to hear about the Vas and performance too. Thanks RR

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I dont own P3D but i am following the updates and i will buy the version for the 64 bit, unless it will be out really late, But it is possible i will buy the current version if need to wait a lot for the 64 bit one. One of the thing that stop me to move to P3D is that my PMDG products need to be bought completelly and not s a difference between the price paid and the price sold for the P3D like most of producer like FSLAB do and others. So i was wondering If for the queen of the sky there is a logic of paying only the difference of need to be bought again. 



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