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  1. I finally got around testing my edits in osm2xp, looks okay. I have noidea about what settings i should tune in osm2xp or not to improve the looks but i really just want to get some buildings on top of the photoscenery so when you fly in/out of the airport its not totally flat.
  2. Yep scotchegg, and for those of us (me) using skymaxx you can use those parameters in your avionics.lua file aswell EXCEPT CloudShadowLightenRatio, so copy from defineProperty("AtmoScaleRaleigh", line and below and your good to go with raleigh tweaks ^_^
  3. Surely these sources can be inaccurate. But they are the best source of accuracy that i can get my hands on that is automated, so you don't have to spend countless of hours to try to align the photos correctly. especially good for FS and x-plane since you have the coordinates, just put it in WED and draw the airport based on the orthophoto. 100% of the tries (few on the finnish fs forum have tried these orthophotos for fsx developing) were deadly accurate, much better than any earlier sources. I trust that the geodata in my orthophotos is good aswell. If i could use same technique in JOSM as in WED (aka just import the orthophoto with geodata attached for coordinates) i wouldn't doubt the accuracy. But with handplaced reference photos it's hard for me to trust i can get it accurately. But like you said few meters is nothing.. But i'm a perfectionist when it comes to these things :lol:
  4. They arent MY photos, but downloaded from the finnish NLS service here http://www.maanmittauslaitos.fi/en/file_download_service in the same way as USGS service for USA i believe. So it's all in same perspective. I just draw the building areas in JOSM and set the tags after looking at streetview for reference. I tried to align the orthophoto according to the gpx data like the tip in JOSM suggests to do with aerial imagery
  5. I have no idea. the finnish NLS data which I use for the orthophoto (they have free orthophoto available to download, pretty much like USGS for USA i believe). There is some talk on OSM forums finnish-section about the usage of the enormous amount of NLS data, but I have no clue. I believe there is/was some problems in regards to copyright of the data but looks like there is no WMS service for the NLS data, sadly. There is some small local area wms data for a national park looks like but that doesnt help sadly. I don't mind if there's no WMS data, since this way of showing the orthophoto background layer works okay. I'll correct the buildings ^_^ edit:After further investigating looks like the correct copyright for the NLS data is added finally on 19th of december and now some people who are planning on importing the data into osm can start working on it (what data exactly? roads etc. or even buildings etc.? i have no idea) but anyways i think i still can/should continue work like i am atm so the town when approaching the airfield would look atleast a bit more real and lifelike :Smile:
  6. Here's few edits i've made so far; maybe for some peer-reviewing :lol: http://www.openstreetmap.org/history#map=16/67.4124/26.6039 Orthophoto is working pretty okay for editing, i'll have to export the data into sim and see how well it actually lines up with geodata-accurate photoscenery background.
  7. Thanks, it looked very promising until the limitations: Limitations no support for (Geo)TIFF no georeferencing based on reference points or coordinates (only positioning with the mouse) But oh well. I'll try my best with just dragging and scaling it into scale and hope for the best
  8. Tony, do you know if it is possible to use own orthophotos as a base layer to add buildings in a town? I have a orthophoto with geotiffs for accurate placement in x-plane for my addon scenery, but I planned just have orthophoto layer flat, and have osm do the buildings in the town close by. Sadly the satellite images are so blurry in this remote location that i cant draw the town buildings, but with orthophoto that would be easy. So would it be possible to maybe in JOSM use my own orthophoto as background image to draw buildings around the town? That way i could export it for my scenery project as a seperate addon layer and perhaps when simheavens osm catches up to my edits people can disable my layer since simheaven will duplicate it.
  9. That's true, its generally the same look here, but there is quite a bit of variation. When i saw it and knew what country you live in i just immediately thought "yep, that's a polish lidl alright!"
  10. Hehe, that looks just like the lidl i saw in poland up here in the north the buildings vary in their looks but thats a great model. Like I said when i was in poland and went to lidl that was exactly what it looked like :lol:
  11. Yeah, mega tons is the setting i have in the images, that is 3rd highest i believe in xplane. If i put it to 2nd highest, it was 13 fps and max setting 7fps. If i go lower than 3rd highest, i got about 60fps everywhere. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  12. observations on the brandenburg test pack: my pc is quite beefy and i had trees and buildings at max, that resulted in 7 fps. with OSM in same kind of situation (for example paris) i'd have to go to "default" setting which is lowest for the fps to jump into smooth digits again, but with your export that's different. "mega tons" results in 30+ fps for me, while 1 notch up it plummets to 13 fps. That's one observation I made in short test. Another observation is that it indeed makes the city look much more lifelike compared to osm2xp exported city, while it is good too, but it's just bit more defined and make it look much more realistic. Currently I don't have photoscenery for berlin, but with so dense building setting you dont really see the default ground atleast in downtown berlin. So that's not a concern for me.
  13. Whoa, thats a great find and those screenshots look unbelievable. I'd be ready to ditch my skymaxx in a heartbeat for that atmospheric scattering (i believe that is the correct term for the blue hue in the horizon?) and cloud shadows!
  14. I was wondering the same thing about the terrain.cfg modifications as i completely f**ked up and forgot to install the fixed terrain.cfg and now after utx and orbx messing with my terrain.cfg i cba fixing it... But I couldn't find any notes about terrain.cfg regarding NSX III so I think that means they are not necessary anymore.
  15. Thanks for the updated version, too bad after reformat I just this morning decided to figure this out myself... should've waited a bit longer!
  16. I personally use http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=18751 and like it very much. IMO others i've tried (sabach etc.) go for... more picturesque skycolours and i would like something more realistic, atleast going by what I see most of the time when i look at the sky here in finland. The one I linked is quite close imo.
  17. If the STAR and/or APP has any altitude restrictions (either from the navdata or any that you have applied yourself) the VNAV will continue to descend following the approach. You dont need to re-plan it; as long as the waypoints have more altitude restrictions... What I do is set VNAV to descend to first altitude restricted point on my STAR and that's it. It will follow the path down to when you can capture localizer and glideslope for ILS in my experience.
  18. I was thinking about this... I personally run with HT on, just because some programs might get something out of it and I have a well cooled case. I've been running with AM=254 for quite a long time now, which works quite well for my system bundled with other tweaks i have. Now just yesterday I tried setting it to 84, which would be only physical cores allocated to FSX and the virtual HT cores off. Now, I got a lot more stuttering while looking around, fps was less stable and with the dash i got the jumping taxi thing that people have reported. All previous flights and flights after setting my AM back to 254 have been fine. I was thinking that would it be possible to set FSX running on physical cores (AM=84) and have dash-8 on virtual cores? I'm sticking with AM=254 for now as it is definitely smoother for my system.
  19. I just took off and flew, to which direction looked most beautiful.
  20. Amazing job. Voice recoqnition works really well. Can't imagine flying without this anymore. :)
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