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September 3rd, 2020 - Development Update

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Screenshot by gordongreig


It’s been just over two weeks since the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator and the team continues to transition from release focused work and back into feedback ingestion, bug fixing, and development.

  • Patch #1 (build was released yesterday.  
  • Patch #2 has advanced to the final testing phase.
    • While we’re not quite ready to provide a release date for Patch #2, it will be released this month. Patch #2 will have an increased focus on the “in-sim” experience and we will post a complete patch list prior to release.

We’ve also been working on updating our core documents (i.e. Development Roadmap/Feedback Snapshot) to provide greater clarity into how we are tracking and addressing community feedback.

  • Feedback Snapshot – Updated Feedback Snapshot can be found below. Though we are still evolving this document, we felt it important to share with the community to provide better transparency for feedback we are tracking. You should expect changes to the format of the document in the near future to help the community track how we are processing feedback from ingestion to implementation.
  • Development Roadmap – Updated Development Roadmap can be found below. This is another document we are working to evolve over the next few months to capture all the work happening across the franchise.

We continue to collect and track feedback across all our external communities. This process of feedback collection and ingestion will continue to evolve as the team works to strengthen the transparency and connection between consumer and development team. As part of this process, we have added a voting feature in our forums to provide another avenue for the community to provide their input into the most important issues.

Direct Link to Bugs & Issues Forum Thread

Current top voted issues as of 09.03 (MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR FORUM FEEDBACK ONLY)

  • Note – The Feedback Snapshot contains information collected across all of our communities. The information below is just a subset of the overall feedback we collect and will be included in the Feedback Snapshot but will not represent ALL issues in the Feedback Snapshot.

The team remains committed to actively working closely with the community to build this franchise well into the future. Thank you for helping to make Microsoft Flight Simulator such a memorable and amazing launch experience for the team. While we are just at the beginning of this journey we are on with you, we are excited for what the future has in store!





  • Patch has entered the final testing phase.
  • Team working to define release date pending results of final testing.
  • POR is to release Patch #2 in September.
  • Update on timeline and patch notes will be provided in our upcoming post on 09.10.









Thanks to the creative energy and passion of the community, we have identified and fixed several issues related to the world editor, in particular linked to custom aerials, projected meshes, airports replacement and airport editing. Custom add-on airports and POIs can be now displayed in the world map and used when setting up a flight plan. We are also happy to see that the community is developing an exporter plugin for Blender, leveraging the standard glTF format that Microsoft Flight Simulator is heavily relying on! On the aircraft side, instruments are improving via support for the legacy XML gauges format (restoring fonts support, fixing several other issues) while at the same time improving support for the new WebAssembly-based system (local mouse coordinates are now accessible to WebAssembly gauges, several issues have been fixed). We are developing a brand new node-based particles effects system, which is an exciting addition to the simulator all-up. SimConnect is also getting some love and we fixed an important performance issue related to it, and we are also restoring missing functionality and better documenting it. Lastly, we keep improving the SDK documentation, and we’ve also worked on documenting the bush trips authoring process.

3rd Parties We have new over 800 applications to our in-sim marketplace and have approved the first ~20 partners already. Several awesome 3rd party products are already available in the marketplace and our next release will add another dozen or so creations. We as a team are super energized to see new 3rd party product announcements almost every day and can’t wait to try some of these creations ourselves. It’s awesome to see to creative energy unleashed by the creator community and we are proud to see these products coming to the platform … and it’s only the beginning. We have nearly 100 product announcements planned over the next few months!






If you haven’t had a chance to check out some of the recent streams our community staff has been releasing, make sure to head over to Our Twitch Channel!






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Microsoft Flight Simulator Team

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Oh wow I like seeing the development roadmap now.  Look forward to the new patch details but glad to see you are rounding up some of the largest game bug issues and acknowledge them.

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A quick recap:

  • Second patch coming in September, significant performance and loading time improvements.
  • Feedback Snapshot contains information collected across all communities.
  • 4 new Feature Discovery Series episodes announced.
  • 6 new Partnership Series releases announced.
  • 4 Around the World trailers announced.
  • Missing and legacy functionality slowly being restored in the SDK.
  • Over 800 applications for third-party products in the marketplace.
  • Weekly Twitch stream schedules with partners and community managers.
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11 minutes ago, ChaoticBeauty said:

and the team continues to transition from release focused work and back into feedback ingestion, bug fixing, and development.

I originally read "feedback indigestion". Probably more true than not.


REX AccuSeason Developer

REX Simulations

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Impressed with 2 patches coming out fairly quickly and the content of this development update. 

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Finally, the only concerns I had with this at the moment were the issues with Live Weather. That roadmap is looking mighty fine too.

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P3Dv4 + XP11


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Okay lads, now we are getting somewhere. I am happy to see the live weather issue and the currently awful night lighting from upper altitudes are noted in the OP. Once these get addressed, will be spending a lot more time in the sim. I am hopeful both are in the next update. The live weather getting fixed will clear off the first 4 or 5 bullet points above. 

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Great to see this time we have a "living" sim with constant update. I really feel comfort now that they will address all the outstanding issues on due time.

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Awesome update. Super happy to hear that the wind issue has been fixed and will be released in September.


Now we just need the ability to edit default airports in the SDK Asobo! After that is a possibility, my issues with the sim are minimal - even most AP bugs are being fixed and I’ve had almost no problems with it.

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Great news, hopefully be less negativity around here now, and the Sim bashing can stop

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Wayne such

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Now we are talking! Yes!!!!

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flight sim addict, airplane owner, CFI

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