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Scenic places to fly tubeliners in P3D

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Hi guys,

These days I am flying mostly in Europe, based in Vienna with the MD-80. However, the regular flights are becoming boring, and it would be nice to hear about any interesting/scenic airports where you can land with tubeliners around the world in P3D. 

MSFS does better in this area, but sadly not developed yet for proper airliner flying. Most of the scenic places I have found in Europe are mostly for smaller aircraft (apart from Innsbruck). 

Any suggestions of great places to fly? Can be mountainous, tropical, anything around the world, with add-on scenery for the airport available for P3D V5.

It was great in the FS9/FSX days as there were lots of scenery available, but these days most of the scenery is not compatible with V5 😑

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all payware with ORBX OPENLC,True earth NL , FTX Norway etc.


Michael Moe

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Michael Moe




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I use the following in P3Dv4.5, but I do not know if they are compatible with v5 or not....

  • FlyTampa LGKR Corfu
  • Aerosoft LXGB Gibraltar Professional
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Christopher Low

UK2000 Beta Tester


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- YSSY : approach onto one of the 16 runways. Beautiful view of the Harbour. Throwing in a shout-out to ORBX Cityscape for Sydney which is amazing in P3D. 

- VHHX : if you have FlyTampa’s Kai Tak this is self-explanatory. Grab the PMDG 747 and throw a historical Cathay livery on there and you’ll have a real throwback moment. 

- PHNL : Approach info 26L gives you an amazing view of Honolulu and Oahu in general. Again ORBX cityscape can enhance the experience. 

- KEGE : Fun and challenging approach with the right weather. You’ll have a beautiful view of the Vail Valley off your left side. This is one I would only recommend if you have ORBX KEGE just because the default doesn’t have any of the POI’s in this area. Note for the record that the KEGE is scenery is outdated when it comes to the airport terminals, but IMO worth it for the surrounding areas. 

I promise I’m not an ORBX salesman 🙂 

I have done all of these and they do work in V5 (I’m still on 5.2HF2). 

happy landings! 

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ORBX LDDU is a very scenic approach that I enjoy flying into. Haven't tried it in v5 yet but I believe it is compatible

+1 for Kai Tak, I'd go so far as to recommend it as a standard airport for that region, another +1 for PANC, which is also a fine airport if you like to do trans-pacific Cargo-ops (which I often do)

If you're into city sceneries there are some very good ones for NA, I use Aerosoft's US Cities X Chicago (there's also a DD scenery which is newer) which pairs well with FSDT KORD and FlyTampa KMDW, and DD's New York City X though airport offerings for NY are a bit lacking these days.

Washington X gives a lovely representation of DC as well as a servicable representation of KDCA, I'd 100% recommend taking a MD80 in to fly the River Visual Approach to Rwy19, one of my favourites in the Sim.

ORBX KSAN is a great airport with a challenging approach and a good representation of the surrounding area, another good one to take the MD80 into.


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PUT In the UK.

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LLBG is another great sunrise/sunset approach over the Mediterranean Sea. One of my best performing sceneries in P3D as well.  

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Have a Wonderful Day

-Paul Solk


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Fly a heavy into Quinto Ecuador. flightbeam SEQM. Like flying into a bowl surrounded by 18000+ foot mountains.

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Vic green

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3 hours ago, Christopher Low said:

I use the following in P3Dv4.5, but I do not know if they are compatible with v5 or not....

  • FlyTampa LGKR Corfu
  • Aerosoft LXGB Gibraltar Professional

I have Gibraltar working in v5.It is available as an upgrade. Don't have Corfu.

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Two new sceneries that have just been released - CYHZ and EFHK are very nice.  Don't forget to stop by BIKF.  

I Earned My Spurs in Vietnam

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Palermo, Genova, Alicante, Venezia, Palma, Kerkira, Olbia.... these are scenic and gorgeous airport sceneries...


spacer.png   Como (Italy )   www.sim737ng.it

I7 9700K - Asus strix mobo - 32GB GSkill - Nvidia Rtx1080TI 11 GB- 3 x Benq1080ST videoprojectors (5760x1080) - Win10 - P3D 5.3HF1 - Prosim 3.13 - AS -Envtex -Envshade- Orbx basepack + OpenLC Europe- I only fly on Vatsim



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How much easier it would be if people wrote the names of the Airports instead of us having to look up Codes all the time.😉

Thank you MAUCINTI.

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Intel i7 6700K @4.3. 32gb Gskill 3200 RAM. Z170x Gigabyte m/b. 28" LG HD monitor. Win 10 Home. 500g Samsung 960 as Windows home. 1 Gb Mushkin SSD for P3D. GTX 1080 8gb.

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There are so many...I can't agree about a dearth of P3Dv5-compatible airports--I am up to over 350 here.

A few:

GCLA, LPMA are nice island destinations with elevated runways.
LYTV, LJLJ, and LIRN are notable terrain-challenged EU destinations off the beaten path
TNCC, TNCA, and TNCM are nice Carribbean island airports
KJAC and KGPI are good airports in the US mountain west
PAKT, PAJN, and PAVD are challenging fields in the Alaskan coastal mountains

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Bob Scott | President and CEO, AVSIM Inc
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3x NVME 2x SATA Samsung SSD, EVGA 1KW PSU, 1.2Gbps internet
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7 hours ago, Ikarus280 said:

these days most of the scenery is not compatible with V5

There are new installers for scenery add-ons updated for v5. While older sceneries that haven't been updated by the original developers have been made compatible by third parties such as iniBuilds

As for interesting/scenic airports

Approaches over/very near City:
Barcelona; (there are so many to choose from) LEBL
Lisbon; MK-Studios LPPT
London City; Orbx EGLC
Las Vegas; FlyTampa KLAS
Miami; (LatinVFR or Drzewiecki) KMIA
San Diego; (Orbx or LatinVFR) KSAN
Hong Kong; WF Scenery + FlyTampa Hong Kong VHHH and VHHX
Taipei-Songshan; ACO Design Studio RCSS
Brisbane; YBBN + Orbx Cityscape Brisbane
Sydney; FlyTampa YSSY + Orbx Cityscape Sydney
Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont; Paulo Ricardo SBRJ
Sao Paulo-Congonhas; Mega Sao Paulo Paulo Ricardo SBSP

Interesting mountain approaches:
Chambéry; LLH Creations LFLB
Dubrovnik; Orbx LDDU
Tivat; Digital Designs LYTV
Eagle County; Orbx KEGE
Telluride; Orbx KTEX
Queenstown; Orbx NZQN

Corfu; FlyTampa LGKR
Skiathos; Aerosoft LGSK
Samos; Aerosoft/29 Palms LGSM
Tenerife-South; (there are so many to choose from) GCTS
St Maarten; FlyTampa TNCM

City, mountain and almost an island:
Gibraltar; Aerosoft LXGB


Honourable mentions to KBOS, KDCA, KORD, KMDW, KMSP, CYVR and CYTZ

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For P3d V5 I highly recommend ORBX TRUE EARTH they have the entire west coast of the US. Washington, Oregon and California. Lots of great scenery and lots of major airports for flying the north/south routes. 

Flight Simulator's - Prepar3d V5.3/MSFS2020 | Operating System - WIN 10 | Main Board - GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO | CPU - INTEL 9700k (5.0Ghz) | RAM - VIPER 32Gig DDR4 4000Mhz | Video Card - EVGA RTX3090 FTW3 ULTRA Monitor - DELL 38" ULTRAWIDE | Case - CORSAIR 750D FULL TOWER | CPU Cooling - CORSAIR H150i Elite Push/Pull | Power Supply - EVGA 1000 G+ 

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Tegucigalpa  MHTG.  One of the more challenging approaches.  High Altitude, Short Runway, Mountains.  Project Max has one for sale for less than 10 bucks.  

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