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  1. Are you by any chance the Bruce Campion-Smith, authour of the excellent "from the flight deck" books. (777 and 747-400)??

  2. Bryan,You have done it again!!747-400 is an absolute masterpeice. Nice oneBen HallEGLLBritish Airways Virtual
  3. Ditto here Cliff! Don't have the time or patience to sit at my Pc for hours at a time.If PMDG were able to develop some nice virtual flight attendants that may change however!;-) RegardsBen
  4. Just a quick note to wish all our American cousins a very happy thanksgiving.Have a great one guys.
  5. Phil, Would love one mate!! being a BAV boy myself am looking for a quality BA744 check list.Let me know if you can do it.Cheers
  6. Joe, From my understanding the "HEAVY" suffix is only used in the USIt is used mainly to alert ATC and other aircraft that you are a large beastie and be aware of wake turbulance as well as assisting ATC for separation. 747, 767, 777 DC-10, MD11 and of course the mighty concorde all use the HEAVY suffix.Hope this helps
  7. Guys, Have just completed my first few flights in the RAF c-47.All I can say is you have created a masterpeice with this aircraft.It is one of my all time favorites and this is a wonderful tribute to all who built and flew her!!Hope all is well at the museum. Hope to be able to visit on my next trip over the pond.Great work!
  8. Sirs, Congrats on a magnificent tribute to a magnificent aircraft!! I would like to fly online with vulcan but Vatsim do not appear to have one in their aircraft list (shock..outrage...)Has anyone tried online with this baby??Cheers
  9. Unfourtunatly my V/A requires I send a position report every hour otherwise my hours are not recorded.Going to have alot of sleepless nights!!
  10. Benji

    FMC Routing

    Ivor, In my opinion the FS9 flight planner is very poor.Try this link for flight planning http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/This uses current AIRAC cycles and is a much better planning tool.Regards
  11. Benji

    FS Update

    Hi Ivor, I downloaded the FS9 update almost straight away and have had no problems. Not sure if anyone else has but you can always delete the update if it doesn't work.CheersBen
  12. Quite agree. I have only needed technical help twice (both due to computer problems) PMDG were first class in their help!I have found not only supreme products but also excellent customer service!Keep it up PMDG!!Regards
  13. Benji

    add-on ACARS

    BA Virtual has a very good ACARS system designed by Ferry Van Aesch.Cheers
  14. Hi Graham, Touch wood have not had any problems, I don't have a registered FSUIPC. Perhaps a coplete re-install of PMDG will fix the problem. Pain in the A*S I know.Cheers
  15. Try Flying on-line. Everyone will call you SPEEDBIRD.Best wishes
  16. Steve, I went for the Active sky option and am really pleased with it.I do not have a registered copy of FSUIPC and so far... not had any problems at all.Just my opinion.Regards
  17. Cheers Mats Have been waiting for this! Going to be brave and try the online thing!! Wish me luck...RegardsBen
  18. Hi Chris, try again and try to replicate the crash. Do you have the current version installed?If all else fails a complete re-install should do the trick.Regards
  19. Let me know if you manage to find an AOP for 747-400 anywhere.I was bidding for a beautiful set of complete BA 747-400 flight and technical manuals on E-bay but they were withdrawn by the site..! No doubt some dumbass with severe post 9/11 paranoia decided it would probably serve as a terrorist training manual!!Regards
  20. No this is not modelled.Cheers
  21. Thanks once again for all your effort!!
  22. Hi Eien, Not sure exactly what you mean, do you mean flight no. on the FMC or with the ATC callsign?RegardsBen
  23. Benji

    767 is on...

    Hope it will be. 744 is a much sexier airplane.
  24. Benji

    744 Combi?

    Good question, I know the freighters are planned?Ben
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