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  1. Jan-Michael- Having the privilege of knowing and working with Dan Downs for decades, I can assure you "arrogant" is not an appropriate descriptor for him. He has spent DECADES AND COUNTLESS HOURS giving back to the Flight Sim community selflessly. Those who have walked these halls for some time will doubtless remember his SIDS and STARS that were an integral part of EACH Navdata update.... Succinct perhaps, arrogant never. His is a household name in the FS space, unlike some others.... so please consider how your glib remarks could be interpreted, BEFORE posting this sort of commentary. I urge you to continue to look forward to the J-41 in Prepar3d... when she releases, she will be worth the wait. I am told patience is a virtue. Respectfully- Carl Avari-Cooper
  2. Sure- I have been poking around some more of the Orbx World, and have found that in addition to being superb destinations for my Annuschka (another Alexander Metzger masterpiece from Aerosoft) some of the larger Orbx airports are ideal for the J-41 (and the DC-6, and sometimes the NG). This afternoon I got lost in the splendor of Sedona. "Not a cloud in the sky" means not even one here! Have I mentioned how happy I am that PMDG's fleet has expanded to allow me to lose myself in Orbx occasionally? All too soon we will be busy pouring over performance data for the GEnNx engines... but for now... I am happy to order a cappuccino at the airport bar, and day dream about wind art helixes glinting and moving in clear sunlight. BTW, hot and heavy at altitude results in Density Altitudes that merit a second close look at performance charts.... despite the beefy appearance of the TPEs. C
  3. ... if this particular discussion continues, this thread is destined to sunset... could we steer back to just the PMDG J-41 please... C
  4. PANC is getting better (with the latest update), there's still a bit of work to be done.... still, altogether usable and indispensable for flying toasters to the far reaches of the Orient... good for everything PMDG from the DC-6 to... Here we are just approaching ZIREN for the RNAV 33... Thought it best I fly this airframe for a bit, what with RSR dropping cagey hints about forthcoming fleet expansion... Final... and reversing... The ramps (cargo aprons particularly) are well done, and this will be a great destination as in RW. Now, if Aerosoft would release PAFA for v4, we'd be laughing... C
  5. Just as an alternate thought..... closer examination of every SID and STAR plate will allow for flight using raw data WITHOUT the FMS or GPS. I know the habit is to go from waypoint to waypoint, however, the waypoint itself is defined by more than just Lat/Long. Spend some time with the plates, and one soon sees that LOGAN (very commonly used in the UK) is not just a fixed point in space. It happens to be 18.3 DME from the CLN VOR (CLACTON) on the 109 Radial (outbound always). File appropriately, so that the controller knows what data set you are working with, and allest gut. Some of the best fun I've had is flying Kestral or Kitty Hawk flights in and out of London Control in a C-47 (Manfred Jahn's superlative offering, with Jan's sublime VVC) or earlier in Rick Piper's HS-748. Grand fun fitting in with all the heavy iron, and COMPLETELY POSSIBLE without having to request vectors! Best of all was having Air Force One hold for my Kitty Hawk departure from the Royal Suite- Brilliant stuff! Try it sometime, you might feel differently... C
  6. Simbol- BZ! C PS- most of us forget their collective stapler budget is larger than the GNP of several nations. In our collective self-absorption, we forget our collective purchasing power (to them) is as large as the puss on a pimple on a gnat's posterior.
  7. Finn- I have bookmarked this and plan to try it out soon. THANK-YOU FOR THIS! I enjoyed the return to sextant navigation earlier, and keep developing a deeper appreciation for the pilots of yesteryear. They were able to do so much, with so little. Ta! C
  8. Gary- In these days, filled with Children of the Magenta, reading about raw data work warms my heart. Start cross checking position with triangulation, pretend your GPS is US and work yourself into a lather at 12,000'. Then fly into PAYA on the 17 DME arc at minimums, and you will develop an appreciation for the transport drivers of the 50s.... My 744 will always be my first love, but time in the DC-6 and J-41 is making me a better pilot. Glad to hear there are a few others that occasionally forgo Milk of Magenta! Best- C
  9. After the lovely descending turn over the water, we established and worked our way down the GS... to roll slowly down the centerline, shrouded in the wet mist of a Ketchikan evening... Hope you enjoyed the trip. Best- C
  10. I had flown into SeaTac from Sky Harbor (FlightBeam's newest offering, which is quite wonderful) in my 744, and having a bit of the afternoon remaining, had decided a jaunt over to Ketchikan in the J-41 was just the ticket. Departure out of Seattle was rainy and we needed anti-ice through the climb. Once on top, Vancouver Center was online, and at 16,000 we were just above the cloud deck. It's my favorite place in the sky, with wispy tendrils flicking by in a blur below, an occasional cloud arm languidly raised, for me to slice through, and the absolute, enthralling, visceral sensation of speed capturing my senses in a hypnotic band rolling under the nose. Unlike M.85 on a trans-Atlantic crossing, the 241KTS we were indicating were in my face, and impossible to ignore. The coffee went cold as we streaked over the cloud deck, and I could focus on nothing else... Here we are after just going feet dry, coming in over Annette Island for the outbound... That's were we are headed if all goes according to plan... Can you just make it out? C
  11. Brilliant James! C
  12. Jan! SO GOOD to see you here! C
  13. What’s next for PMDG? Would it be too much to hope for a more civilized, patient and tolerant forum that focused on full learning and assistance of the current comprehensive line-up of superlative products? Now, THAT would really be something!
  14. Louis- I am still learning the nuances of each airframe that currently exists in the fleet, and still discovering the incredible depths of simulation that PMDG has provided. Enjoy the addiction ;) C