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  1. Bob- Running OC and checking there will ALWAYS be your best bet. If you need an update, it will let you know. If you need a full reinstall, it won't be shy about that either. :) HTH- C
  2. Aye Ron, you may well be correct... but move on to WHAT? :(
  3. The Annuschka is my very favorite GA aircraft, and a source of much distress through my v4 transformation. If I look back with regret to v3, it is solely for this airframe. She imparted the feel of flight, better than anything else I have flown in the GA world. I shall keep my eyes peeled for ANY updates on this incredible aeroplane simulation. It is my eternal hope that SOMEONE AT SIBWINGS will see the revenue stream available through a PAID UPDATE, and produce a v4 version. I shall be first in line to pay the price of admission. I did try to load her into v4 without success- black triangles over the wings, and inoperative gauges unfortunately. :(
  4. Jan- Yes, I believe you are correct. I tend to rely only on the OBS and QNH ones, so I have never found tool-tips lacking...... Yes, I have yet to go back to v3 since installing v4, and if it weren't for my beautiful Annuschka, I would have deleted v3 already. No comparison, but I must admit, a TOTALLY different sim and so a learning curve re. slider settings etc. Glad to see you here!
  5. Jan- I just rechecked, and they are working.... with your new Prepar3D v4 install, could they be off in those settings? HTH- C
  6. Jan- I’m checking into the tooltip issue for you. They worked in a previous beta version, I will let you know.... So glad that you are enjoying this beautiful girl. Your work has brought so much joy to so many people, and I am glad you are enjoying the product- I think she’s grand too, but then I’m probably a little biased ;) C
  7. It works perfectly well in FSUIPC. I do not have any joysticks enabled in P3D whatsoever.... perhaps your control locks are still on.....
  8. If this is the Jan I'm thinking of.... I'm very pleased to read this....
  9. She’s truly lovely, in the classic Ingrid Bergman way. She’s timeless and yet timely. Even today, there’s no better way to haul 25,000lbs to an unimproved strip. I am eager to hear about your impressions, as she is quite different than anything else in your stable. I have spent a couple of hours with her, and been more exhausted than after a LHR-HKG flight in CX. She will work you, teach you, captivate you and intoxicate you- and then you will fall in love with her. Enjoy the difference!

    Unfortunately, I missed this event, any ideas when Orbx usually/annually has sales (other than the obvious Xmas)? Ta-C
  12. Rob- Glad you're enjoying it! I spend hours reading your stuff :) Best- C
  13. Well
  14. I'm old enough to remember to push forward to soften the touchdown.... :)