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  1. ... and looking lovely... I so missed this one...
  2. lasnubes

    Ezdok v2.6 is incredible!

  3. lasnubes

    Golden Nugget Service- Ta Pete!

    Here's another from the journey.... The last vestiges of commercial civilization dropped away behind us, the pristine wilderness of Wild Alaska and Rainy Pass were ahead. Sorta made you look at the oil temps and pressures very closely, whilst doing furious fuel burn calculations, whilst sipping on hot chocolate and turning up the cabin heater just a bit ;) All this, just headed to McGrath. Kotzebue and Wales were quite something else...
  4. lasnubes

    Golden Nugget Service- Ta Pete!

    Two Alaska Airlines aircraft, separated by decades, reunited by PMDG. Some of my effusive enthusiasm about this aeroplane is that low and slow aficionados, who only flew the likes of RealAir and A2A, now have a genuine step in the PMDG direction... a quality transport aircraft that will fit in with, and showcase beautifully, the investment they have made in GA scenery (for the most part ;) ). Obviously the likes of Seiku and Israel's Farm still remain out of PMDG reach :) C PS- ta Bogdan!
  5. lasnubes

    Golden Nugget Service- Ta Pete!

    Hauling the mail on an Alaskan Spring day :) Glacier Bay National Park on the let down for Yakutat. Have I mentioned how much I love the Orbx World?
  6. lasnubes

    Golden Nugget Service- Ta Pete!

    Here are a few more from the journey... you get more into "proper" Alaska, you get a chance to study interesting cloud formations... can someone spell Lenticular? ;) Now, where else on earth can you spend time reveling in and appreciating what it feels like to run betwixt the layers in an aeroplane some 60+ years old, and smelling of Aeroshell W100? These moments, are when I am especially glad that my FS hobby allows me to re-experience my time aloft, and lose myself in and amongst the hallowed footless halls of air.
  7. North by Northwest (with apologies to Ernie). Early on in the DC-6 Beta, I begged Pete for an Alaska Airlines repaint. I had discovered their 1959 DC-6C Golden Nugget Service "The First, the Finest to ALL Alaska" ( and had decided that with my burgeoning love affair with the Orbx World, I would fly the entire route structure as it existed in 1959. Later, Alaska Airlines would become an industry leader in RNP approach adoption, and their route structure would range as far afield as San Jose in Costa Rica, Maui in Hawaii and even Tampa in the Sunshine State. Pete delivered a stellar repaint in N91306, and I finally was able to deliver on the promise I made to him many months ago. The journey has been a nostalgic affair, fostering a deepening appreciation for all that the Transport Drivers of the 50's and 60's did, without Milk of Magenta. Flying a large transport to minimums, on raw data, in dicey conditions is something best done by aviators with decades of experience doing such things. I have always appreciated the professionalism that is the norm in aviation, but never more than now. Pete- she's lovely- ta mate! C
  8. lasnubes

    Display setup for muliple monitors

    Can’t you just change livery and location AFTER loading your saved flight...? HTH
  9. lasnubes

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Isn't it nice we can all have opinions...
  10. lasnubes

    APU Freezing over?

    It is my understanding that BA only uses APU to PACK when necessary (think very hot or very cold). Still, it is a viable option and one worth practicing. As my wife often reminds me, I am frequently wrong. ;)
  11. lasnubes

    APU Freezing over?

    QFA uses all packs OFF for every takeoff.... BA uses packs OFF at 300T or greater MTOW... the cabin does indeed climb very slowly....plenty of time to get the packs on (typically by 1500').
  12. lasnubes

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Jan-Michael- Having the privilege of knowing and working with Dan Downs for decades, I can assure you "arrogant" is not an appropriate descriptor for him. He has spent DECADES AND COUNTLESS HOURS giving back to the Flight Sim community selflessly. Those who have walked these halls for some time will doubtless remember his SIDS and STARS that were an integral part of EACH Navdata update.... Succinct perhaps, arrogant never. His is a household name in the FS space, unlike some others.... so please consider how your glib remarks could be interpreted, BEFORE posting this sort of commentary. I urge you to continue to look forward to the J-41 in Prepar3d... when she releases, she will be worth the wait. I am told patience is a virtue. Respectfully- Carl Avari-Cooper
  13. lasnubes

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Sure- I have been poking around some more of the Orbx World, and have found that in addition to being superb destinations for my Annuschka (another Alexander Metzger masterpiece from Aerosoft) some of the larger Orbx airports are ideal for the J-41 (and the DC-6, and sometimes the NG). This afternoon I got lost in the splendor of Sedona. "Not a cloud in the sky" means not even one here! Have I mentioned how happy I am that PMDG's fleet has expanded to allow me to lose myself in Orbx occasionally? All too soon we will be busy pouring over performance data for the GEnNx engines... but for now... I am happy to order a cappuccino at the airport bar, and day dream about wind art helixes glinting and moving in clear sunlight. BTW, hot and heavy at altitude results in Density Altitudes that merit a second close look at performance charts.... despite the beefy appearance of the TPEs. C
  14. lasnubes

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    ... if this particular discussion continues, this thread is destined to sunset... could we steer back to just the PMDG J-41 please... C