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  1. You are very welcome. As much as I love my 744 and flying long haul.... there's a lot that I adore about the Orbx World, and the J-41 allows me to explore much more of it than other PMDG offerings. Plus, it's so very different than a Boeing.... In much the same way that the DC-6 endeared itself to me, the J-41 has been the change that refreshes.... I eagerly look forward to what's coming down the PMDG pipeline... but for the moment, I am often preoccupied with taming TPE-331-14s.... C
  2. John- Therein lies the truth... it's seldom the arrow, most often the Indian.... C
  3. I would urge you do not stay behind... LM is evolving and working on this platform, continually making small changes under the hood. There is no reason not to upgrade CLIENT and CONTENT. I too was disappointed in the change list- instead of rain drops, I would have preferred additional multi-thread optimization and comprehensive GPU offload... but suprisingly, the multi-billion Dollar company (with a stapler budget larger than the GNP of several nations) didn't first call to ask my opinion. ;) Don't forget, that the VR environment is integral to their training program AND has its own afficianados. I am NOT disappointed in the overall trend that LM has taken, and look forward to 4.2 (hopefully, with some of my chosen improvements). C
  4. With the recent Denver v2 release I thought I ought to test out of there.... and a flight into Cedar City seemed a good choice.... so here we are just beginning descent into KCDC (an Orbx FREEWARE GEM). Beautiful... enjoy in 4K.
  5. Sorry Chris, I ignored the first query unintentionally.... I would hazard a guess the next update will have a green bar... nice to know it is important to some... C
  6. Here is something I am happy to show.... the J-41 allows for PMDG aircraft to happily fit in at many Orbx fields. This is a combination that used to be much tougher. With this commuter aircraft, especially when she's lightly loaded (shall we say, in an executive role), many heretofore inaccessible Orbx destinations can now be comfortably visited. A brilliant combo... and one that many strictly GA flyers may now want to explore... Click the pic for 4K (v4.1 btw)-
  7. ... as do I... this hobby is supposed to be educational AND WHAT WE DO TO RELAX AND GET AWAY FROM THE SALT MINES... there is room enough for each type of flyer.
  8. Yes! :) I WAS referring to v4.1... today hopefully... C
  9. Re. all the questions about the 3rd party GPS units, I'm afraid I'm useless... I am the second person in the world after Dan, that still flies raw data. In fact, just this afternoon I left King Salmon and headed to Homer to do a bit more testing. The entire flight was on raw data, with the default GPS turned on as a moving map for SA. The approach at Homer was beautiful, over the VOR and outbound to turn inbound on the back course for arrival on Rwy 22. It was hand flown from the DME intercept and I kept marveling at airspeed control in this bird. Pull power or push forward and the results are immediate and predictable. This first shot shows us almost feet dry... on a nice Alaska afternoon... if this doesn't remind you to re-read fate is the hunter, no clouds will.... We crossed, went outbound on 003 descending to 3600 for the 11 DME arc... truth be told, here's where the GPS map really came in handy for the next turn.... still, it all worked out beautifully and next thing, with the props at 100% we were slipping in to stroke onto the piano keys.... Beta range to slow, Condition to Ground Idle and we were turning off sedately without warming the brakes... lovely. Take a look at this next shot. Orbx Homer in all it's glory. Did I mention how much I love the Orbx World? With 2 PMDG offerings that are simply perfect for this sort of flying, I am hoping that many fliers, who have never considered PMDG because of it's complexities and FL300+ flight, will now be able to discover the wonder of their offerings with the DC-6 and now the J-41. Whether you want to fly in Alaska, the PNW or California and the Southwest... if Orbx makes it, PMDG can take you to (most of) it- a BRILLIANT COMBINATION that will allow the desk bound, to do more than just look up wistfully at a passing aeroplane. Combine PMDG, HiFi and Orbx and you too can slip the surly bonds of earth.... later you can move up to the NGX for the longer legs... Tuesday will bring more good things to us simmers, and I am again reminded of what a fortunate moment in FS history we are witnessing. We are indeed lucky!
  10. FWIW there are several repaints out, that are sufficient for me... my favorite is a BBJ2 repaint for the -800. Search for N737GG.... brilliant. HTH- C
  11. Chris and Gregg- I’ve been flying her throughout the PNW in flight test, and just yesterday was ruminating I would never see her certified FL250. She’s happiest at FL210 or below, and with anything close to high GWs, much happier even lower in the teens because of the EGT wall Chris mentions. Really, engine management is its own separate facet in this simulation. The thing I enjoy most about this airframe is the workload. Initially overwhelming, and NOT for online when new or unfamiliar with her; she becomes a series of familiar repeated procedures that is fully occupying but completely manageable online, after several hours in type. For simmers who only have an hour or so in the evenings, she’ll be enormously satisfying.
  12. Chris- THAT line gave me a start. I flew her from PAKT to KSEA on Vatsim yesterday, doing some testing, and that was the longest flight I had made in the J41 so far.. a bit over 2 hours.... to tell you the truth, I was exhausted :). It was 2 hours of constant monitoring, tuning and retuning radios, flying VOR to NDB to NDB to VOR etc. in icing conditions for the climb and descent.... I know what the short haul/commuter driver means when he says, "I need to stretch my legs and grab some coffee." I have crossed the pond with less effort.... BTW, I use the default GPS500 strictly as a moving map... it does the job. She's immersive...
  13. Greg- Tell me more please.... apparently one has to use another set of compatible (?) navdata (alternate GPS) to get AIRAC cycle upgrades... is this a smooth and reliable process? It is one of the reasons I haven't purchased the F1 GTN thus far... Ta- C
  14. Instead of the immediate opine...I would urge at least moment of pause. Take a look at what comes forth, the photos, the reviews, the videos... even some of the drivel I produce. Then, decide if one singular facet of this simulation is your Rubicon. I will hazard a guess, that after reflection, the sum total of this release will provide argument against that position. The more I fly this thing, the better I like it. In conversations lately, I keep going back to the phrase, "It's just big enough and just small enough." My heart will always belong to 4 RB-211s and the -436 airframe, but an occasional interlude such as this along the way, hasn't been unwelcome. If you enjoyed her in FSX, you will love her in P3d (at least I do). The full-package (the sim, the Wx, the graphics, the scenery etc.) all combine to deliver a delightful experience. I have deleted all my other sims, leaving only Prepar3D v4. In my estimation, that is the way forward. What I understand, and fully accept, is that each person will arrive at a decision that works for them. I have never understood the non-inclusive spirit in Flight Simulation. We are lucky to have options, and 2017 has been a particularly fortuitous year. All I can say for certain is that this airframe, in it's current state (without the FMC) works for me. It keeps me so occupied in pre-flight, departure, climb, cruise, descent, approach and landing that I haven't even a single moment to wish for anything else. After you manage these engines, and fly a complex SID, a 7 minute level segment, a STAR and approach to minimums on raw data, and then shutdown (on the locks); all within a single hour, you won't miss anything- promise! With only a few hours away from the salt mines each day, when I can loose myself in the long, delirious burning blue, that complete occupation is a good thing indeed. I rely on my beloved G-CIVX, to put out my hand, and touch the face of God. Give her time, she will repay you with contentment.
  15. Scott- I flew a Musketeer around Florida for a bit in another lifetime... lucky you! Yes, v3 is also in the works.