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  1. The Advanced Route Editor in PFPX allows you to permanently exclude FIRs... FWIW.
  2. Tony- Absolutely not. I use FSUIPC for all axis' assignments and calibrations. Please look at your .ini file with a text editor. Sometimes, it is best if you just delete (after backup) and start fresh. There is something amiss in your configuration... assign the axis and calibrate once you are sure there is nothing interacting. FSUIPC is a very powerful program, and as such, requires care with setup/configuration. Most of my errors are caused by the git flying... ;) HTH- C
  3. Guenter- I’ve been waiting for this!! Ta Mate! C
  4. Ok, sorry, I thought you referenced another, however, reading more carefully this time, I realize it was a CH. Still, they do show up on eBay sometimes.....if you are so inclined. Hope you get it sorted. C
  5. Greg- I have 6 separate PFC quadrants I swap out on and off my PFC console, depending on which a/c I am flying. I keep separate FSUIPC.ini files for each so there is no confusion... might solve your woes... HTH- C
  6. I am particularly interested in comparisons with Orbx Trees, as I already use that product.... Ta! C
  7. Perhaps re-try with Dynamic Lighting un-ticked.... HTH
  8. Simply copy your FSUIPC.ini over from the prior edition. No muss, no fuss. Mouse macros are the only present limitation. Yes, I believe the update is well worth it.
  9. May I suggest a long walk, after which you open a ticket? Paul, Ryan and Kyle are amongst the very best in assisting customers with their products, and I have no doubt they will have you sorted. The effort is worth it- Pete and Alex’s work is brilliant. Hang in there! C
  10. Tim & Perry- Glad you like the thread.... Pete does stellar work (but anyone who's ever flown a PMDG airframe already know that). That site is pure gold for anyone wanting to re-create schedules from yesteryear.... HUGELY comprehensive and well done.... C
  11. Having stumbled across an absolutely wonderful historic airliner timetable site ( I did some digging a few months ago during the DC-6 Beta, and asked Pete (the repaint Maestro) to paint up a -6B in Alaskan Airlines colors.... I've fallen in love with the Orbx world, and plan on recreating the entire route system as portrayed in this image from the site cited above. After the flurry surrounding the release, Pete very kindly provided this incredible creature to whisk me from Orbx Portland (how fortuitous) to the far reaches of the Orbx Alaska World. Simply superb stuff! I was so taken with this beauty, that I had to share... these angles are not typical, but I hope they portray what you would see if you were fortunate enough to be able to clamber around a -6B long enough to get oil on your clothes.... I never got to fly in these beauties IRL, but this last shot illustrates the lingering I would have done at the top of the stairs, for one last look at that lovely wing, before slipping into the cabin for the journey.... Pete knocks each of his paints for a six, and this one is very special to me.... ta mate! Between this, the Blue Canoe (still grateful Alex) and the (hopefully) soon to come Orbx Alaska destinations... I shall be able to endure the Florida Summer (which runs for 8 months of the year BTW) by ferrying Cargo and Annoying Cargo in the Alaskan Climes.... :) C PS- Remember to click and expand each photo to full 4K.
  12. I use it with each PMDG airframe. I like the CDU appearance on my iPads and they provide full and instant functionality. The team has been a bit busy with other projects, and thus have spent a bit less time on the forum, but they answer email, provide support, and even with this latest v4 transition, worked hard and fast to support it. I wouldn't hesitate.....
  13. Sent from my iPhone
  14. This is the other forum I frequent.... a GREAT bunch.... thought I'd share a little thank-you for the repaint....! C