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  1. REX is the Problem maybe, because they told me exactly the same, as you guys said with cloud.fx. They changed it to 0.65 instead of 5. I will Change the value and test it out, if my fps will rise to the amount of fps I get before their update.
  2. So with changing this value inside cloud fx file massive Frame drop fixed and fps increase?
  3. Hi Damian, thx for your Response. :-) What do you mean exactly? I decreased my upper visibility. What shall I do exactly? Shall I run ASN with Standard pre defined Settings? Thx very much for your help. Kind regards, Tom
  4. Hello dev team, you did an awesome job so far, but not with latest build 5921... I have stable 51 fps before updating to 5921. I have 25 fps lost with thunderstorm, rain, fog and some clouds, never had fps drops before build 5921! On ground 51 fps with heavy weather, when looking at clouds in wingview or vc 25 fps loss, that can't be, seriously. No fps hit before update in same weather, scenery, addons whatever, I tested it. Some guys in fb groups also have the same fps drops aswell. So, I am NOT the only one having this Performance problem. So please check it and patch this issue. Thx a lot guys for your incredible work so far, but this issue has to be resolved. Kind regards, Tom Weigandt
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