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AA New Livery

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There's just something that looks "over the top" with the way AA chose to display the flag, perhaps because the entire horz. stab is covered plus some of the fuse as well. BA and Emirates do display their flags, but I feel they are more understated.



I think it's the shininess of the flag that's a bit in your face. Indeed many national airlines have their flags on the tail, BA, Swiss, Alitalia, Aeroflot, Air Malta, Korean, Ethiopian, Saudia, Malev, Air France, Air Canada. Nothing wrong with national colours or symbols on your aircraft, heck we've a giant shamrock painted on our tail, but the tail on the new AA livery just comes across a little brass and bold and a bit of an eyesore.


I think part of it may be the fact that it's only a small part or section of the flag, and if that's the size of that portion, then you get the image of this ginormous flag if you picture the flag in its entirety, which is also a bit overbearing. Other carriers tend to put the whole flag on the tail, or a stylised version of it anyways, not just a small part of it.


Maybe we just need to let it grow on us...




Rónán O Cadhain.


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looks "over the top" with the way AA chose to display the flag


I agree it looks hideous, but it would look that way no matter what flag they used. A lot of American's employees think the livery looks like a Greyhound bus. Probably fitting, considering what the airline indusrty has become these days.


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I really liked the 1968 logo. It seemed so clean, elegant, and simple. I do not really like how airlines are moving towards friendlier, curvier fonts and logos. While it might seem more inviting to the passenger, I like the sense of professionalism stiffer fonts bring.


My opinion about the actual livery (as described on another thread):

I think this new livery does not make good use of color. The fuselage is largely bland, with exception of the tail, which contrasts excessively and is almost disorganized with so many colored regions, lines, and shapes. I prefer the nicely unified stripes and shiny metal of the old livery.


Especially in gate line-ups, I think the old tail design would look nicer than the rather horizontally linear new one, but I am guessing that I will get used to it, as I have with the new United livery.

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Looks like a colgan air livery!


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Remember American cannot keep the current metallic exterior as newer planes such as the 787 do not have a metallic fuselage.




That explains a lot. When I worked for AMR, I was told that one of the advantage of not painting the aircrafts was the advantage of saving weight.. Paint weighs a tonne.


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I like the logo, I hate the tail. Ugh.


This. The rest is simple and elegant. The tail is kind of jarring mess by comparison. But, we will get used to it.


Doug Orvis



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To be honest, I'm just glad they didn't head towards the whole white approach, the amount of airlines that use white as the base color is just sickening!

I think it looks nice, the tail could look amazing if they just tweaked it a little. On the 737, it looks just awful that they didn't even carry the stripes onto the dorsal fin, making the flag look like some sort of triangle, ewww!

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Wow, I'm not an American by any means but besides the plane and the airline, the patriotic'ness of the clip really moved me!


I am an American and it moved me as well. There are not many airlines still around that were in business in 1968. That's also a long time to go without a change in trade dress. I like it!

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When I first saw the new livery this morning and was not feeling it. I had the opportunity to see it in person and it was pretty nice.

The light gray on the fuselage has a nice "pearl effect" to it.



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Can one of our talented FS painters show us how it should have been done! hehe


You already have one above...


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The more I see it the more I like it. The tail is neat, but the logo needs to be reworked. Ick.

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