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This Is The Impact of MSFS 2020

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2 hours ago, Glenn Fitzpatrick said:

yeah she is the real deal,

The point I was making is not everything on YouTube is some mindless influencer talking nonsense 😄 

She even has Ian Paice the drummer from Deep purple complementing her. on her cover of burn ...


Hehe....I think when you have the guy who made the drum piece famous playing air drums to YOU playing it on real drums, you've pretty much succeeded....dontcha' think?  Me does.

But who the heck is Ian to rate her drumming of his song?  Mic Drop.

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Steve Dra

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18 minutes ago, RICHUK said:

 Adapt or be left behind LOL.

Actually, I think there is more than a bit of truth to this.

Have you noticed, that in what was once the preeminent Library/Repository of aviation-simulation freeware, almost none of the copious amounts of new freeware being produced for the MSFS is showing up here?

It shouldn't be a big surprise. The forum has not changed, and the world has.

New, flashy young sites with exploding numbers of members are erupting.

The world has changed, yet a large portion of the community remains like the Galapagos: a microcosm of the past.

I've been speculating to myself for months how much relevance the forum will be able to retain amongst actual newcomers to the hobby; Unfortunately, I suspect a lot of the common dismissive banter about gamers, youtubers, and just about anything that smacks of youth will pretty much act like garlic to vampires, as far as curious young visitors.

We'll see.

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8 hours ago, HiFlyer said:

Most people would say that about lifting a toy plane in the air and then landing it... Again and again...

You won the internet today! Freaking phenomenal dude! Love it


Matt kubanda

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2 hours ago, Javiz said:

You're kidding, right ?

Any of these ring a bell ? :  Billy Cobham, David Garribaldi, Steve Gadd, Lenny White, Bob Moses, Bernard Purdie, Ginger Baker, Stewart Copeland,  Alphonse Mouzon, Keith Carlock, Pete DePoe, Dino Danelli, Ainsley Dunbar, Dave Weckl, Mike Shrieve, Mitch Mitchell, Omar Hakim, Dennis Chambers, Harvey Mason to name but a few. Not to forget  Max Roach, Roy Haynes, Thad Jones, Elvin Jones, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Earl Palmer, Albert Heath,Tony Williams, Jack De Johnette, Joe Morello, Art Blakey, Al Foster, Connie Kay etc and so on. (that's off the top of my head).

It's true that this  drumming girl video contribution does have a place here because it painfully shows that she knows as much about drumming as these Jenna and iJustine girls know about flying, be it even virtually. What she should do is stop making these ridiculous videos and join a marching band as a drummer. Then she will learn and practise all these paradiddles for starters. With years of learning and practise she just might become an artist some day..

My how fast she got to that point: https://marshall.com/live-for-music/artist-insights/behind-the-sticks-with-sian-monaghan

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5 hours ago, BigDee said:

that`s one of the indications that things are going the wrong way in our society. 


Yup, young women doing their thing, being creative, with millions of followers, making money...something is terribly wrong with our society.

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4 hours ago, langly said:

A bunch of old geezers in this thread who are out of touch with the current gaming community and who think their way is the only way.

lol ... substitute "motorcycle" for "gaming" and you have the reason Harley Davidson are struggling.

Anytime they come up with a new design that actually might attract younger riders, it gets shot down by the current riders who are mainly old geezers that get tears in their eyes whenever the 60's are mentioned 😄 

Basically ... Harley have painted themselves in the corner, they sell to a niche market which is getting progressively smaller as their pace-makers stutter and fail, but attempts to introduce new models with broader appeal get shown down as "selling out the great Harley Davidson heritage".

What makes this doubly ironic is there are brands out there like Moto Guzzi and Royal Enfield that still sell models that date back to the 60's whereas, yes Harley do make nice bikes but, like Triumph, they are definitely fake retro.

Edited by Glenn Fitzpatrick

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2 hours ago, LarryD said:

Since you asked.....the only name above I ever heard of is Buddy Rich, the others are unknowns to me.  My assumption is those are folks you considered to be "real drummers".

Good for you!


Well, i'm sorry i brought it up because it kinda breaks my heart. Good thing it's Off Topic.Lesson learned. Don't talk about music around here in these hangars. 

Just saw a quiz show. 3 players.( all about 30-40 ). Question: what do you know about Amelia Earhart. One player : a defender of women's right in the US. Stop. Upon their turn the other 2 :  Pass....

More often then before it makes me feel like a caller in the desert. Or just old... 😟




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I dont think its fair to judge all female youtubers by these two examples.. they obviously both out of their depths .There are plenty of successful female youtubers who have what might be considered more substance and more educational subjects.

Atleast this wasnt some sensational hype video like  , I ordered everything on the menu and fed it to my hamster , or I gave all my money to strangers , or i put my face in a blender to see what would happen.

Even so you have to give them credit for finding a formula that allows them to be self employed and make oodles of money without having to answer to someone else.

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4 hours ago, Chock said:

What's probably really upsetting the hardcore simmers, is the fact that someone who doesn't really care about flight sims got sent a load of freebie fancy controllers that they'll probably end up shoving in their garage. 🤣

I don't fall  into the hardcore simmer category but I unashamedly resemble that remark!😄

But lest anyone interpreted my original post as criticising MS's approach to gaining cheap promotion, my comment of "Pure marketing" was a positive appraisal of their marketing nous. Just because I have little interest in the vast majority of vlogging (or often even the very concept of it at times), doesn't mean I  can't see the value of it in the world of promotion.


I won't, however, ever be likely to subscribe to anyone described as an 'influencer'.🤢😉

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5 hours ago, DJJose said:

As a DJ who knows something about copyright law, I'm shocked at what some people get away with these days on YT.


AFAIK, all the money 💰 goes to the copyright owner and not to the interpret. Therefore I 🤔 people get away with this. 🤩


Sometimes I have to admit to myself:
"Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses"


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2 minutes ago, 109Sqn said:
  4 hours ago, Chock said:

What's probably really upsetting the hardcore simmers, is the fact that someone who doesn't really care about flight sims got sent a load of freebie fancy controllers that they'll probably end up shoving in their garage. 🤣

More like a subscriber giveaway..lol  thats gonna end up going to someones brother or father or Ebay.

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Why do we always make those assumptions? It could just as well be going to charity. I only watched the iJustine video; perhaps she'll even keep it and use it occasionally.

In the world of computer component reviews - and I get that this is altogether different, fire and forget - the equipment is virtually always returned to the manufacturer.

Edit: also, with respect to the chap who ended up on an ignore list because of his drumming comment, I think the underlying point was that it's easier to reproduce than to create. I say this because one of my loves in life is progressive metal and progressive rock so I frequent various forums and often see those sorts of comments (progsnobbery is a real thing, too, just like simsnobbery!). On Avsim, though, the comment felt out of place without the underlying music forum context (and it did still come across as a little unkind, regardless). There are many of those sorts of performers on YouTube, so much amazing natural ability whether it's on guitar, drums, bass, whatever. I've been playing guitar for, what, 32 years?, and my ability is nowhere near, nowhere near!, that of some 12 year olds. It's incredible. I genuinely wish I had a 1/4 of their natural ability! It's always fascinating to see if and what they can create themselves, though. I suppose that's very broadly analogous to saying about Messi, "but can he do it on a wet, windy Tuesday night in Stoke?" (side note: no need to ask about Ronaldo, we already know he can 😎)

Edited by spacedyemeerkat

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Seems like the impact of MSFS has now made this a girl's music forum ..

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"Onward & Upward" ...
To the Stars, & Beyond... 

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Microsoft prolly comped her a bunch of hardware. I say that because they certainly did to this Youtuber too. Notice she got the same TM pendulum pedals!! free of course... This is a totally different person (with the same business plan apparently).



Edited by Fielder

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