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  1. Hello Jean-Luc, Is this available now? It looks like it is very good. Thank you, Bob
  2. Thank you for posting this. Great news. Bob
  3. I thought we were not supposed to be posting armchair litigation about P3D's EULA in the Avsim forums.
  4. This is why I was asking. It says works in P3D v2 and higher, but I understand that P3Dv4 might not be considered the same simulation since it is 64bit. After using P3Dv4, it surprises me that anyone at all, is still using older versions. I still have P3Dv3.4 on my computer, but as soon as some of the very good addon aircraft upgrade, it will be trashed. Bob
  5. Sorry to hear that. Look forward to seeing it work in P3D4
  6. I notice that my FPS is running low since I installed Black Marble, I wonder if I need to turn off Orbx Vector also.
  7. It gets plenty of good lovin' from me. I love the 717
  8. Hello Chuck, Does this DC9 work in P3Dv4? Thank you, Bob
  9. P3DV4

    Beautiful! Looks real.
  10. P3D?

    Welcome to Avsim! Very nice looking setup. I was just wondering why your not using P3Dv4? Does v3 work better for what you are doing? Bob
  11. Thank you for letting us know this. I've been flying the CRJ a lot lately, so this is very helpful. I do send Derek a few bucks every now and then. He has a great service with Simbrief, that I use a lot. well worth helping him out with it. Thank you, Bob
  12. Very nice video. Thank you for posting it. I have it, but am not using it yet, but I'm keeping my eye on it.
  13. Hello Chris, I'm just curious. Since I have been buying the 2 years of service on all of the products that I purchased so far, will I still get the three months of free service that comes with the product? It seems like I shouldn't loose it because I've been purchasing the paid service. My paid service plan should start after the 3 months is over, don't you think? Thank you, Bob
  14. That's encouraging! ...and X-Plane11 nights are pretty impressive, so that's saying a lot.
  15. Well, I'm going to have to eat my words. I just went shopping at Chris Bell's store and just about emptied the shelves. He explained to me about the support system and his logic and, although it is a little different, it sounds like the product support will be worth it. I can't wait to get everything installed tonight and see how it looks. I was flying my CRJ from Aerosoft in the night yesterday, and thinking that what I was seeing wasn't too impressive. That's all going to change tonight. I believe Chris' products will make night flying in P3Dv4, a real thrill. Bob