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  2. vgbaron

    Proflight Simulator Scammers back at it

    That's a GREAT point Luke. I think we all forget sometimes that many people use their phones etc to read the posts and that some fonts don't display properly. Vic
  3. feh_pexoto

    URP v1.1 wanted dead or alive

    Oh geez, I saw this on Google and thougth it was a scam site... Gosh, you guys are amazing, thanks a lot!
  4. Since you already have a cloudmaker, you need XVision for pretty.
  5. Paraffin

    Active Sky For XP-11?

    You don't have to position that slider, because it's bypassed when you tell X-Plane to use a custom METAR.rwx in the weather settings page (which is what ActiveSky needs to work). That weather panel will always show "Clear" when you have a custom Metar enabled and ActiveSky takes over the weather injection. So you can just ignore it.
  6. itsjase

    Tomatoshade not working properly

    get reflection profiles from here, default ones probably arent up to date
  7. MattDavies

    Cannot Apply Preset

    You can close PTA once you've successfully applied the preset.
  8. itsjase

    URP v1.1 wanted dead or alive
  9. heightsmite

    URP v1.1 wanted dead or alive

    Googled and got this:
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hello folks! I'm Felipe, from Brazil, and I'm new in here. I've been trying to make my P3D more realistic, and have been adding lots of addons (FSGU_NG, ORBX, SF, PTA, ReShade, aircrafts, and so on...) Then, I saw this video below. I'm trying to reproduce it exactly like that. But unfortunately, it's based on URP v1.1 "lightroom.fx", which I just can't find a link do download. Can someone help me? PS: Pilot Pete, your presets are just great!
  12. virtuali

    Installing GSX Level 1

    Not time limited, but location limited. Both L1 and L2 features in GSX will always work, with no limitations: - In 3 Trial airports ( LIML, EDDM and KSFO ) - All FSDT airports
  13. byork, Question/request, would it be possible to either have the FO set the taxi/landing lights on or off via a voice command, or as a runway entry procedure? I would like to limit the number of items where I have to use my mouse, and I can't find a way with the MaddogX to program a button. If not possible I understand, I know you have a lot on your plate. Thanks for a great product. Larry Gabriel
  14. pedrotrindade

    Hello everyone

    Welcome aboard!
  15. pedrotrindade

    Single shot of the queen

    What a beauty!
  16. I agree with you, it is far too expensive. But the reason we see such high costs is because many of these items are made one at a time by hand instead of being mass produced. If you do an Internet search for joysticks, you'll find excellent quality joysticks with a twist rudder on them for under $25 USD and thls can be fone because they are mass produced. Additilnally, much of the available flight deck hardware is made in locations where cost of ljving is much higher than other countries. Ours is a wonderful, feature rich hobby, but as far as business concerns we are a very small communityand one that demands very high fidelity and realism. Higher costs are unfortunately part of our dynamic. There is Nother issue with building a flightdeck, and that is that you're locked in to one aircraft type and you miss out on other incredible aircraft. One way I thought of to combat both the high costs and being locked into kne aircraft is to build a touch screen flight deck. I started sourcing this about 10 years ago and was ready to move forward when I found two established companys working on the same thing, unfortunately neithet seems to have made it and they had a better chance than I may have had. Add Virtual Reality to the mix means investors might find this type of prohect too risky and I would have to agree. Best wishes and enjoy your project!
  17. Hi Paraffin I interested in your use of Active Sky with Default XP clouds After setting your Cloud selection in Active Sky-what do you do with the Weather slider in X Plane Where do you position it? xxd09
  18. Luke

    Proflight Simulator Scammers back at it

    The font looks different depending on the platform. It's near illegible on an iPad. Cheers!
  19. Nev and Colonel X, Thanks for your replies guys. Nev, I have not tried to save it through Avitab but, sadly, for me, it looks as though I will have to wait. A wonderful aircraft with so few flaws and such great complexity and detail. I really do hope that these items are indeed on the "to be fixed list" Another couple of things though. At this time, I find that in the route planning pages, if I put in a runway (in the first page) when I get to the Departures/Arrivals page I get no SIDS ... I assume this is applicable to all departure airports. My temporary solution is to leave that blank in the first route page and then I find that I can assign a SID and then a runway in Dep/Arr page. then go back to route and assign the runway. Not completely satisfactory but at least it works. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong. I also notice that when I use "Better Pushback" after the push back starts the Parking break is no longer functional, even though when I assign parking brake it shows as set in the Throttle screen. The aircraft moves forward when the truck disconnects. Lastly, and please note that at this time, I have not tested this in anything but the Aerobask DA42 and the Zibo. I have assigned a Saitek Throttle quadrant lever (axis) to landing gear. This works well with the DA42 but not with the Zibo. Any ideas on that?? Thanks again guys for your responses and your further kind and generous help is requested. Regards Tony
  20. glider1

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    I've had to do a compromise with EF because I'm in VR on a 2080ti/Rift CV1. I was loosing too many frames and it was stuttering. So what i did was go back to ENVSHADE and ASCA and only use EF for smoothing, scene lighting and water control in auto. The fps problem I had with with using EF and SF textures were that cloud morphing can have a significant impact and the minimum cloud res of 512 is too high - I need 256 which ASCA/ENVSHADE provides. But EF is still useful for controlling scene lighting in auto and being able to make real time adjustments.
  21. lownslo

    Proflight Simulator Scammers back at it

    Thanks for the HU, John. Greg
  22. Very nice! I used to work at Warton. I left about 20 years ago. I use another Night Environment product (not ORBX), and VFR Real 3D photo scenery for the UK.
  23. Michael Moe

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    And David wisdom we found again :-) EF is good allthough my port 19284 with ASP4 is giving me a hard time the FPS and visual is back up again here in 4.4 I know you are on 4.5 so i will leave my comment here but thanks for the client deal Michael Moe
  24. could be a little more red, less orange, but a great paint nonetheless. Long Live the Ferrari. As a side note, bless Niki's soul, RIP.
  25. ZXR-7R

    Single shot of the queen

    great shot
  26. As a follow up on my landings at Paro, I decided to do a full flight from Kathmandu, Nepal to Paro, Bhutan. The landing was unfortunately bouncy as I hadn't flown this approach for some time.
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