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  2. P_7878

    Big Cat

    Beautiful shots, plane and desert!
  3. P_7878

    SDLP to SSUM

    Lovely pictures, glad, you're making most use of this nice KA350...
  4. Sethos1988

    UT LIVE application keeps ctd

    That was exceedingly unhelpful.
  5. I used to often fly this (FW) SIM aircraft, a long while ago, and just noticed, today, a newer version of this classic plane in the library (for FSX/P3DV4) - with 16 classic liveries in the package. I thought would share a few snapshots of those nice (old-fashioned) repaints of this remarkable aircraft. Howard 500 was the ultimate Piston Bizplane, but it had arrived a bit too late on the consumer scene. Along with its luxurious, spacious, and well-appointed interior cabin, it was one last hooray of the (glorious) Piston era. It was the world’s last production radial-engine passenger transport and the most advanced piston twin ever built, civil or military. Most people assumed, upon learning the plane was called Howard 500, that the (famed) Howard Hughes, of the Howard Aircraft Company, was involved. But, the design was actually the brain-child of Dee Howard, another classic American entrepreneur, inventor, pioneer, self-taught engineer, and founder of Howard Aero Inc. Born in California, in 1915, Dee Howard, moved to San Antonio, TX, before he was 2. He never finished ninth grade and went to work at age 15 in an automotive shop. Within a year, he found a job as an aircraft mechanic’s helper and quickly climbed up the ladder of aviation jobs and FAA ratings to become a staff for Braniff Airlines. During the 1950s/1960s, Howard Aero Inc. was already manufacturing military surplus of the Lockheed Lodestars and Lockheed Venturas for the executive market. Howard 500 had evolved from these variants (some resemblance but a significantly new design). Howard 500 first flew in September 1959, and it used the propeller derivative engines of those used on DC-6/DC-7 (the famous P&W R-2800, arguably the most remarkable piston aircraft engine ever built). However, by the time, Howard 500's certification was achieved in 1963, the executive market was already dominated with newer turboprop entrants, and it could not establish a viable foot-hold in the market. Only 22 samples were produced. Today, only two are reportedly still flying. The aircraft and liveries, here, are due to Milton Shupe and Team. You've probably seen/flown these in the past, but, anyway, thanks for viewing, and hopefully enjoy these pictures one more time. [FW(Howard-500),MSE(Hawaii),REX]
  6. expat

    Hot starts with Bill's mods

    Crystal clearly expressed procedures. Also very interesting and fun part of flying/simming. This should be a sticky somewhere. Saving it as a reference in a text.file for my many PT-6 aircraft. Many thanks for taking the time Bill.
  7. MattDavies


    Just to confirm, when you're running it as administrator, you are RIGHT CLICKING > Run as Administrator? Failing that, do you have UAC turned off? If not, turn that off.
  8. I also use FFTF Dynamic with FPS locked at 30 works great for my setup.
  9. mpw8679

    P3D v4 recommended PC specs?

    Of course I saw an on screen improvement. I would not make a recommendation if I didn’t. From what my eyes tell me the 40-45% improvement is correct.
  10. Greetings Tim
  11. Yes, I can read basically everything to a large degree -almost-, except the values in the FCU (ie., altitude) and the contents of the MCDU and some other stuff. If you have the registered version of FSUIPC, you can actually see the L vars available via the logging function. That's what we can read.
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  13. charliearon

    Recent Topics side menu - AWOL

    Yep, on main Forums page only 😉
  14. RXP


    @mikeat Hi, we only offer technical support via the forum as indicated in our website. You might want to post your questions here. If you're looking for information prior purchasing, the forum has 12000+ messages and you might want to try the search option: most questions are already answered usually too.
  15. JoeFackel

    UT LIVE application keeps ctd

    Search for it, rename it and then start UTL Dashboard, it will be rebuild automatically. Have you ever opened one of UTLs xml (repaints.xml, ui_setting.xml) with notepad? You only should edit them with Notepad++ or similiar editor, others can change the encoding which will lead to problems.
  16. Ive got the XP reality 430 and 530 in the Aerosoft Twin Otter - is the Flight1 430 & 530 a straight plug in??
  17. Hi, and thank you for your kind words! Is it possible you're trying to render the GTN onto an existing gauge screen on the panel, and this gauge screen has an embedded 3D cockpit clickspot there? If this is the case, X-Plane will intercept the click for the 3D model prior the GTN plugin gets any notification of the click?!
  18. Fabrice

    X Plane ATIS

    This is great information. I will finally be able to listen to a correct ATC. Thanks a lot !! Fabrice
  19. Ron Attwood

    Golden Eagle

    You're not looking hard enough. But thanks.
  20. GTN_750_1 is the 'code' to say: a GTN, model 750, unit #1 (as opposed to a unit #2). This is the encoded section name for this device in the RealityXP.GTN.ini file too, and the encoded name you'd find illustrated several places in the User's Manual. This is also the same name (without the '_') which displays atop the Configuration Panel. So, were you using a GTN 750 Unit #1 or Unit #2 in this aircraft?
  21. John_Tavendale

    Air Canada 777-300er new livery

    Hi Rajan, You can find some here:
  22. hi steve, sorry posted wrong link, you are right regards
  23. HighBypass

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    As a quick & dirty rule - meshes first, then regional photoreal, then local stuff If you happen to obtain other mesh scenery after you have installed everything, then no big deal. Just make sure that the meshes are once again below the other types.
  24. expat

    Golden Eagle

    You are a star. Not a discrepancy to be found either!
  25. RXP

    PC12 gauges click spots

    Thank you for sharing the screenshot, this helps, and makes me wonder: have you tried "Use Legacy Mouse Knob Handling" ? You'd get a single encompassing click spot for the 3 actions. Thus you'd use left mouse button (CCW), right mouse button (CW), middle mouse button (push) instead.
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