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  2. Bert Pieke

    Advice needed with trouble shooting

    I did not study it, but disabled all VFR landmarks, except for: Greenhouses, Sheds, Windmills, Bridges
  3. OK, I restored the Commander. Not sure what you want me to do with "the two entries loaded by the dll.xml". I'm sorry to be so thick on this but I,m in fairly unknown stuff now. I have a Windows media thumb drive ready to do a "clean Install" of Windows if necessary. Again, thanks for taking your time to help on this! T
  4. IAhawkeyeDDS

    Moment Plane crashed at Lukla Airport

    What’s an interesting coincidence is two of the fatalities in the Lukla crash were inside the helicopter in which the Twotter collided into.
  5. Welcome to the editing (and often frustrating) process 😉 I just replied to your PM. Jean-Luc summed up the key elements accurately. I'm afraid without a better structure for the files and cockpit objects, the only way to achieve a decent instruments swap is to fiddle with the existing files without access to the original files (owned by the respective developers). And as you mentioned the import plugins fail to parse the complete data for the objects (I used both Blender and AC3D for my mod(s)). I don't own the B200, but based on your screenshots, it's likely you'd have to create new 3D planes for the screens, with an appropriate UV mapping.
  6. UAL4life

    Please post the solution

    Can this be stickied?
  7. I am having trouble getting the Texture Filtering and Texture Resolution settings to maintain the values I have saved them at - they keep automatically changing to other settings when I load P3D at another time. I have saved and re-saved many times but my settings keep getting changed - why - can someone help me?
  8. jabloomf1230

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    I hope that you weren't really serious about that and that's a rhetorical question. LM staff have stated a bunch of times publicly that the flight sim community is a target audience, among others. It's certainly not their flagship market like the Pro Plus version and other specialized land-based combat derivatives (see the readily available official LM videos on the Internet with links that have posted a number of times on AVSim). But the hundreds of thousands of Academic and Pro seats that have been licensed provide LM with a test bed that is invaluable. They have also stated from time to time that their first priority is making the sim work correctly on a variety of hardware configurations without the added burden of using 3rd party add-ons. Now, if someone wants to make an argument that the stock version of P3d4 is not suitable for "real" flight simulation, that's their prerogative. But for the most part, their development partner program generally ensures that the common add-ons do work without problems. The problems do become apparent when a whole bunch of add-ons are combined with demanding IQ settings. That problem is beyond LM's control. And because LM works closely with their partners, it's unlikely that the base sim would be upgraded in a fashion that would put partners out of business. I laugh at the never ending posts on the official P3d forums, where a user asks LM to "fix the ATC". There are what, 5 ATC add-ons that work with P3d4? And there's almost as many weather injector add-ons. It's almost like some users don't realize that these add-ons exist. But getting back the subject at hand, the only real solutions to performance issues in any flight simulator is to either buy new hardware or turn down the IQ settings (which includes those settings found in complex add-ons). I wish that this wasn't true, but it's been true for at least a decade. And it keeps getting worse as users clamor for more features, eye candy and realism.
  9. ryanbatcund


    Wow! I also love the last pic!
  10. overspeed3

    Does PMDG have sales?

    I believe it's only when pigs fly... (Just kidding PMDG folks. You already got mucho $$$ from me and I do not regret it).
  11. ryanbatcund

    Sunset flight MYF-L35 = Awesome Flight

    Beauty... there's a classic addon right there!
  12. itsjase

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, I don't think any explanation I give will satisfy you, so this will be my last response in this thread. It's nothing to do with the ESP engine, it's to do with how real-time applications use the CPU and GPU in general. I know you want a simple explanation, but there isn't one. Without a deep knowledge of low-level engine programming it's very difficult to explain the whys and hows. I've been trying to think of an analogy for it, but it's difficult. The best thing I've come up with is this. Think of a Pizza, and let the Pizza box be the sim. Cutting the pizza is done on the CPU, moving the slices off onto your plate is done on the GPU. To dynamically adjust GPU settings, all you have to do is move more or less slices onto your plate at a time, easy. To adjust CPU settings though, which is changing the number of slices, is not so easy. If you had 8 slices to begin with then realise that's too many slices for the CPU to handle, and that 6 slices would be better, you need to either get a new pizza or un-cut it, before cutting it into 6 slices. Unfortunately it's human nature to want to understand everything, and it's very hard to believe something you are told if it doesn't support your views or you don't understand it. This same phenomenon is why in this day and age we have flat-earth believers. The reality is we can't understand everything, if I read something posted by someone more knowledgeable in a certain area than myself, I'm inclined to believe it, even if I don't understand it.
  13. ryanbatcund

    The in the French Version

    Holy cow....can that little LSA even reach those altitudes hehe? Nice pics!
  14. Noel

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Or maybe they're methodology of evaluating the wants of their customers isn't perfect, and they're missing an opportunity to make the product noticeably better. No one likes stuttering animation and this is a global issue in that it has the potential to affect a wide range of scenarios and is not just another 'feature'. Whatever the real reason which could be many as to why we don't have this capability it ought to be prioritized. The shear amount of time people spend fiddling with this stuff might be entertaining for some but I think collectively it's a lot of low-yield time. Hakuna Matata!
  15. ryanbatcund

    Finally added RealityXP to my Xplane diet

    Very nice! Glad to see you've found RXP in XP11. This C550 is one jet I've contemplated buying for XP. I've also got it in P3D v4. But for now I'm awaiting the Aerobask Falcon 8x (with bated breath lol) Also in case you need more power there is a nice freeware mod for this at The Org... it's the Citation C550 Super II mod apparently...
  16. I don't typically post a lot of these... but tonite was just gorgeous. I did another online flight and looking at the weather (it was supposed to be a lower marine layer but ended not showing up), I elected to shoot the VOR-A into KSMO. So this was a flight from KSEE down by San Diego to Santa Monica, CA KSMO Approaching KLAX at 8000 ft Untitled-1 by ryan b, on Flickr Burbank 3 stacks at my 10 oclock Untitled-2 by ryan b, on Flickr Looking to the ENE I think that's Ontario, CA Untitled-3 by ryan b, on Flickr Being vectored to the WNW approaching the 212 inbound course for the SMO vor Untitled-4 by ryan b, on Flickr This time you can see KBUR to my 2 oclock Untitled-5 by ryan b, on Flickr First sight of KSMO...about 9 miles dead ahead (can you find it?) I just like this shot... it's so real...can be difficult to spot an airport in the real world this time of night. Untitled-6 by ryan b, on Flickr Can you spot KSMO now? (hint: I'm a little too high)... the sparkling lights of LAX off my 10 oclock. Untitled-7 by ryan b, on Flickr Taxi to parking for the night! Hope you enjoyed some different shots! Untitled-9 by ryan b, on Flickr
  17. John_Cillis

    I might have asked this before, but for 2019....

    I've made my computer sound card into a synthesizer and instrument emulator, using a free program called Cantabile and plugin's called VST's, that emulate the keyboards of today and yesterday, like the Arp 2600, the Mini and Micro Moog, the Yamaha DX7, the Korg, the Casio and many more. Also drumkits I have, I can bang away like Phil Collins (my teenage neighbors go crazy, thinking I have a music studio in my apartment, but essentially that is what my Nvidia sound card allows). Computer sound cards of today are amazing in what they can do, we hear jet noises and prop noises, etc when we are simming, but they can do so much more. Even cell phones can perform with VST's, but I prefer my computer keyboard. I published just one weird, off hand New Agey song on Drooble, a place where independent musicians can share their skills, and many of us are around my age--40, 50, 60 even beyond. Because everyone dreams of going back to their youth and being a music star, and it is said that pilots seem to have a passion for music because of their mathematical knowledge when it comes to navigation. My favorite instrument is the steel pan, just something so metallic yet melodic about its laid back beach sound. John
  18. Today
  19. Benjamin J

    Advice needed with trouble shooting

    Thanks all for the comments and suggestions. Much appreciated! Truth be told, it's because of constrictive discussions like this that I keep coming back to Avsim! Let me disable the sheds and get back to you... If things don't change for the better I'll post my prepar3d.cfg, though I deleted my original one and had P3D generate a new one, so there shouldn't be anything weird in it. Some very insightful comments, thanks Bob! I'm using P3D's frame limiter. I have it set to 30FPS, though my monitor is at 60Hz. I do seem to have a provision to set it to "30Hz, Interlaced", but it looks awful. The display becomes all fidgety and quite irritating to look at. I'm not too sure about a hardware frame limiter, where could I find this? Dynamic FFTF is something I'd been thinking of acquiring for a while now. I never really went for it as I felt my computer was generally doing okay at the graphics settings that I generally went with. Like I said, OrbX TE NL used to run quite well. At this point, and especially keeping in mind areas such as LA and NYC, FFTF might be worth looking into. As it happens it's on sale now - so I ent ahead and bought it and will give it a whirl. You might need to explain to me how scenery loading and FPS are connected though, because it's not entirely clear to me how I can get 30FPS but see blurries over OrbX TE NL, but at the same time have my computer struggle at 10FPS on the canarsie approach into JFK? Does it have to do with a multithreaded approach to the former, and a unithreaded approach to the latter? But I agree that this doesn't appear to be a hardware issue anymore. I feel somewhat stupid not to have checked OrbX TE NL performance before switching to the i7, as it would have clarified a lot. All I can say now is that there was zero difference in performance at the NYC area - not in FPS or blurries. Hence I will return the i7, as I'm not going to mes around with Windows or P3D at this point in time. Simply no time or patience. And if that's what I need to do to get the benefit out of the i7, then it can wait a while until P3Dv5 comes out... Bert, this is some important information that I had not considered. Last time I flew the PMDG 747 over TE NL was back in November 2018. I'm not sure when 1.1 was released (EDIT: looked it up, and it was March 1st 2019, so some four months after I last used OrbX TE NL!), but it's certainly possible that it came out after I did that flight. I'll certainly try disabling some of those options. Are there any particular ones that are dragging down performance?
  20. I saw a review of the Carenado C550 for Xplane11, which I have for P3DV4.4, and I decided to get it just so I could integrate RealityXP's GPS into the sim, which you can see in one of the screenshots. I love it, information at your fingertips, it adds a new sense of immersion into my flying as I enjoy Xplane11 and simming in general. I've been gradually drifting away from P3DV4 not that I do not like it, it just seems I have a broader envelope of flying I can explore in Xplane11, from a low and slow powered parachute to a single stage to orbit freeware add on I found. I won't be removing P3DV4, I have too much invested there and I do not want to lose that, but I am enjoying the expansion of my Xplane11 experience. John
  21. dave2013

    Does PMDG have sales?

    I've personally never seen any PMDG sales. I think that Qualitywings may be the same in that they never offer sales on their products. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. This fits with what I have always perceived to be an arrogance on the part of the PMDG folks. They are simply "too good" to offer discounts. Which is why I'll be getting IFLY's 737s in the near future and not PMDG's. Dave
  22. Luke

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Believe it or not, I agree with you that it's likely not too complex, nor expensive - that's not my point. Like any other engineering team, I expect the P3D team has a list of prioritized features far in excess of their development/QA capacity. That means there are plenty of feasible features that aren't at the top of the priority list and aren't getting worked on now or in the next few releases. Cheers!
  23. mjrhealth

    Xplane 11.33 beta

    Remove te hKSEA demo folder from custom airports and put it somewhere safe, Than rerun update it shopuld replace teh folder. If it was briken it should work.
  24. I was looking as trying to use other voices in Pilot2ATC and discovered that along with David and Zira there is a Mark voice in Windows 10. But I cannot figure out how I can use this voice instead of David. Does anyone know how? The voice is already part of Windows 10 apparently.
  25. jmdriskell

    Does PMDG have sales?

    Only if you have money!
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