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  2. Thanks for the clarification... my meds must have kicked in 😉
  3. Which I can confirm. I made a test with Virtual Cockpit on vs. off even in a C172 time ago and if memory serves me right fps differed between ~22 and ~30 in the same situation. And, yes, I am watching out for those higher resolution VR sets, too. Kind regards, Michael
  4. That must be it. I've noticed, predictably, DRAMATICALLY better performance when there's no Virtual Cockpit and only the "view ahead". If I had space for it, I'd thought about a G1000 real hardware setup and only scenery on screen, but honestly what I'm really going to go back to is VR once these higher resolution headsets are out soon.
  5. ahh lol, I thought the meant to say he upgraded from FSX to P3D.. FSX products in P3D work in compatible backward mode, if it is not working anymore.. maybe it is time to get something designed for P3D. S.
  6. Hi, does anyone know how to assign a Saitek Yoke button to the teamspeak Push to talk function when using X Plane? Under P3D i can use FSUIPC for that. Unfortunately the program JoytoKey does not recognize my yoke. Therefore this is no option :( Im thankful for every idea! Best regards Andreas
  7. HumptyDumpty

    Big Cat

  8. BillS511

    PC12 gauges click spots

    @RXP I knew the mouse wheel is also the middle mouse button. No problem there. My error was not thinking that the inner knob click spot is also the button push. All is fine now. One of those senior moments.😖
  9. Arthur42417

    Overspeed since updating to 4.4 and 4.5.

    he mentions the aircraft in his post....default 737
  10. Which Aircraft? :) S.
  11. I have been using the FSX default B737-800 in P3D before version 4.4 and never got an overspeed while climbing at the set speed and rate of climb for this aircraft. Since updating to 4.4 and now 4.5 I get an overspeed warning and a high fuel consumption. I have checked the P3D cfg. file and the aircraft cfg. file and I can't find any reference to either of those. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. lknfly

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    FPS work fine on my side, (Unlocked FPS) I even dare to say that it goes smoother than the previous version which was going good as well... Only Orbx scenes by the way, no more... If there's a fix on our way, always good to take! Processor Intel (R) Core i7-6700 CPU @ 4.00GHz RAM 16,0 Go ,Window 8.1 Pro 64 bits, Nvidia 1080GTX, Screen LCD Philips 4K 127cm (50 inches),resolution 3840/2160 60htz, 8 Goflight modules,CH Product Yoke, throttles and rudders.
  13. I looked in the ini file and it says that I was using the 750_1. BTW, I took your advice and activated "Update Simulator GPS Waypoints" and now the G1000 displays all the legs of the flight plan. I have gotten it to work on the Diamond DA62 and the Epic E1000 so far and it is perfect.
  14. Thanks for the heads up
  15. Hi, I am running ver 11.32 and have noticed that all the default airports are full of static traffic, and most of the liveries should not be there, i.e "Qantas 747 and "Alaskan" at EGFF !. Not so much of a problem with addon airports as they give you an option to remove them. As I want to use World Traffic 3, I need to remove the default static. Please help. Thanks. John.
  16. Yeah I read about AIG manager but Im still 6 months away from buying a new rig so still here at FSX SE. Thanks I will take a look at the other 2
  17. New April profile for P3Dv 4.4/4.5 is out. The new V4.5 nightlighting really looks very good. Go to the first post to dl it..
  18. Regarding Traffic Global just be aware it has been and still is in early "early Access" one year after being released for public consumption. Lots of frustration there.
  19. Hello, I just purchased FS2Crew 737 NGX Reboot version and I installed it. I followed the instructions TO THE LETTER, but I'm not able to open the Main Panel. I already own FS2Crew for the Aerosoft Airbus Version and it works fine. Here my key assignements: ALTERNATE STATIC SOURCE (ON/OFF) ---> assigned (joystick botton) PROPELLER SYNC (ON/OFF) ----> assigned (X key) AUTOFEATHER ARM/OFF.) ----> assigned (C key) I use the same assignements for the Aerosoft Airbus and I have no issues So, let's summarise my attempts to make FS2Crew work with the 737 NGX: 1) I tried to reinstall FS2Crew 737 NGX Reboot version with the Antivirus DISABLED 2) I tried several key assignements for AUTOFEATHER ARM/OFF. First C, then N, then Shift + C, then Shift + N, and many other combinations 3) I checked if in the PMDG panel.cfg I have entries for FS2Crew. They are there, everything looks good. 4) I disabled and enabled FS2Crew several times from the activation page. 5) I reinstalled the 737 NGX PMDG No way to open the Main Panel! Also, I can't hear the check-list. If i trigger them, using the MAIN BOTTON, there is no reaction. What I have to do now???
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  21. SunDevil56

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Did the P3D v4.5 client and content only updates. Everything went smoothly. Cleared the shaders cache and allowed P3D to build a new cfg. Then updated PTA to v2.66 and also updated AS4, and both are working normally under v4.5, I have not yet updated the paid version of FSUIPC, but will attempt to do that in the near future. Load times are a bit faster now... Load to start screen time = 50 secs. Load to selected scenery location = about 45 secs. No complaints here. With all the settings at the same levels as I had with v4.4 I can detect no drop in performance (ie. frame rate drop) and it might actually have given me a very slight uptick in average FPS. All things considered things went quite well, though i'm sure i'll eventually identify something that needs updating etc...
  22. mabe54

    Ethiopia crash

    Wrong example. The captain survived and lost his job. At any rate, he could have saved some tree top margin and nobody during the exhibition would have noticed the difference on the ground and the show would have gone on perfectly. Showmanship gone awry. Cheers,
  23. JB3DG

    Dutch F-16 flies into its own bullets

    It wasn't missile failure alone though. There were situations where pilots were unexpectedly ambushed, and where they found themselves in a close up dogfight where they were too close for even reliable missiles to work effectively. Both the newest gen AIM-9X and the AIM-9M have close up deadzones where firing a missile simply won't work since it won't have time to arm and guide. A gun however can be used in such situations.
  24. sjed

    DCS on sale at Steam

    I haven't found the 50%. I did see 25% off on a few items. Do you have a link to the sale?
  25. simbol

    No AI traffic at KLAS

    Probably the SODE Jetways or the AFCAD is not being recognised by the AI models. Do you have GSX2? S.
  26. If you are using the Navigraph installer the scan for add on's did not automatically find any Carenado product. Click on Add on Mappings - Add - select Carenado in the drop down list - then select your simulator version from the drop down list. In my P3D V4 main folder it created a Carenado Navigraph folder. You can verify the nav data cycle in the G1000 MFD AUX group and within the Carenado Navigraph folder there is a sub folder with a text file indicating the update cycle number.
  27. RXP

    PC12 gauges click spots

    When using Legacy Mouse Knob handling you click the middle mouse button (the wheel is a button with most mouses) over the inner knob click area.
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