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  2. I can have the kig air airfoillab 350 checklist ? There is a video how I can create a checklist? Once open checklist.gtn finds an empty program! I tried to paste the pdf file the original checklist of king air 350 but it does not work .......
  3. Tested my 4790k @ 4.7 with 2080ti no problem to bottelneck the gpu
  4. We have the past 10+ years of accumulated historical weather data, we'll get there.
  5. Guess what I did before coming here? The AS Support is lousy like always, first they closed down my thread due to a sentence I should not have written into my post (I agree, it was a little bit over the top, but the experience once again proofed me right...) and then they basically closed my support ticket by telling me that night-lighting is a highly subjective matter and that many user like it the way it is. Come on... They even did a Google Research and as obviously nobody else asked the same question I did, they consider the issue non-existent. That is how AS Support deals such queries... Means: once more, I must hope that some users already had the same issue and maybe one found a solution for this. That is why I posted here...
  6. Basically I agree: with reflections on max, most airplanes show way to much reflection (I guess this is what the TS meant with "dripping oil effect"). Not directly related to PBR though, this was like this before the introduction of PBR. In contrast, the jaggies are really a little bit annoying but I can live with those, as a properly done PBR repaint really adds to the immersion otherwise.
  7. Just if Skyforce had historical weather I would probably become a complete Rexaholic.
  8. kiek

    Real Traffic - No Data

    No that does not make sense to me. Could you post your Log.txt file? then I can tell you more.
  9. Torsen

    Flying For the Airlines - Why?

    Hi Paul, the flightsim blues... most of us know it well and it comes from time to time. But even the cure from it is a personal thing and there is no general recipe. I usually quit a few weeks, create some liveries, think about areas to fly in, create route networks for it, do some other silly task even do some blasphemic contentration on other games in totally different areas... But then comes back the itchy scratchy get back into the cokcpit feeling. Regarding your question: I wondered how you guys flying for Virtual Airlines keep flying the same routes over and over. Why? And how? There are some VAs out there that have a different approach and me part of one. We are a small bunch of pilots fascinated by the varity of options and want to try them out all (as long as possible). For sure we have networks as a base. They are segmented into classes and their main purpose is to give a base of routes most of them short enough to match into around the 90 min mark max because we all have lifes and real world stuff to be done beside the sim. Most of them especially for the smaller plane classes are a lot shorter but for sure there are longer ones, too. There will for sure be real world routes among them but we do not focus on it and you can fly them whenever you want without given schedule and however you want as long as passengers and cargo get there in one piece. And if you want to go somewhere else our pilots actively can request new stuff or even prepare routes/tours/network segments that our admins will check on consitency and implement then. Even if we advise to fly real time we allow our pilots especially on the airliners on longer legs to speed things up cause at least we don't want to you to get stuck in hours of boredom over the big blue nothing if you insist on flying such routes. Some people will scream blasphemy now but between TOC and TOD usually happens not that much interesting. Flightsimming should stay fun even if you learn new things every day. And regular online flying and doing tours and races keeps the fun up, too. If you are interested go check out or drop me a pm if you have further questions. Cheers Thorsten
  10. Hi there, Can you please direct me how i can assign one single key on joystick to control multiple functions/actions? Thanks a lot
  11. cchiozza

    No FO Sound Again

    Yea I dont get it either. Now rebooting is not working. I hear FA and the clicks from the FO setting up the cockpit. Tried 2 different audio sources and no go. I will try that.
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  13. GEKtheReaper

    Problem with a Logitech joystick

    First question: Do you use or have used some sort of camera addon (EZDOK or Chase Plane)? YES I USE: You have probably some conflicting Buttons, or have not run the Config file (EZCA)... YES I USED: Your camera files have been changed by that addon. Search for the files, back them up (rename) and let P3D build new files. NO (Variant 1): Just try to revert all controls to default (there is a button for that in P3D under controls). Then look for the View (Pan) section and add the Joystick button for it's control. NO (Variant 2): I also have a Logitech HOTAS and had some trouble with the buttons. I had to open Logitechs software and somewhere under configuration, I had to touch every single button / dial / axis for the software to recognize it. Had no problems afterwards....
  14. itsjase

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Gonna say from all your other posts you really don't sound like an "experienced developer", or if you are, you seem to be way out of the loop. Having dynamic adjustments in real-time graphics isn't the easiest thing to do, otherwise all 3D games would be using them. Sure you can implement dynamic resolution, LOD, shadow quality etc to lower details, but this will be a reactive process, which will induce some stuttering or frame-time spikes. To implement this in a proactive way would require a re-write of the whole rendering pipeline and even then it isn't simple or it would be widespread in games today. Maintain data? Sure if there were no addons installed, and no weather, and a fixed time of day, then yeah maybe this would be feasible. You make it seem like LM is the only dev that doesn't implement all these features you ask for, when literally nobody does. And those that have tried haven't been very successful. I don't know who you've been consulting and what their budget is, but no offense I don't think you have any idea what you are talking about.
  15. FreightDawg

    Req: Caranado Grand Caravan for XPlane Panel Mod

    Id be willing to throw in a few $$ to anyone that can make this work
  16. SledDriver

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    I can achieve virtually smooth performance in most situations, but I have yet to do that with traffic enabled, and I like traffic as it adds greatly to the sense of immersion. And it's not the traffic itself, which I can display smoothly, but the horrid load lags as I approach a new scenery area, which basically stall the sim for up to 2 seconds. And added to that, it's the inability of the sim to adapt to even the simplest change of circumstances (like a different plane or some clouds) - and changing circumstances are exactly what a sim should be able to deliver. Do bear in mind this is LM we are talking about, not some back street, unfunded sweat shop.
  17. SledDriver

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Exactly. There is NO reason the software cannot maintain and modulate a set of weighted criteria to make its' best effort at achieving a reasonable target set by the user, and thereafter why the software should not learn from it's failures and update those criteria. Further, there is no reason that software cannot also maintain data for each geographical area visited and get better at delivering those areas each time it is re-visited. Same for weather scenarios, different planes, etc etc etc. This is what good programming does. LM have at best been entirely lazy in their first 10 years with the product. I say that as an experienced developer and senior consultant on commercial graphics (including 3D) software design and implementation for many years. Having only recently personally moved from FSX to P3D, I was initially pleased with some of the improvements in P3D, but ultimately a bit shocked and surprised at the chasm of development which has just been ignored. It's a great shame, and unfortunately, the perhaps somewhat technically inexperienced acceptance of what little real work has been provided by LM in now 10 years of supposed development is at best, very disappointing.
  18. FDEdev

    Captainsim 707 high pitch in cruise.

    Nose up pitch has not much to do with wing lift, since it's the incidence angle of the wing and its washout which is important. The attitude difference for level flight is very high concerning speed, weight and altitude. E.g. a 767 at 30000ft at M.78 and low weight requires 1deg pitch, while the same cruising speed at 40000ft and high weight requires 4deg pitch. @rennman, there should be a 1-2deg difference between low and high weight for the same altitude and speed. That said, Captainsim isn't exactly famous for the flight models 😉
  19. I reinstalled Win 10 and P3D, as well as all of my add-ons. When i go to run chase plane I am greeted with the "Something unexpected happened" error message. I have .NET framework and C++ Visual installed on the machine...
  20. Noel

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Sled do you have ultra smooth performance? What exactly are you looking for still I've forgotten.
  21. Noel

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    I gave up tweaking for 2 years Sled...until I visited this thread It doesn't seem hard anymore as it all is very predictable. With my hardware I can't linger in dense metro areas in super complex planes, so I have to be careful to choose my aircraft, departure and arrivals carefully so I can maintain very high sliders and not suffer from lack of headroom. I have thrown down the gauntlet to developers to try to develop a realtime modulator for all of those features that have potential to be modulated to maintain a certain level of performance because you're right LM certainly has not done this with P3D. I know things like shadows can be modulated w/o a complete redraw, but I'm not sure what else can. It would be so nice to be able to configure the utility to maintain a frame rate of 30 and a CPU utilization maximum of 90% and a maximum GPU utilization of 90% at all times by modulating a palette of attributes, prioritized by the user: shadow distance, autogen density and LOD radius, AI traffic, etc. This would then, if done well, become essentially a set it and forget it situation. I'm shocked there isn't one already but alas perhaps the core engine just isn't cut out for it.
  22. SledDriver

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    >and use two at least per addon. Apps restricted to one core periodically wait for themselves. ...which is exactly the opposite theory proposed for P3D.exe by many here, which some suggest is much worse off on more than one core... It's like people are just making this stuff up.
  23. SteveW

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    AMs and cores? Those were examples in reply to Bert's post. Answers a few questions. Example Q. Do I use no AM? A. You always use an AM. If you have a four core and do not specify an AM in cfg, then you use 1111, an AM=15 four cores. If you have a six core then that is 111111=63. With enough know how you can determine that with HT enabled on the four core you need AM=01,01,01,01 or AM=85 to get the same result in the sim as no AM with HT off. The difference being the way the other apps roll out across double the CPU count. Probably appearing on Mythbusters some time.
  24. The a2a Cherokee is very good... no need for a Carenado version IMHO..
  25. Bert Pieke

    Advice needed with trouble shooting

    Before you go plugging and unplugging hardware.. For your TE NL tests, try setting fps=30 in the sim. We have all been saying that for maximum fluidity, unlimited fps settings are best, but I am finding that TE NL puts such a scenery load on my system, that I get blurries north of Rotterdam. With fps limited in P3D, however, more CPU resource is dedicated to scenery loading, and my system can keep up.. no blurries!
  26. SteveW

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    ...With even small % showing, they can affect the wrong task no matter what % shows in Task Manager. Often an improvement can be had when we corral addons away from certain cores and use two at least per addon. Apps restricted to one core periodically wait for themselves.
  27. SteveW

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Not completely straightforward?
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