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  2. The following comes from the link describing ASW 2.0. I wonder if P3D and the add-on aircraft have this depth information encoded to be able to use 2.0? I would assume they do unless this info is something unique. Not all applications will work with ASW 2.0 right out of the box, but many will. Oculus says that “most Rift apps on the Oculus Store built on Unreal Engine 4 and Unity already provide the depth information required to make ASW 2.0 work,” but those that don’t will need to be updated to take advantage of the functionality, otherwise they will fall back to ASW 1.0. Joe
  3. Sethos1988

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    Really looks amazing. Would be nice to finally have a weather product in X-Plane that would blow you away, instead of Cartoon Cutout Cloud Product #305 and generic scripts to make default clouds look 2% less awful. Hell, if it actually does other weather systems just as well, like thunderstorms, then it even got a leg up on the best P3D can offer.
  4. Hey, long time user and grateful follower. Have a problem which developed recently and I can not figure it out for the life of me. I fly X-Plane with NAVIGRAPGH data and LNM. I can no longer see frequencies in the COM tab for airports. Quite a few in fact and this is giving me a headache. I run LNM on a networked computer with all databases synchronized and happy. I have even copied the databases from one comp to the other with no change (yes even the local LNM does not show them). I have only "NAVIGRAPH NAVAIDS and procedures" checked. When I tell LNM not to use NAVIGRAPH data I see the frequencies. What's up?
  5. tttocs


    A lot is still up in the air, but I think they're shooting for a 2028 completion date. That said, they're also supposed to start work on some satellite terminals next year and I believe additions and renovations to terminal 5 start this year (if they haven't already begun - haven't been into O'hare since last year). Bottom line is, I wouldn't expect KORD to remain unchanged anytime in the next decade. Scott
  6. Michael Moe

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    That sounds like a good ideer 😉 my friend. Maybe ENVSHADE is not really restoring to default as it is suppose to in Its software. Oh well i also find the FSL bus harder and harder to maintain my 25 fps. But thats another ball game. Michael Moe
  7. Clutch Cargo

    What happen to AirDailyX?

    Have you checked out their site lately. All broken links/no updates. That used to be part of my morning ritual... cuppa Joe... check out the news sections of my favorite sites. But this one has totally tanked. Anyone know what the scoop is?
  8. Clutch Cargo

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Gee... this is surely a kick in the teeth 😕 So used to seeing your name and posts on the forums like a big ol' comfy chair, that we forget how quickly things can change. Speedy recovery my fellow simmer so you can get back on here and keep us all in line! tip-of-the-wings, Marcus
  9. Ray Proudfoot

    Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle news

    @TechguyMaxC, ha ha! I'll assume you're an American unless you tell me to the contrary. I've had a play with it and it's looking good. Still in beta though.
  10. Andy, Please save and email me the .vbf file for your flight plan and I'll check it out. It is likely a data or flight plan issue. Dave
  11. I use SamScene and Technobrain RJTT, too, plus Haruo's landclasse for the rest of Japan, which works sort of. If DD makes RJTT + a CityScape Tokyo, I would buy it on a whim. Japan has been neglected for some time indeed. However besides some major Hubs from Wing Creation who seem to be virtually dead, there have been several nice more GA-oriented airfield published by MFSG recently. Kind regards, Michael
  12. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Pilot2ATC Perfomance problem

    Unfortunately, there's not much you can do because the problem is the lack of memory. Turning off AI Traffic viewing and making sure not to use the Center Aircraft on Map will help. The one thing you could do is to adjust your SIM settings to reduce the amount of memory it uses by turning down the amount of AI traffic, turning all the textures, etc. to low. If you're flying with an outside weather engine, or AI Traffic engine, you can try turning them off also. Hope that helps. Dave
  13. Meanwhile quite a lot city sceneries are available for P3D. I thought it would be a good idea to have an overview which are currently available, how good they are modeled (quality) and how they perform (impact). It is clear that performance strongly depends on hardware/ P3D settings and other scenery in this area. Here my personal list and ratings: Seattle (Drzewiecki Design): Quality (+) Performance (+/-) New York (Drzewiecki Design): Quality (+/-) Performance (+/-) Barcelone (ORBX): Quality (+) Performance (+/-) Singapore (SamScene): Quality (+/-) Performance (-) Gold Coast (ORBX): Quality (+) Performance (+) Canberra (ORBX): Quality (+/-) Performance (+) New Orleans (Aerosoft): Quality (-) Performance (+) Dubai (Fly Tampa): Quality (+/-) Perfomance (+) What do you mean? What are your experiences with city scapes in P3D?
  14. fakeflyer737


    Do you know when theyre demolishing it and rebuilding? I want to buy the FSDT ORD but it dont want to spend money on it for it to be out dated right away, ill just use freeware AFCADS.
  15. ejoiner

    Registry issue

    This was the advice from the Orbx team when I had the same issue. Worked for me.
  16. lownslo

    Windows 10 1903 released

    Because of the risk of a version update breaking an OS install that is already running well. I've learned to wait when it comes to anything MS associated. But I do appreciate folks who blindly step-up and install a new version... someone has to beta test MS's products. Greg
  17. Today
  18. I have been using the RealityXP GNS 530 in Prepar3d for a while now, I just ran the check for updates and I was a few versions behind. I have used the Flight1 wrapper to authenticate and download the latest version, I have re-instralled the software without issue but when I go into Prepar3d the 530 now states "RXP INVALID LICENSE CONTACT VENDOR" I have tried uninstalling the software then retrying the install, but it still states INVALILD LICENSE. What am I doing wrong? I have the flight 1 proof of purchase which I have private messaged RXP direct..
  19. Jessica Bannister-Pearce did a review of the Brunner CLS-E NG yoke in the current (May-June 2019) issue of PC Pilot.
  20. I have 8gb. I know that Dave recommended 16GB minimum. I just can't afford it. For now. So i want to ask you, Dave, to help me with optimization of this program. Which windows i can hide or which options i can "uncheck" to get better perfomance? Now i'm suffering from freezes. Loading - 3-4 minutes. Connecting - 3-4 minutes. Import plan with just two points(dep and arr) takes 3-4 minutes(disable calculating safe enrouts helps here). File plan - another 4 minutes. But this is ok. I can wait. But i can't wait, when app "not responding" for 3 minutes before ATC give me answer for my request. But the most suffering thing is moments when app working fine but just don't process my requests. I say "Say altimiter" 10 times, and nothing happen. But app still works. I can move map and etc. And after 5-7 minutes i get answer on my question. 10 answers in a row... Dave, i beg you to help me with this. And sorry for my English, it's not my native)
  21. jason99vmi


    I'm sure devs will cross that taxiway bridge when they get to it.... in the meantime the update will be just fine for a few years.
  22. Drumcode

    FB's KDEN dynamic lightning improved in 4.5

    I didn't update anything, this was purely post 4.5.
  23. Yes, you need to right click the icon - NOT left.
  24. davjg

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    What I would do is uninstall everything and then start from there. I have found that if one of your add-on is not up to date, it can be a problem. Nowadays we have so much addon we can’t track them all. I would also delete the shaders as well. I hope this help. David
  25. Did FB release an update to KDEN, or is this just due to 4.5 improvements? Scott
  26. tttocs


    The answer is - not long and it's worse than just a minor taxiway change or two. The next big plan is for Terminal 2 to be torn down and a brand new "Global Terminal" to be built. They've already had a design competition and the funding appears to be mostly in place. Scott
  27. Nyxx

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    That is so strange Michael. Also makes no sense why it should do that. Do you use TS or PTA with VC lighting? If I was you I would delete P3D shaders and remove your HLSL shader folder to your desktop, Do a client repair and just see what happens will all new default shaders.
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