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  2. I uninstalled the latest Win update and tested but no change...??? Jorge
  3. Just to update and close the above, I have been able to get the GTN750 vertical guidance to work as expected in GPS mode with LinkVOR False for the Flysimware Lear35 and Falcon50 aircraft. The general approach was to use HSI variables (e.g., HSI GSI NEEDLE instead of NAV GSI, etc) when the GTN is in GPS mode. Al
  4. You're very welcome. Glad that is sorted.
  5. byork


    Hi Clive, Thanks for the pointing out the version number on the downloads page. I just fixed that. For the manuals, we'll check into the missing pictures. They appear in the source file, which you can see here:
  6. Mendoza to Valparaíso (Aconcagua Challenge) We depart Mendoza (SAME) and head southwest to the Mendoza River. Following the river valley northwest and then southwest again into the main range of the Andes. Climb, gaining as much altitude as possible before the turn point at Rio Des los Horcones where we change heading north to the Aconcagua Massif. Follow the waypoints to circumnavigate the peak before heading southwest and resuming our leg to Santiago. Departing Santiago we will fly east over the city’s commercial center turning at the Gran Torre Santiago (Great Santiago Tower), the tallest skyscraper in South America. The remainder of the route features the excellent freeware costal scenery by Orlando Veas and enhanced airports (links below). We will finish at Vina del Mar Airport (SVCM). Aircraft Recommendations: I recommend that we fly the excellent Manfred/Visser C-47 V3 freeware. Ron has provided us with many South American liveries which will make for a colorful flight. It will also be a challenge to climb over the Andes and circumnavigate Aconcagua. (I had thought of trying this flight with the A2A Cessna 182 but found that hypoxia got me before I achieved the necessary altitude). I will be flying El Venado (with some extra oxygen bottles). Scenery Recommendations Orbx South American Landclass LATINVFR - SANTIAGO SCEL V2 P3DV4 (Optional Payware) Surroundings extremely detailed, downtown Santiago buildings. Photo scenery coverage includes airport vicinity and nearby mountains. Extremely detailed terrain mesh for the region of Santiago, and nearby Andes mountains for highly detailed approach immersion. I will be using this scenery, however there is a freeware option listed below. Freeware Scenery Recommendations Mendoza (SAME) El Plumerillo International Airport (ALSUR) Governor Francisco Gabrielli International Airport, better known as El Plumerillo International Airport, is located 5.0 miles northeast of the centre of Mendoza Argentina. The airport covers an area of 490 hectares (1,200 acres) and is operated by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 S.A. Aconcagua Mountain Range Photoreal (Simviation) Aconcagua Mountain Range, Argentina, photoreal scenery. Includes base camp and heliport. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas at 6,960.8 m. It is located in the Andes mountain range, in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, and lies 112 kilometres northwest of its capital, the city of Mendoza. by juan30005 Valparaíso Provincia, Litoral 2016 (AVSIM) Scenery of Valparaíso Province from North (Quintero) to South (Laguna Verde valley). About 2.000 km2 intervention that brings up to fsx the current urban density, neighborhoods, forests and the most important iconic 3d objects you can recognize from a real VFR flight. This project uses FTX Vector as it main complement (only for the shapes of the coast). Also uses satellite background DAY/NIGHT, SPRING/ FALL / WINTER Photoscenery for Ritoque, Aconcagua, Concon, Embalse Los Aromos, Salinas, Borde Costero de Viña del Mar, Tranque La Luz, Peñuelas. Valparaíso Aeródromos de la Provincia 2016 (AVSIM) Makeover of 5 fsx airports located in Valparaíso province. SCER, SCRD, SCSN, SCIR, and SCCV (Región Metropolitana). Layout is modified following satellite coordinates including background DAY/NIGHT, SPRING/ FALL AND WINTER Photoscenery. (+ 3d objects) SVCM - Vina del Mar Airport - Vina del Mar, Chile (AVSIM) A remake of the default SCVM airfield considering all season photoscenery, elevations, landclass and 3D objects SCEL - Aeropuerto Internacional Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez - Santiago, Chile This is just another freeware upgrade ("lift surgery") over the default SCEL FSX airport. Layout is modified following satellite coordinates and background textures are replaced by DAY/NIGHT, SPRING/ FALL AND WINTER Photoscenery. Flight NOTAM Set Simulator Date to Sep 22, 2018. This is so we can enjoy spring textures in the southern hemisphere. If you set it to real time the autumn vegetation is a little drab. Set Departure Time to 14:15 Local This should give us nice afternoon light for the final legs and a planned arrival at Vina del Mar at Dusk (17:15). Set Historical Weather to Saturday May 4, 2019 20:00 UTC. This will give us mostly clear weather and good views of Aconcagua. Particulars Date and time: Saturday, 1 Jun, 2019, 1800 UTC. Where: AVSIM RTWR Teamspeak - Casual Flights Channel Teamspeak Server Address: Cross-Platform Multiplayer: JoinFS. (FSX, FSX-SE, and P3D). If you want to help others enjoy the multiplayer experience, don't forget to enter your aircraft details on the multiplayer spreadsheet (linked here). Your courtesy will save others a lot of time and effort.
  7. Deltaair1212

    NOTAM about orbx airports

    UPDATE: I got lucky with the first two airports I had purchased and I guess I wanted to continue the winning streak so I proceeded to purchase KBVS. Turns out this airport has severe issues without its associated region. So if anyone is looking to take advantage of the sale and purchase KBVS, make sure you also purchase the region. Don’t make the mistake I just did 😅. The good news is the sale prevents the blow from hurting as much as it would if it were retail price so I honestly can’t be too mad lol.
  8. I dont think this is an LM problem... I tested it with P3D from V3 to the moment I have a clean install of V4.5+hf and no add ons. Jorge
  9. Be aware a trained speech profile is tied to a specific headset, user voice and PC ambient noise conditions. having switched headset, go to Windows Control Panel, speech recognition panel and create a brand new speech profile (name it after the current headset). Once it's listed, select it to make it active. Calibrate the mike and train the new speech profile from scratch using our training tool. Start->All Apps->Multi Crew Experience->Speech training. No need to overdo training. One session per topic should be enough. MCE is very different from Fs2crew. It's a fully interactive crew simulation that makes no assumption as to what you want Fo to do. Tens of thousands of speech commands are available at any given time to give you the initiative and get Fo to help you perform what you want, when you want, and even using custom speech if you wanted (that includes teaching Fo to understand non-English talk). It's not a scripted adventure that goes like.... Start in cold and dark and don't do or say anything until some event happens At minute M1, all commands are disabled and only this specific command (as per manual) is allowed (with 100% recognition rate guaranteed, even if you farted 😛) that command being the only one the system expects. But ask Fo anything else and he'll be dumb as a rock. You then are in the "Pavlov dog experiment" (no pun intended) Read this article You get trained to fit into a script. At FS++, we aim to get as close as possible to "shared cockpit" so that people who can't find someone to fly with can do so with a highly trained virtual first officer. And you call the shots. No timer in the background dictating your behavior. Once your new headset is setup on a new speech profile, you should be back to normal.
  10. Question. Have any of you suffering this posted on LMs forum or filled out a trouble ticket?
  11. Sorry my name is Jorge Roldan
  12. Same issue with I have autoconnect it turns the green led on andoff but nothing happens as it cannot connect...
  13. My latest Win10 update was .. May 21, 2019—KB4497934 (OS Build OS 17763.529)
  14. honanhal

    WMKK installed into p3dv4.4

    Sent via PMs.
  15. snpower, you are not alone... I have been following this post as I have the same problem , the native P3D simconnect works but any app that uses the old FSX simconnect.dll does not detect the sim , I use JinFS and Little navmap that both use the FSX simconnect and nione works , JFS reports looking for sim and never finds it I deleted Registry entries and uninstalled V4.5 , V4.5+HF and V4 and none makes a diff I also tried V3 , I beleive it is a windows problem somehow , I run FSC /Scannow Ok and also run the simconnect.ini for a log but it only logs about the P3D native simconnect nothing about the fsx ones , ( I know because SpadNext uses simconnect native and works OK.) The .ini and .xml simconnect are for logging or for remote connection to a SIM , nothing to do with this as it is a local install , also PlanG uses simconnect and it does not work. Very strange problem... JoinFS has a monitor function , if I uninstall the FSX simconnect and start JFS it reports the simconnect fsx is not installed , I then install it and reports cannot find sim... Jorge
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  17. johncott

    Has Carenado Taken a Hiatus

    It would be nice if they took a little break from creating and took some time to fix the little bugs in their existing planes. For example some of the earlier Alabeo planes have a issue with the ADF gauge. When you tune the degrees, it will jump from about 340 to 355 or so. I have reported some issues with the G1000 in the Carenado CT182T and it was never fixed even after they released updates. I finally fixed it my self for my own personal use. The Alabeo 310R has an issue with the EGT and OAT gauges not reading correctly. They make some visually stunning planes but seem to fail with updates. Some of the other manufacturers like Milviz, Just Flight and Flight 1 seem to fix their planes until the bugs are fixed. John Cottreau
  18. vadriver

    Voxatc over the network

    robs me neither with 7.42 (no connection) ...... whereas as below i had a connection with a transfer of the indexer (?) but no subsequent joy with 7.41 indeed ....... i noted that voices were the 32bit, not 64bit as used by 7.4x (with P3D4) standalone. i also had problems with "suitable runway not available" which suggests netserver can't read airport (xml) addons in P3D4. Jay wrote recently in a paralell thread "You cannot run VOXATC over a network other than having the AI aircraft server executable on a remote PC" ...... I'm not sure what he means & how but his suggest is it's of limited use anyway & given the standalone is of little comparative impact (AI processing) on the sim pc. The other aside to all this is that the default install of netserver is to Program Files (x86), nt the 64bit folder where 7.42 is on the sim ...... is that not a tad quirky ?
  19. ESzczesniak

    Oculus Rift S or HP Reverb ?

    I’ll wait to see the comments when both are more available. I’m not arguing that the PFD in a modern jet or an FMC is pretty readable. I feel like I can almost do it with a Rift CV1, so I think a modest increase could help this a lot. But some things are still another level. In some combat sims like a Super/Legacy Hornet or Warthog, some of the MFD menus for TGP and radar start getting to some pretty small font. And the Rift CV1 is almost incapable of giving any resolution from the IFOLS. This is where I think the Reverb may outshine. If someone tells me they can clearly see the meatball in DCS at 3/4 mile with the Rift S, I’m all in...but, this is what I really need and seems to be the toughest test for my CV1.
  20. charliearon

    a330 texture problem

    When looking at you photos, you can click on the embed codes, copy and paste the BBC info directly into your post here. I have no more ideas why it shows for me and not you!
  21. ark

    Lear and RXP GTN 750 - losing VOR2

    Not so. I have been able to modify the Lear AP code so you can set LinkVor=false and the RXP GTN 750 will work as intended in GPS mode. This in turn frees up both RMI needles to be used independently of the GTN 750. As I mentioned above, PM me an email address if you would like to try the modified code. Al
  22. ark

    Lear and RXP GTN 750 - losing VOR2

    Not so. I have now modified the Lear AP code so you can set LinkVor=false and the RXPGTN 750 will work as intended in GPS mode. This in turn frees up both RMI needles to be used independently of the GTN. Al
  23. asaf3866

    a330 texture problem

    I have SP1 and SP2. I Dont have FSX wıth Acceleration. This is photo links how İts looks like
  24. Many thanks. That link works now and I can see the Start New Topic button now. It wasn't there yesterday. Ah well. Never mind. Thanks for your help
  25. Hi, thanks for that info. I checked your account, and you are listed as a verified member. You should have full access to all areas of our forum. Please see if you can access this part of our forum: This is where you can post for Sky Force support. Click the green button labeled "Start new topic". If you have trouble, you can also contact our support email Please let me know.
  26. 188AHC

    New Member

    Members have tried to help you and you've continued with a belligerent attitude. I suggest you sffredd your questions to the LM forums. Perhaps they will have more success. Topic is done here.
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