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  2. Reader

    Registry issue

    One way to test if something you doubt is true or not is to try it. Not so hard, check the P3D registry entry first: Then rename the root folder and run the same exe file again: All doubt now dispelled and no one's assertions questioned.
  3. Woozie

    What happen to AirDailyX?

    welcome! He just recently came back after his new job didnt turn out as expected. I kinda missed him too, air daily-x became useless the moment he left. Glad to see his scenery preview streams returning, i based many purchase decisions on his previews
  4. Zimmerbz

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    I bought this yesterday along with Chicago City X. I did a flight from MSP-ORD in the FSLabs 320. All I can say is wow. Very well done. Finally a good quality ORD that was very and rendition of the city that was very good to me in terms of performance. I don't look at frames but can say with storms around it was very smooth. I actually landed on 28C and didn't notice an issue with the ILS. What are you referring to? My only minor "complaint" is that when parked at the gate (I was in the B concourse), the windows are very transparent to where you just see emptiness through the terminal to the other side without any people. I don't know what you could do to change that as adding "people" would probably be a waste of a resource. In all, this is VERY good!
  5. Jim Young


    Believe me, your issue is definitely not P3D.
  6. Too me it simply looks like the terrain mesh resolution is not fine enough to render what a river, levee, flood plain combination would look like. I don't think this is a problem but that is just my opinion.
  7. GCBraun

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    It seems not to be VR compatible. Count me out.
  8. Not quite, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying it.
  9. Pugilist2

    All hail the Queen!

    Beautiful shots of the Queen!
  10. Wise87

    What happen to AirDailyX?

    Thanks Lars
  11. Woozie

    What happen to AirDailyX?
  12. So is the performance comparable to PMDG yet? I have had these for some time now but had to resign my self to fly the Aerosoft ones instead and would love to go back.
  13. flynman33

    Moving to an SSD

    So how do I resolve this?
  14. tooting

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    Thank you very much
  15. Arthur42417

    Moving to an SSD

    only xp11 allows multiple installations, p34 nope....i think you just messed up many things regarding your first p3d install on C
  16. Wise87

    What happen to AirDailyX?

    When was the last time you went there? AirDailyX has been fading away since the last FlightSimCon 2017 after D'Andre stopped in New York on the way home. I'll leave it at that and say it hasn't been the same since. I miss his interviews and reviews.
  17. UAL4life


    Same thing with VHHH and it doesn’t bother me that it’s outdated.
  18. Thanks for the info. I'll try it. Jim Driskell
  19. Olivier_Moens

    Carenado Turbo Commander Mod v6.0

    Hi Bil thanks for the reply. point 1 to 6 check point 7. NTS logic is pretty good like you did, only that you have to depress and maintain the appropriate switch down until the test is completed, around 50% rpm. If you look at Tim Simmons video, you will see that he is keeping is left thumb on the switch. Also Tim didn’t perform the pre run NTS test by bringing throttle and condition lever beyond the gate. I confirm that if you do not depress the corresponding NTS switch, no NTS light will ever light. Having to keep a switch depressed all the way is not practical in a sim, so why not latch the switch until test is done, and release it automatically when light goes off at approx 50%? (I don’t know about programming, just throwing ideas around) Once engine above 50%, the NTS light should not come on again, even with test switch depressed. 9. I would say that a steady rising rate for around eight seconds would make it. 10. You are perfectly right. Earlier model had the inverter linked directly to main bus. But then, INV 1 should be linked to radio bus 1 (which it is) and INV 2 linked to Radio bus 2 which is not. Also inverters should be powered with batteries only, because main bus and radio buses are. 11, 12 check. 13 not a big deal. 14 Arrows on pop up are fine to me, I understand you cannot change anything about the VC. 15. Thanks for it. I will give it a try and keep you informed. Allow me a week, I am rather busy too for now. 16. I will check also and try to find you something that seem realistic to me. Any chance to get RPM having an influence on the prop drag? 17. Nice . Just remember that.if flaps are not up, the horn cannot be silenced. 18 no big deal either. 19. You are probably right. Personally I am using a 3 pos flaps: up, half and full down. Regarding the real life stuff the reason behind is the simplicity and the lower cost. This is only a two way hydraulic valve. No delicate engineering. Simple and sturdy, less maintenance and a little bit more workload for the crew;-). best regards.
  20. Still same problem using 14.14
  21. Paraffin

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    I don't believe X-Plane can do a "real" thunderstorm until the underlying weather engine is re-written, maybe in XP12. A towering CB is a discrete 3D weather system with updraft and downdraft circulation inside the storm. And there can be more than one CB strung out along a weather front. The XP weather engine doesn't model vertical convection in clouds except as turbulence, or updrafts near mountain ranges. That part of the engine might be tapped by a 3rd party add-on, but there is nothing I've seen so far that allows a discrete 3D model of a CB as something "outside" the weather surrounding your plane. Same thing with storm fronts, which should be 3D models off in the distance that you approach with your plane, instead of something that just suddenly surrounds your plane in 360 degrees out to the horizon when a new METAR or proprietary real weather data is downloaded. xEnviro does some nice things with smoke and mirrors to hide the faults in the underlying weather engine, especially at high altitudes. SkyMaxx Pro does a good job at lower altitudes, especially in the mountains. But I don't think any add-on can push the envelope where it needs to be, until Laminar gets serious about rebuilding the weather engine from scratch. Or at least giving the tools to add-on developers to create real, fully 3-dimensional weather systems.
  22. flynman33

    Moving to an SSD

    Last night I installed my SSD. I then downloaded P3dv4.5 and tried to install it to my SSD which I have labeled my E/Drive. I pointed the P3d install to the e/drive and commenced the install. It did not install to the SSD but did a sort of repair to the current P3d on C/drive. I now understand that I cannot have 2 versions of P3d on the same drive. So if I were to remove the Client/Content/Scenery installers off my C/drive along with my 3rd Party aircraft. Could I leave my 3rd party scenery files on the c/drive and then map them through the scenery library to the ssd and still get fast loading times. Is there anything on the P3d Forums about this. How would you move P3d to a SSD if it was you. I want the SSD to be a dedicated P3d Drive...
  23. Hey, Noticed this odd elevation issue behind runway 30L on KMSP, which can be solved by disabling Vector. However, KMSP does not show up in the AEC tool (which I've run, of course). Here you'd normally manually disable some specific files but the only file I've found, ABP_KMSP.bgl, does nothing. Would anybody happened to have run into the same issue and found a fix for it?
  24. These features are now available to users on the Steam Beta channel: [*] Added Advanced camera movement system (optional setting) that moves the camera head position as you look around in the cockpit, aligns the camera to the overhead or pedestal up direction so that text remains readable and a better panel overview is achieved. [*] Fixed Throttle levers in A320, B737, B747, C90Gtx, LJ45 and Q400 now allow finer adjustments [*] Added A320 electrical system now allows to get into dark state [*] Added A320 FWC (flight warning computer) simulation, ECAM messages with ECAM actions, status page and status reminder... more than 100 warnings and 60 memos simulated and the implementation is open for expansion via tmd. Warnings sounds have not been added yet. [*] Added A320 realistic delays between pilot action and system changes, e.g. it might take couple of seconds to display spoilers aremd [*] Changed A320 minor changes to direct law and alternate law [*] Changed A320 ailerons, elevators, rudders and spoilers can now fail when respective computers are set off, might be difficult to fly (give it a try). [*] Changed A320 ECAM fuel page redone, now in modern style [*] Changed A320 fixes to ECAM electrical page [*] Added A320 fuel system with gravity feed and outer wing transfer [*] Added A320 PFD, ND red flags flashing [*] Added A320 "no autoland" warning [*] Added A320 stall speeds calculated from angle of attack and gross mass [*] Added A320 anti skid tested after gear extension [*] Added A320 flight director resets 30 seconds after landing [*] Added A320 IRS needs alignment after being shut down (time shortened to one minute instead of up to 10 min.) [*] Added A320 when spoilers are automatically retracted (e.g. flap full, high angle of attack or TOGA) they will be inhibited until the spoiler lever is set to retract [*] Fixed A320 FCU only resets after power has been lost for some time [*] Fixed A320 CAT 3 stays active when levers are pulled to idle for landing flare [*] Fixed A320 engine fire warning on ECAM when light test is performed [*] Changed A320 autoland spoilers only extend when thrust levers are manually pulled back to idle [*] Changed A320 jump seat view position [*] Changed A320 drag reduced [*] Changed A320 ignition selector only triggers engine page for engine start [*] Changed A320 engine display shows MREV thrust rating during revers thrust application [*] Added A320 MCDU flight plan can be created from the INIT page (set icao origin and destination) [*] Added A320 MCDU flight plan departure and arrival runways can be selected [*] Added A320 MCDU pages lateral revision, vertical revision, arrival and departure, some parameters are already operative, e.g. 10k speed limit and constraints might work [*] Added A320 MCDU flight plan page waypoints can be inserted and removed (BETA) [*] Added A320 MCDU scratchpad messages like ADD DRAG or DECELERATE [*] Added A320 MCDU pages position monitor, gps monitor and irs monitor [*] Added LJ45, Q400 and B737 a lot of new CDU pages have been added, e.g. navigation, flight plan, performance, fuel, tuning, etc. [*] Added LJ45, Q400 and B737 flight plan can be created and edited via CDU [*] Added LJ45, Q400 and B737 flight plan departure and arrival runways can be selected via CDU [*] Added B737 added greenish moving map to the radar screen [*] Changed Q400 engines are now build from modular engine components [*] Changed Q400 FADEC now able to increase power more quickly (less lag) [*] Added Q400 electrical system finished, Q400 systems can now reach cold and dark state [*] Fixed Q400 APU generator is now working and charging batteries [*] Added Q400, C90Gtx power levers can be pulled into reverse with VR hands or mouse [*] Changed C90Gtx engines are now build from modular engine components [*] Added C90Gtx low and high idle, engines can be shut down and restarted [*] Added C90Gtx electrical system added, C90GTx now also reached cold and dark status [*] Added C90Gtx working radio navigation and MFD options pages in the CDU [*] Added C90Gtx master caution and warning now flashing, more warnings functional [*] Added B58 engines can be shut down now, now also cold and dark [*] Fixed B737 autotuning on ADF removed [*] Changed B747 improvements to the displays, e.g. correct navigation sources for pilot and copilot navigation displays [*] Changed F18 and F15e steering range is automatically managed for you, high steering is selected at low speed (below roughly 10 kts) [*] Changed MB339 engines are now build from modular engine components [*] Added R22 doors can be opened [*] Changed ASG29 canopy animation smoothed out, no more jumps when closing [*] Fixed Advanced autopilot fixes to localizer capture on East headings [*] Fixed Advanced autopilot changed glide slope mode corrects for non standard glide slope angles (e.g. steep approaches) [*] Changed Advanced autopilot speed hold adjusted for autothrottle SPEED mode and vertical IAS HOLD pitch mode [*] Fixed Advanced autopilot numerous bug fixes and minor improvements
  25. I think you need to go back and look at that chart again. The IPC chart only extends back to the 4790K, which was, as Haase mentions, at least a ~15% improvement in IPC over the 3770k--improved IPC was one of the major benefits of Haswell over Sandy/Ivy Bridge. See On the chart you reference, from the 4790k to the 9700k, there's a 14.2% improvement in IPC, and from the 3770k to the 9700k it's more like a 34% increase in IPC...over a third more instructions executed per clock cycle. Add that to clock speeds that are 20% higher, and that to a doubling in physical core count, and it's a major, major increase in throughput. The data you yourself reference doesn't support a conclusion that w/r/t "...raw, clock-for-clock, single thread performance then nothing has changed that much over those generations." Regards
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