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  2. Labbi85

    What's going on with REX?

    Strange, I also use the rift but in conjunction with flyinside (vanilla VR has too many functions missing for me). So I installed and tried it. After first loading I only could look around with Space and mouse. And at second try P3D was not loading after I chosed my scenario. Only deinstall of EF restored my sim
  3. RTK1972

    What's going on with REX?

    so you take our money for a over advertised product that even in automatic mode needs so much manual tweaking to fit ones taste that i loose all of my mood and spare time and uninstalled it. In this case we should talk about a refund......
  4. Bert Pieke

    Questions before purchase GTN750/650

    The Garmin Trainer is at the core of the GTN simulation, and yes, it provides the navdatabase as well. It is updateable if you have access to newer Garmin navdata, from real world sources, like an aircraft owner. Not easily done, and certainly not affordable for a flightsimmer. If you are looking for "current" navdata like Navigraph, this option simply does not exist for the GTN. When Garmin releases a newer Trainer version, it typically comes with a newer navdata set.. but that could be a year or more in the future..
  5. RTK1972

    What's going on with REX?

    . please delete
  6. sloppysmusic

    Dovetail 10 year anniversary sale Steam

    So many knobs and dials.... So little time!! 🤔😁😁
  7. Labbi85

    What's going on with REX?

    Already did yesterday evening.
  8. Bert Pieke

    No Glide Path with LinkVor False

    As stated before, this is aircraft dependent.. If the aircraft vendor uses the VOR variables for the autopilot, the GTN needs to override them.. Which aircraft are you talking about?
  9. newtie

    What's going on with REX?

    Wow. I can't believe you said that. You effectively dismissed the majority of users in the 28 page post. I uninstalled EF soon after buying it. I will reinstall it after everything gets fixed which it will happen at some point. Cheers, Mark
  10. SoJourned

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    PROATC works fine with UTL. Ive never heard of AIG either but I may check it out to see if PROATC works with that.
  11. Yes,,done several and they are all available at X-Plane.Org in the Downloads section under the Liveries and Skins heading - look for user "teisco" All have optional new interiors and black cockpit panels.
  12. georgiosgiannoukos

    4.5 hot fix is out

    My P3D 4.5 with HF1 loads with default aircraft but does not with PMDG 737 Georgios
  13. Thomasso

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    Huh, I had no idea about the freeware option. Thanks guys, I'll definitely look into it! 🙂 So there is no viable ATC software compatible with that? So how do you know that you can land or takeoff if the ai isn't controlled? How do you avoid an airplane entering the runway when you're on final?
  14. Did you try to install it on the PC running your Simulator? What happens there?
  15. Hi, My fmc_ident.txt file in \Prepar3D v4\PMDG\PMDG\NavData reads: [Ident] NavData=AIRAC-1905 OpProgram=APR25MAY23/19 CoData=JEP-1905 Which is up to date. Still I get a 'NAV DATA out of date' in the FMC?
  16. reecemj

    What's going on with REX?

    Good move not to install any texture from SF vcarlo. SF is not installing the right texture after the last update.Am looking at the default clouds now.
  17. I'm looking forward to the release that's code-named 'spinal.tap'. This release is better than the other ones. This one goes to 11.
  18. You can find the complete set of wakes here: Meanwhile the last model for the new update has been tested. It is the new Chinese Type 55 destroyer Nanchang:
  19. RXP

    Transponder Mode

    I thank @bbuckley for this script. It is most welcome. I've already sent Keith the details and code to do differently with his new client but it seems it didn't make it through. For example the X-Plane PE client doens't need any third party tech and just uses the SDK. We properly interact with the X-Plane PE client (and the xSquawkbox client too) for TX/RX COM flags and the XPDR. They can do exactly the very same with P3D: the flight simulator SDK as already all that is needed just using SimConnect, or it is very easy to develop a 'module' instead publishing their own vars and commands (we do this for our GTN and GNS V2 isn't it?) I find this is unfortunate PE and all other such clients rely on FSUIPC for their 'public interface' at least because: They are dependent on a third party while all needed is already in the simulator SDK. No other vendor can use their interface unless they pay a FSUIPC fee and make themselves dependent on another 3rd party as well.
  20. dels

    Configuration Menu

    Thanks for the quick reply. I am using a pop-up for the GTN but still no joy. Del
  21. John F

    More Vega over Long Island

    I like the soft color treatment. John
  22. John F

    Red Metal

    Great in all regards! John
  23. Tried it, but same problem:(
  24. w6kd

    787 Qualitywings

    I'm guessing that you did not restore the original shaders (including the shader effect files in ShadersHLSL) prior to updating P3D. I don't use Envshade, but I do use PTA, and I know I'm supposed to restore the original P3D shaders prior to a client update. I imagine it's the same with Envshade. See Poppet's post in this thread for a possible solution using a P3D repair installation:
  25. Rasterfahnder

    What's going on with REX?

    Now that is reaction to a building word not allowed storm! Keep calm and your heads up. Good luck. Love your work and would buy it again. And hear is how you build up a word not allowed storm. 😊 No offence, as I said it is different from real life conversations. Remember it is sunday and REX is working. I am guilty myself for that some times.
  26. My bad, stupid me.. I deleted the p3d cfg file so many times so that I forgot to change the line related to frame to average in it. So locked at 30fps it seems it keeps the fps at 31-32 fps (but still the average is fine). But when I changed for testing UIHardwareAcceleration=True to False, the in-game fps were up to 60 and not limited anymore, without any other change. And at 65 fps.. it stutters as at limited 30 fps. I do not understand it anymore... One other point, as I am using 2 monitors, when I move the mouse to the other fps drops from those 60 at 30 fps in P3D (but that is probably due to multi monitor performance mode setting).
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