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  2. Benjamin J

    Advice needed with trouble shooting

    Thanks for your contribution Bert! Though I've always had my FPS locked to 30 😉 If I don't, it becomes a gigantic stutter fest, as, like you say, the computer can't keep up.
  3. edpatino

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42

    Just a question, Marius, do you think PBR textures are too shinny when you decided to make a matte version?, or it´s just that the real-world aircraft is matte?. Excellent work, by the way. Cheers, Ed
  4. Flieger-Marius

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42

    I said I will think about it after the already planned repaints. Here's two for the Asian community. JA03JC Download JA05JC Download
  5. G-YMML1

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Where It might be downloaded from?
  6. FDEdev

    Slow to Climb?

    No. He didn't. Read again. He wrote 65-68 degrees, that's the PL angle, not torque. Torque should be 90% and prop RPM 100%. There is no 'middle' notch since there's only one notch.
  7. woodhick

    Circle to land... madness!

    Before I purchased Radar Contact I used to get that a lot too. As I remember, the ATC cops never knocked on my door when I ignored "circle to land instructions". Especially when the wx was clear.
  8. byork

    Flight Attendant has not options

    Glenn, Do you own the P3D V4 version of FS2Crew 777? The FSX version will not work in the 777.
  9. woodhick


    That second to last shot is absolutely outstanding. Nice series, but that one is over the top
  10. Bobsk8

    Flying For the Airlines - Why?

    After many years flying for VA's, the VA I use now is the best I have found. You can fly either scheduled flights, or make your own, and fly any aircraft you want. I fly about 10 flights a week average, and almost always, never to the same airports.
  11. After reading through a few pages of topics... am I the only one who can't get the autopilot to function properly on pretty much every aircraft in XPlane? I just upgraded the SSG E-170, for instance, and the first time I flew it, the AP worked well. I was able to complete a full flight, which I had never been able to do before. Tried it again the next day and the AP is effed again! Will not follow a heading, will not hold a climb or altitude... I have the same problem with everything else as well, it seems, even the Zibo 737. Am I alone in the world, or is this a common problem with an easy fix that I can't find a mention of?? Russ
  12. Pidder

    Flight 1 Integration?

    Find your Carenado ATR42-500 folder in simobjects\airplanes. Here you will find some EXE-files to switsch F1 oder RXP GTN750 on or to dissable them an go back to Carenados FMC.
  13. Today
  14. Looking forward to an video of it! *hinthint* ... they are already there, addons with sloped runways are available. For example EDDF with its sloped taxiway from RWY 18 to the Terminals. Only the AI can't use them.
  15. RXP

    Official GTN Checklists Files

    AirFoilLabs King Air checklists by @snaparaz
  16. I tend to agree that PBR textures need the "LM upgrade" before they will look better than their non PBR counterparts. I hardly ever see my own aircraft's textures, but I have an airport (Digital Design EGGP Liverpool) that includes PBR textures, and the excessive shimmering is not an improvement over standard textures. Hopefully, that will change when LM provides the fix.
  17. I see no option for this during install. Nothing in the plane. Anyone know how to get this integrated? Thank you.
  18. MarkW

    Flying For the Airlines - Why?

    I tend to mostly fly Airliners although i still really enjoy flying GA from time to time. The key to a great Airliner experience is finding the "right" VA for you. If there is a great community, lots of online activity, a voice chat room when you are in cruise, Discord or similar text chat as well as great online support for the airline you are flying for (proper routes, information, updates, etc.) then the experience is simply amazing. I have gone through probably 4 or 5 VA's in the past 20 years....two of which were incredible and one of which I still fly for. So look around, join a few, see how it goes and when you find what you are looking for you will know it!
  19. GeeBee

    Slow to Climb?

    So are you saying takeoff is performed at 68 percent torque ? Seems very low. Some guy was saying CLs should be max and takeoff torque should be in the yellow zone.... some 90 percent. I'm inclined to believe that the middle PL notch is for cruising only.
  20. ShezA

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Can someone put up a screenshot to show the fixes? I am travelling and am not on my FS computer.
  21. ShezA

    YMML Jetways In the Air

    In the GSX airport customization window click the light airplane symbol top right....voila!
  22. I would pole dance in a purple nightie and fish nets just to get sloped runways
  23. Thanks for the reply do you think the 2070ti when it is released will be superior to the 1080ti?
  24. Christopher Low

    Fokker F28 Fellowship inbound!

    I am sure that I read somewhere that the Caravelle is now a 100% Aeroplane Heaven product. That would suggest that JustFlight are no longer involved in its development.....
  25. Jude Bradley

    Error Invalid Serial

    I don't know what the serial code information box looks like in Carenado, but check for spaces. The Aerosoft input field is one long text and it's easy to have a space at the beginning of the field, especially if you paste data instead of manually typing in the keycodes.
  26. qwertytam

    YMML Jetways In the Air

    Hi, Just landed at YMML and have a slight issue deplanning my passengers. I've run the FTX automatic configuation tool and still have this issue. The issue also occurs both with and without FTX Australia installed.The airport is P3D default scenary. Have also looked at various other airports (YSSY, KJFK, KLAX, OMDB), but only YMML seems to have the issue. Any ideas? Have installed: P3D v4.4.16.27077 FTX Global Base Pack, openLC North America, Global Vector, Australia GSX and GSX Level 2 Added screenshot of the problem:
  27. Holdit

    Flying For the Airlines - Why?

    How about a round the world trip?
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