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  2. Phantom88

    Dev's Diary...

    223 Hello everybody, The Spring ends soon, and we’re preparing the next update for you. In the next 2-3 weeks, we plan to finish the testing of the new game version, which has started already - this week we started the beta testing of Flying Circus S.E.5a and Albatros D.5a and today we add T-34 UVZ mod. 1943 from Tank Crew project to it. And the next week the beta testing of the long-awaited Me 262 A for Battle of Bodenplatte will begin. For Bodenplatte we also have the Summer US pilot ready, German and British pilots will receive their summer outfits soon. We can show you the US one today: Jet engine Jumo-004B-1 for Me 262 A fighter/bomber is nearly finished - it is installed on the aircraft, its characteristics are set up and it is being tuned right now. For our project, we have chosen the updated variant of this engine which had a modified valve that made the throttle controls more trouble-proof. However, sharp throttle changes still can cause an engine fire, so it requires a degree of caution. Speaking of available modifications, this aircraft in the game will have the following ones: EZ 42 gyro gunsight with automatic deflection calculation, R4M unguided air-to-air rockets, 12 per mounting, Armored pilot headrest, Pilot back armor, Removal of the gun mounting armor for making the aircraft less nose-heavy, Removal of two Mk 108 guns, Bomber variant capable of carrying two SC 250 or one SC 500 bombs. The list of this plane peculiarities includes the dangerous effect of Mach tuck at higher speeds that at first decreases its yaw stability. This yaw stability decrease not only makes the aircraft harder to handle but also warns the pilot of the increasing danger of an uncontrollable dive. The nose landing gear is omnidirectional and has additional brakes. While the plane is capable of reaching up to 837 kph near the ground it has good controllability at low speeds thanks to wing slats. It should be noted that the longitudinal center-of-gravity depends on the remaining fuel, ammo and modifications installed very heavily. For instance, if you remove the nose gun armor and two guns, it becomes so tail heavy with full tanks that it is dangerous to fly. Positive characteristics include good roll controls at any flight speed. All in all, the plane is going to be controversial, unusual and very interesting to fly: Next Flying Circus planes, S.E.5a and Albatros D.5a, are completely finished and are being tested at the moment. The new level of visual quality allows us to have a fresh look at the aircraft of the Great War - previously invisible details became apparent, the materials became more lifelike. We hope to be able to show you the first screenshots of the Arras map soon. Meanwhile, we started the work on the next pair of WWI planes we have to develop - Bristol Fighter and Halberstadt CL.II. Bristol Fighter was a general purpose frontline aircraft that served as fighter, light bomber and recon plane while Halberstadt CL.II was a specialized frontline attack aircraft, sometimes also used for recon. But today we can show you the screenshots of S.E.5a and Albatros D.5a: Tank Crew owners will also get much new stuff in this update - our partners from Digital Forms have finished the work on T-34-76 UVZ mod. 1943 and it will also be added to Early Access. There is much info on T-34 available, but some things can be repeated. Fast, maneuverable, with good armor and weapons - sloped angle armor made it only slightly less armored than heavier KV-1s. However, long 75 mm and 88 mm German guns in 1943 were very dangerous and this armor was no longer enough, so this means that T-34 crews need to rely on the main advantages of this tank - speed and mobility - even more. However, the new tank isn’t the only addition to Tank Crew you’ll get in the next update. We’re currently testing the new, more detailed tank damage model. The damage sustained will be indicated on a special overlay toggled by Enter key and in the messages on the left of the screen. The following systems can be damaged: Engine, Cooling system (coolant leaks that eventually lead to an engine overheat and damage), Oil tanks (oil leaks lead to fire danger), Fuel tanks (fuel leaks also increase the danger of fire, more for gas engines and less for diesel ones), Transmission and gearbox (longer gear shifting, inability to change the gear, complete transmission failure), Steering (more difficult turning), Electric system (inability to start the engine, inability to use powered turret traversing mechanism, internal and external lighting, radio), The left part of the suspension and left track, The right part of the suspension and right track, Radio, Main turret traverse mechanism, Manual turret traverse mechanism, Gun mounting, Main gun, Machine guns, Crew. Of course, this feature is linked to another - the possibility of field repair. It is also being worked on and most of it will be usable for aircraft as well. The crew will be able to repair the tank systems in the field as long as the tank is not completely destroyed. In addition, the mission designer can add special repair and ambulance tracks that accelerate this process both to single and multiplayer missions. Later, during Summer, we plan to add refueling and ammo trucks to replenish the fuel, oil, water and ammo reserves. And today we can show you the screens of the coming T-34-76 UVZ mod. 1943:
  3. awf

    New Palma de Mallorca from Justsim ?

    For someone that doesn't own that scenery pretty bald statement, almost thinking you have a relation with the developers 🤣 As for the scenery it's nice but not accurate compared to real life (color and missing buildings) and nothing wrong with my eyes 😂 So I stay with Sim-wings which does the job nicely 😉 have fun with yours, but don't pretend your view of things is the correct or the only one... Lucky us we have choices nowadays, so choose to your liking, but don't expect everybody does the same... As for my own eyes I trust them over yours any day ok 😂
  4. Hello, Please, helicopter pilots using Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog, what did you assign as collective in P3D (throttle, slider,etc). Thanks in advance.
  5. Harold_Finch

    Will there be a P3D 4.6 or more Hotfixes this year?

    Magic 8-Ball says "Ask again later".
  6. NorwegianAviator

    P3D turbine prop engine start up logic Here you go guys 🙂 There's one post about this here on avsim too, but I couldn't find it. I've contacted LM and posted in their forum about this issue and many others for a long time, but I've given up. This will probably never get fixed (along with the broken ground friction). The only solution that will work is for developers to start making custom flight dynamics, engine simulation and customize everything outside the sim. Unfortunately it seems like only a few developers are capable of doing this, and from what I understand it's a massive job to do. Unfortunate, yes absolutely but it's just the way it is with P3D.
  7. edpatino

    What's going on with REX?

    I normally wait for the dust to settle after a P3D update and after releases like this EF product. Meanwhile I'm still enjoying P3Dv4.4 with AS16, Envtex and REX 4TD+SC very much. Cheers, Ed
  8. Sethos1988

    What's going on with REX?

    Almost like I said something way more nuanced than that.
  9. Let's hope that today's pilots could handle a similarly dire situation with as much skill as Capt. Hanson and his crew... Yes. long live the Queen!
  10. pete_auau

    What's going on with REX?

    Like to know what addon that doesn't have issues when released
  11. Sethos1988

    Will there be a P3D 4.6 or more Hotfixes this year?

    You are asking for lottery numbers here, nobody can tell you.
  12. Sethos1988

    What's going on with REX?

    Yeah I've seen it. I know what the product does and can do, I was even very positive about it pre-release if you check my profile. However, tweaking on the fly is already available without dropping $33, thanks to the new Reload Shaders functions in 4.5 (plus you have access to a whole heap more settings with other software), so that to me is less interesting. The big ticket item was automation mode, that I figured was going to be a lot more impactful than it really is. The one comparison video I've seen done is incredibly lackluster and doesn't sell the product well at all. It's a neat little demonstration but lacks in execution, at least for its price point. And looking at the staggering amount of problems people have, it's not really a "set and forget" piece of software either. Luckily the function is now exposed to every developer and we might see competition ramp up, plus see some actual top notch usage of the function. Matt has already talked about it for PTA v3.
  13. edpatino

    What's going on with REX?

    Uninstalled after using it for just one month once I discovered it caused lots of trouble. A waste of time (and money) in my case. Cheers, Ed
  14. Arthur42417

    Will there be a P3D 4.6 or more Hotfixes this year?

    i'm asking about future releases/updates not 4.5
  15. pete_auau

    What's going on with REX?
  16. MattDavies

    Matt’s PTA preset

    Were you supposed to attach a screenshot or something? I don't see anything. If you're loading default shaders from "ages ago", they wont be compatible with the latest version of Prepar3D. Just use the client.msi to reinstall the client module (uninstall it first via programs & features).
  17. MattDavies

    PTA update

    Yeah, it's a bug - the logic of how it shows the update pop up is a bit weird. Once the rewrite is done, long gone will be the days of problems like this. The best way to check the latest version is here:
  18. what about 4.5 that just came out
  19. pilecan

    787 Qualitywings

    After installed 4.5 I updated the shaders the last version of Envshade who is suppose to be compatible with last version of p3d. I dont understand what you mean when you say " previous version of the shader mod software." For now I delete the shaders and install them of Envshade after restore. Texture problem sill there...
  20. At least it's sorted 🙂
  21. SunDevil56

    New Palma de Mallorca from Justsim ?

    Looks good, I may have to pick this up...🙂 If you have GSX L2 it shouldn't be hard to replace these jetways (are they CTRL+J or static..?) with GSX jetways, which in the long run will probably look better than the dev's SODE jetways anyway, they usually do, at least that's been my experience.
  22. Phantom88

    Random Screenshots

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    Red Metal

    **Old School Cool**
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