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  2. Mustang-242

    Outside scenery is "shaking"

    I also thought it could be due to the engine vibration setting, but then I realised that this option probably 'translates' the viewpoint up/down/left/right slightly, but doesn't rotate/pan it. So it would make the cockpit & window frames jostle about relative to the horizon, but it shouldn't make the horizon or distant scenery move about. I could be wrong, just guessing. There are a lot of sliders so setting each one to zero should easily tell you if CP is the reason or not.
  3. Mustang-242

    Assigning view to hotkey

    Well, you posted the question here in the ChasePlane support forum so I had assumed that's what you were asking about πŸ™‚ I don't think you can assign keys to specific views in FSX/P3D easily otherwise, without ChasePlane or another camera add-on utility. ChasePlane is an excellent program for manipulating the camera and setting up custom views. I'd recommend looking at a few YouTube videos to get an idea of it before purchasing. Otherwise, I think you'd have to define new view points in the aircraft and cycle through them with the 'A' key (default key in FSX; I presume P3D is the same).
  4. Vineguy

    What's going on with REX?

    The current version is 0410. If you try to update you will get a message saying your version is up to date. The last update has not been released yet. Please wait until things get sorted and fixed for the next update to be available.
  5. awf

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Correct the default models textures are updated...
  6. Gandalf

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    I have no idea how easy or hard it is to write any software. I’ve been using RC4 probably as long as you have. That’s all totally beside the point I was making which was that no current ATC programme will do what we all want it to do ie control us and the AI correctly, both in the air and on the ground. Regards G
  7. DJJose

    What's going on with REX?

    I would appreciate a working update or release SF build 5.0.2019.0116 so that I can go back. I managed to copy the files over to my new fresh install. So I have a working sim.
  8. DavidP

    Are 737 NGX Beta Testers Required???

    PMDG invite beta testers who satisfy numerous selection criteria such as professional qualifications, proven knowledge, forum participation over a long period of time etc. Most of us "average" simmers won't meet that criteria. They won't usually respond to an offer made on the forum - they would get heaps of "offers" I expect.
  9. tonyprent22

    FA50 EX crashes constantly

    Just bought this bird and I probably shouldn't have, but it looked so nice. I have the standard AP/FMS issues with the Phenom 300, and I should have stayed away. Anyways, I bought this the other day and have been unable to fly it since. I have Track IR, and the first crash happened when I turned my head too quick. The game crashed out and I had a "your computer ran out of memory" error. I have 32 GB of RAM, and while I understand something about FSX maxes the vram out at 4gbs, I have not had any other issues with any other planes. I am running with ORBX scenery (Global, Vector, North America, NA Alaska/Canada, and Lights, along with the freeware Airports, libraries), Active Sky 2016, Active Sky Cloud Art, Pro-ATC-x, and PDMG 737-800. All of that was running except the 737. This first crash happened during the initial Navigraph upload, so perhaps there was too much going on? The crashes after this... I paused track IR so there would be no movements while the navigraph did it's initial startup. After this, I unpaused Track IR and turned my head back and forth, with no crashes. I was in window mode (to be safe, until I reached cruise) and tried to open the radio stack and it showed up black and the game crashed out again, but without the memory warning. I had several other crashes after this, all while trying to open panels. I only received the memory error the first time. Any ideas on this? I'm running an intel i5 8600k with a GTX 970, 32GB of RAM on Windows 10. My settings are at the recommended ORBX minimal settings, so pretty much high/ultra high I've researched this issue all last night with little help, so I'm reaching out to the community. Thanks all! Oh an for the record I have flown with the PDMG 737 on these same settings with no issues whatsoever.
  10. HighBypass

    Dangerous landing at Paro, Bhutan

    Sound now included. Great video of a challenging approach. X plane does look rather good!
  11. AdiR

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    REX has a great support (Federico!), but I regret I bought it. I use PTA R&D Preset and the new EF version overrides PTA settings (too bright cockpit, grayish sky). I tried to play with Rayleigh values, ExposureKey and many more trying to set EF to get visuals similar to R&D Preset. Okay - terrain looks better (set Rayleigh values to the same as in PTA preset), sky is more saturated (Sky Index) but cockpit is still too bright for me and I don't feel it - everything looks "wanished". Just gave up after tweaking all day. I regret I deleted previous hotfix that didn't override HDR settings applied by PTA. I think EF is a really great tool (and will getting better and better), I loved previous build but I had to uninstall it.
  12. awf

    What's going on with REX?

    thanks Tim but would appreciated the build number so it's less confusing... answer from REX: Please have patience the server is experiencing heavy loads, thank you for your understanding...
  13. Juergen

    Rainmaker in B747-8

    Thanks for reply
  14. I understand that error 81 has nothing to do with Win 10 or 7. I was happy when PFPX appeared for Win 7 so I decided to move PFPX from my Win 10 work laptop to my FSX PC. Error 81 appeared when I previously updated FLAi. Therefore, I installed (not updated) FLAi to FLAi \Simobjects\ Airplanes and modified fsx.cfg. I produced new liveries with AILG. My liveries should be properly installed but if they are correctly activated I do not know. Hakan
  15. HighBypass

    Cargo Departure From Fairbanks

    The Mad Dog looks great in that VA livery! Which MD-11 is that please? I know it isn't the Sky Simulations one Fairbanks to Whitehorse is a relatively short distance - the Mad Dog is a bit of overkill Mind you - if she's ready and available then why not use her for an emergency trip? The MD11 is like a beautiful, willing platinum blonde.... the rest of that statement is a bit risque for AVSIM πŸ˜‰
  16. Hello there I have been using the PMDG 737 NGX for about 3 years and its just simply an awesome product. Shortfalls? yes but it is true that what is superb exponentially outweighs what is not so good. I have come across several posts on other sites recently that seem to hint that PM are just about to launch an updated version of the 737 NGX and that it is due to be rolled out to beta testers in the next few weeks. Now, I do not know if that is true. But just in case they monitor this forum, if they are looking for beta testers then I would be honoured to be one of the testers for it. I fly the NGX about 100 or so hours a month and I know of most of the functionality of the NGX. I know that there will be others more qualified than I on this site, but perhaps if we all signalled our willingness to test and report on this project (if indeed it does exist lol), then it might help PM and also help us pilots to know what the current plans are. Over you you PM - get back to us if you would like our assistance to beta test the new NGX. Kind regards Alan Hill
  17. awf

    What's going on with REX?

    😲 good question
  18. Nyxx

    What's going on with REX?

    Is this not the current one? 5.0.2019.0410
  19. Reader

    Outside scenery is "shaking"

    Isn't that what people have ChasePlane for? I rather think that it is to replicate the movement of an aircraft with its engines running. If you look at the Chase Plane conrol panel, you can switch these effects off if you don't like them.
  20. Sethos1988

    What's going on with REX?

    Yes, I know. I'm talking to the guy with the 'old' version that needs to get on the recent 2.1 release, to even get 2.2 πŸ™‚ 'else he'd be trying to update from here to eternity without ever getting anything, regardless of when it's available.
  21. Rasterfahnder

    What's going on with REX?

    Thats not the new update, the new one should be 2.2 πŸ˜™
  22. Simicro

    PMDG 777: NAV DATA out of date

    Please disregard. Solution here:
  23. Simicro

    AIRAC Not Updating in the Aircraft

    That did the trick for me. Thank you!
  24. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting a nice very early morning cargo departure from PAFA Fairbanks International Airport three miles southwest of the central business district of Fairbanks in Alaska to CYXY Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport located in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Boarding the cockpit Starting to turn all knobs to necessary settings Ambulance arriving to deliver kidney transplant boxes to the plane for emergency quick flight to Whitehorse where lucky kidney transplant recipients will get Starting engines! Leaving cargo apron to taxi to taxiway A Entering into taxiway A for long taxi to short of runway 02L Still taxiing Passing few Fed Ex vehicles during long taxi Passing de-icing vehicle rushing to some Alaska Airline plane to do deicing while the airport snow plow truck is busy plowing snow out More taxiing Entering into runway 02L for take off Airborne on climb to FL350 Making right turn toward east above background view of city of Fairbanks If you have sharp eye you can spot PAFB Ladd Army Airfield or Fort Wainwright air base located at Fort Jonathan Wainwright suburb of Fairbanks Still climbing to FL350 More climb more climb After a hour flight now on descent Descending through clouds at 11,000 ft On final runway approach to runway 14R Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN Front landing gear gliding down in most smoothful manner Front wheels making ground contact Slowing down to exit from runway Taxiing toward cargo apron Thank you for viewing!! Stay tuned for next exciting flight!! Regards, Aharon
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