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  2. briansommers

    Carenado's best bizjet?

    Yep. I’m going with the S550 for now. Later I’ll get into the hawker
  3. SledDriver

    Big 2 second stutter on final approach to airport

    Are you doing this with the sliders in options, or a setting in the Prepar3d.cfg file?
  4. Anyone knows of a ATR42-500 PFPX profile? So we can start planning these birds as well 😉
  5. Nyxx

    QW787 Tomato Shade Issue

    Your welcome and welcome to these great forums.
  6. ryanbatcund

    Yakovlev Yak-18T

    Yeah I downloaded this...a nice piece of freeware!
  7. fredofenua

    1st Flight

    Have a look here :
  8. Yesterday
  9. George8295

    QW787 Tomato Shade Issue

    I was gonna say how great the aircraft looked anyway without it! Thanks David
  10. I could not care less where the thing is posted...I am just pleased I saw it! The thoughts, 'No, can't be, it looks too amazing,' are but a few that I had. Looking forward to seeing/hearing more about this, even if XP11 is my number 2 sim. Thanks for posting. Greg
  11. Hi everyone, after some time using P3D I have decided to look into the audio options in order to separate some of the sounds in a more realistic way. However, the only options available are the four volumes (Engine, Cockpit, Environment, Voice) with no way to separate any of the first three outputs from each other. The Idea is to obtain the engines sound coming from the main speakers (with bass Sub) and the cabin sound from a more modest output situated the above overhead panel so to emulate the cockpit ambiance. Again in the audio mixer, one can only isolate Voice Capture (mostly not used as we tend to rely on FS2crew and external ATC) "Voice Playback" and "Primary Playback" this last one being where all the internal and external sounds seem to be directed to (the device can be chosen) but never into separate ways. Is there anything else that can be done for this separation or does it mean software mods?
  12. Nyxx

    QW787 Tomato Shade Issue

    George, you don’t need or want one as the QW is now PBR. Its a stunning looking aircraft. Just make sure to have reflections turned on in P3D Enjoy.
  13. When I call the FA I hear her answer but I don't see an options list. I have re-loaded FS2Crew to no avail. What could be wrong ?? Glenn Hutchinson
  14. George8295

    QW787 Tomato Shade Issue

    Hey guys Just having an issue with Tomato shade. I cant seem to select the profile in Reflection Maker for the QW787. I keep getting the message "The selected profile was not saved for the currently selected aircraft model" Using P3d 4.5 and have also updated the QW787 and tomato shade.
  15. itsjase

    PBR - Do we need SGSS (NVI) again?

    Personally even with the AA issues with PBR, it looks so much better than non-PBR that I'm willing to deal with some aliasing for now.
  16. qqwertzde


    Dave, I admire your patience. Peter
  17. D Nelson

    Carenado's best bizjet?

    S550 with GTN, Hawker with GTN, without a doubt. You probably have gone through the threads and made the recommended changes. I have most also and these are my go-to airplanes. I Just finished an Eglin to Wright-Patt flight in the S550 and it performed flawlessly. Don
  18. JasonPC

    CaptainSim 757-300 Released

    Yes True Glass was included in a patch. Sadly not Real Light as the lighting is severely lacking for a product as this price point IMO.
  19. glider1

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Thanks. I guess the point is that P3D is not a game it is a simulation. So we need a "simulation" mode but that will never happen.
  20. Dave_YVR

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    Just use AIG's AI manager and get incredible models, accurate liveries and superior schedules to any of the payware AI offerings for free!
  21. Thanks Byork. I assume these 3 options will work when using the Button Control Command as well as the Voice Command. Ken.
  22. SunDevil56


    I Agree with Ray, and frankly the comments just above his are totally uncalled for IMHO, but it seems to be his style..🙄
  23. Pugilist2

    A Gryoplane out of Sedona

    Nice shots of the red rock country!
  24. Coqui297

    Repaint Requests

    [Copyrighted image removed]
  25. Steve1969

    Pollypot GIT

    Hi John, It works automatically with the MCP PRO and EFIS (amongst other devices) for the PMDG NGX, 777 and 747. There are configs available for download on the website for these two devices for other aircraft made by customers. It has the potential to work with any aircraft, but it is an interfacing tool and it depends on what the aircraft developer has "exposed". I guess what you saw in the videos was using Detective to find out what to do when there is no config available for download. Its looks complicated, but once you get your head around it, its fairly straight forward. Best wishes Steve
  26. Pugilist2

    The other B777 SIM - CS B777

    Great looking set of the 777!
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