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  2. fakeflyer737

    Almost ready : REX announcing Environment Force

    The clouds aren't building or dissipating they're transparent and then not transparent.
  3. DylanM

    P3D4.5 FXAA or AA

    Try 4X or 8X MSAA with MFAA enabled (FXAA disabled). Works well for me in 4K (49" single screen).
  4. Ither

    GTN 650/750 Quick/Steep Banking

    I was wondering that -- I will adjust AP parameters and see if that smooths it out -- I'd hate to bank turn and spill someones coffee all over them. πŸ˜‰
  5. Hi, The GTN couples the F/D and this most likely requires fine tuning the aircraft autopilot parameters to be a little less 'reactive'. There are aircraft which autopilot is tuned so that they react 'appropriately' regardless it is the GTN, the default GPS or a NAV source.
  6. Thanks Jean-Luc! I'm take look at the panel.png files and see if that's causing the issue. I agree the knobs and buttons aren't show stopper; to be honest I'd rarely use them as i would end up opening popup because of distance away. However, that doesn't stop me from not liking seeing the GNS 430 on the 3D cockpit LOL. Hence why I went into this. More to come as I progress--my goal now is to get the screen full length.
  7. itsjase

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Without going on a long winded explanation, it's a very difficult thing to do, and not worth the development time, when it only takes a few minutes to manually adjust settings. There's plenty of information out there on why this is so difficult, if you want to google it. More recently some engines have introduced dynamic settings for some settings such as resolution, but these are in an attempt to lower GPU usage, not CPU. In P3D it is usually the CPU usage that is the issue, and the settings that affect cpu usage are much harder to change "on-the-fly". And for those that can be changed, there's already FFTF Dynamic as mentioned in previous posts.
  8. RXP

    Help needed please!

    Thank you for the follow up. If it ever happens again, which I hope it won't, just let me know if you find out a 'culprit' key.
  9. GeeBee

    Slow to Climb?

    Hello. Sorted it. I understand how it should work, but I couldn't get it to automate the torque while in the Notch. I now know why and apologise for the waste of time .... although I have learned a lot in the course of it ! My controller / FSUIPC settings were in conflict. FSUIPC was set to control the throttles, but it appears that updating to P3D v4.5, my controls were reset. Bottom line -- it was constantly going in and out of 'the notch', although it was not noticeable. As such, it was reading around 68 % all the time, but wasn't actually sitting where it should be. Now I have cleared the conflict and created a bit of deadzone on my Saitek levers, it goes into the notch, and " Lo and behold ", the torque is now being controlled correctly using the power management dial. πŸ‘
  10. Hi, Thank you for sharing your progress with this! This looks nice! As for the screen 'cut off', do you refer to the 'duplicated' left part of the the GTN screen showing up to the left? This most likely is only related to how the panel.png UV projection gets mapped to your GTN screen polygon but I'm not the expert with this. As for the buttons/knobs, this unfortunately is what makes X-Plane a little hard to mod and why I always say X-Plane has no 'gauges', but it is conceptually wrapping the cockpit, the panel and the gauge as a single entity. Nevertheless, the buttons and knobs 'click spots' and manipulators which are encoded in a separate obj file which purpose is mostly just this. In effect, the 3D model representation and the 3D model interactions are encoded in different files. The 3D model representation may even be split in different obj files attached to the aircraft file, but the difficulty is the cockpit manipulators are all encoded in a single file regardless and it is not sufficient to just swap a 3D obj on the cockpit. It will work to 'show' the GTN, and our code intercepts the mouse in the 3D space too, but any manipulator left over in the whole-cockpit manipulator file gets precedence and intercepts the mouse before our plugin gets the chance to be notified about it. I do hope once the XPlane developers gets over with the Vulkan port and the other things in their list they will prioritize our suggestions and requests back.
  11. SunDevil56

    Fast and easy to fly GA Plane

    Yes, they do. Allow me to recommend the JustFlight Duchess 76... It's about $10 cheaper thru Simmarket than at the JustFlight web store. Designed from the outset as a low cost trainer for flying clubs and schools, it is extremely stable and forgiving, but it's not "fast by any stretch of the imagination... Cruise speed is around 158 knots, (max of about 195 knots) and stall speed is just 69 knots. JustFlight has done a real nice job with this, it's perfect for low and slow sightseeing...😎
  12. dal330200


    Just wait until 4/30 when Rex environment force comes out, and chances are that you won't need PTA or Tomato for much of anything anymore- except maybe aircraft lighting. Check out the site and see how this will be a game-changer for those of us who like to tweak shaders.
  13. RXP

    VCALC Alert

    Hi, can you please detail what alert is this? Is there a sound alert supposed to be audible too? You might want to cross check this in the Garmin GTN Pilot's Guide.
  14. w6kd

    Advice needed with trouble shooting

    If you're not already doing it this way, try using a hardware frame rate limiter--either your display and GPU set to 30Hz refresh rate (if the display will support that), or the RivaTuner RTSS set to Scanline Sync X/2 with 60Hz refresh rate. Hardware (external) frame rate limiting works much better than the internal software limiter for freeing up the CPU from workload beyond what's required to produce the target 30 FPS frame rate. I also use the Dynamic FFTF utility set to 0.4 at altitudes above 5000 ft to give my CPU a bigger slice of the processing time pie for scenery loading. 0.33 is the default, and if you set 0.4 statically in the config, it can cause issues on/near the ground when the CPU is getting hammered with airport scenery and AI workload. So I have FFTF Dynamic set to range from 0.01 on the ground with an increase to 0.4 at/above 5000 ft AGL. It helps keep the CPU gainfully employed at altitude when it has a lot more headroom available for scenery loading. w/r/t your hardware changes, reverting from the 9700K back to your 8600K did not undo the driver changes that were made when the 9700K was overwrote them (again). So you're not necessarily back to where you started in software as a result of going back to where you started in hardware. That said, it's definitely not clear that this is a hardware issue now...before it appeared that this behavior change was incident to your hardware upgrade, now it turns out that your software platform changed as well. Regards
  15. Hi, Can you please let me know the content of the rxpGtnSim.dll.log file?
  16. Great video, thanks for posting
  17. Noel

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Everyone here fully understands the screen has to repaint IN THE CURRENT ITERATION when you change scenery sliders. FWIW, that is not the case w/ some or all of the lighting sliders. It's certainly conceivable if LM decided something like this was very desirable code could be reengineered to insure CPU/GPU utilization were considered in what is rendered, and turn over prioritization according to user-selected criteria. The main unknown by anyone here is what that would cost to do. SteveW: "I think I understand what you want. You would need to perhaps set a scale of preferences, say you might put clouds at the top of the list as most important. Those items in the list are diminished in detail to enable performance to continue uninterrupted. It's do-able as I said, just awkward and costly, maybe not.ο»Ώ" READ: he admits he really doesn't know how doable and at what cost, but at least he understands the challenge. GSalden: "At this moment adding or lowering AG in realtime is not even possible" Noel: "This has been my concern and why I say it is LM who would need to develop this feature/utility...." Noel: "All of you folks out there including SteveW and itsjase: do you understand why something like this is out of the question? Is tweaked ESP engine simply unable for technical reasons we don't appreciate?" NO ONE answered this except SteveW gave an honest response which proves at least he understood the question and did not come back w/ the judgmental polarizing knee-jerk reaction you did.
  18. BamaKevin

    Calling all Bush Pilots

    I am curious to which ATC Addon everyone is using? I am currently using ProAtc and I am struggling to get it to do what I was hoping for in GA aircraft. Guess it’s more geared for Airlines.
  19. Hi, AFAIK the GTN is not capable of coupling VNAV altitude. I couldn't find any contrary mentions in the Garmin GTN Pilot's Guide either, thus I guess this is normal. Any real life GTN pilot might probably shed some light to this?
  20. Here is another video with a description of how to set up and use the Reality XP GTN in native X-Plane 11 VR from Russ Barlow:
  21. ckyliu

    Fast and easy to fly GA Plane

    JustFlight do some good in-house GA stuff; the TB-20 is quick but their version is prone to extreme left roll upon rotation and also very difficult to lose airspeed in. No idea if that's accurate or not as they never answered my support ticket. I believe their Turbo Arrow is easier to handle. Note these aircraft are on sale sporadically. Like others have said, for quick and cheap GA frills, Carenado or Alabeo work well: M20R, 690B, PA-31T, PA-46, PA-31, PA-23, C90 etc, their Bonanza was included as a default aircraft with older versions of P3D. There's also Wilco's TBM850 although dunno what that is like with it being a turboprop. I feel you have received bad advice with recommendations for A2A, they are not jump-in and easy to fly for 30mins without prior study. They are great products, but they need time invested. The same goes for Milviz.
  22. tttocs

    Please post the resolution

    I completely agree. It's especially frustrating when people take the time to try to assist and the OP is never heard from again. Scott
  23. page 37-39 of the manual
  24. Hollywood

    Native P3D v4.5 Vr - 'Wobbly' looking image?

    VR is a performance sucker. Thats what I learned. Still, after more than 12 month with my Rift I will never go back to TIR πŸ˜‰ Every release of p3d, VR is getting better. One thing I disagree, is with disabling all features that would make it nice. Some people say, AA is useless in VR. I disagree. The aicraft still looks better having it turned on. Maybe not 8xSSAA. But a bit more conservative will help on fps. Autogen. I mean, what is a forrest worth if the forrest is not dense or the city has no buildings... For some reason you are in the sim and VR improves the sense of real flying. Why to turn off the gimmicks then? I tell you my 2 cents. Plan for VR don't run into it because it is just nice. I did rush into it and ended up in changing pieces of hardware afterwards. Forced to it. Lessons learned. Anything below a GTX 1080 8GB+ is nonsense for Flightsim. It works for some other games on a 1070 too. Not DCS, not XP11, nor P3D 32GB Ram. You will have this many processes running for VR, that suck your memory. Better have some spare. i7-7700k, thats what I am on. It is low end. I am still waiting for upgrading Mind the table and the screen. You will have to move more distant otherwise you will score a hit with your head or your VR hands on the table or like me on the monitor when leaning forward πŸ˜‰ All your hardware panels become useless. How much did you invest? Sell it. You will no longer need it - except for P3D, hurray, you ca keep pedals, warthog stick and throttle but consider some move with those here -> Harness - god yesss!!! Forget only once that you cannot hold to the side of your F5 cockpit while leaning out. You will be resting on the floor. This was my warm welcome to DCS ... P3D uses mouse to control buttons and switches. Have a little pad on the side of your chair ... Last, Oculus Rift needs 3 USB3 (blue) ports and one HDMI port. Headset and Tracking devices should not be on the same USB3 Host controller. I had bandwidth disconnects having all on same hub. XP11, DCS are way more sophisticated in terms of VR. In DCS you can control the knobs, switches and buttons by hand controller. In XP11 you can even fly the plane fully on VR controllers, except pedals, of course.
  25. Today
  26. jimcarrel

    Please post the resolution

    I think it is part of the "me, me and me" complex. I've got mine, you go get yours. More to the point, readers of the OP thread are not even considered or part of the thinking process of the person posting.
  27. Anyway, here is link for more explanations:
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