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  2. birdguy

    Are FSX and P3D becomng step children?

    I started out in 1992 with FS5. I bought every new one that came out spaced about every two years. In 2006 I bought FSX which I was very happy with. I resisted the urges to move to P3D until v3 came out. Then a year later I bought P3Dv4. Not only did I have to buy the new simulators, but as they matured I also had to upgrade or buy a new computer from time to time. I'm done buying flight simulators and computers. I realize each new one is the latest and greatest until next year when the new latest and greatest comes out. I own every Orbx scenery made for FSX/P3D. An investment of about 3,000 dollars. If they want to keep me as a customer they are going to have to keep making sceneries compatible with FSX/P3D because I am dropping out of the parade. I've been marching to the drummer of every new simulator for 26 years. It's time to be satisfied with what I have. If Orbx is moving to XPlane at the expense of FSX/P3D I'm sorry to be losing their very fine future sceneries. The last Orbx scenery I purchased was Sun Valley. I installed it on P3Dv4 but was disappointed it was not available for P3Dv3 which I also have installed because of all the FSX aircraft that still work in it but not in V4. I also still have FS2004 installed for the MAAM DC-3 and all the wonderful California Classic retro 1962 airports world wide it has to offer along with old airliner ai that goes with them. The scenery might look cartoonish to some but California Classics fills a niche nobody else does and they are not moving up to P3D or XP11. I understand business models and dropping a few old customers to gain more new ones. But being an old customer left by the wayside I don't have to like it. A word on loyalty. As an octogenarian I still cling to old virtues such as loyalty versus money. I keep watching TV commercials and get junk mail and telemarketer calls telling me how much I can save by switching my automobile insurance. And I probably could save a couple hundred dollars by switching. But I have had the same automobile insurance carrier for over 25 years. I am not going to dump them after that long for 200 dollars a year. They have been very good to me and settled three or four claims promptly over that period. I will remain loyal to them. Noel
  3. Benjamin J

    FlyTampa's Las Vegas (KLAS) now available!

    Didn't even think twice and bought it outright. Been waiting for this for... well, forever! Hopefully can take a look at it this weekend!
  4. Zimmerbz

    Drzewiecki Chicago

    I thought I read that this was complete or near complete. I was going to post on their site but I don't have access to their forum. I've seen some pics of the city and Midway that look great, but no ORD pics. Just thought I would check to see if there was any additional info. Thanks
  5. medx421

    FlyTampa's Las Vegas (KLAS) now available!

    Best $32 bucks I've spent on scenery in awhile!
  6. AustinLonghorn

    Yoko+ PLUS yoke

    Have definitely considered that, but hotel, airfare, etc., is about $600 I could spend toward a new yoke :)
  7. Off to buy now....thank you for the HU.
  8. downscc

    Old FSDT ORD

    Even if you correct the AF file (aka AFCAD), when using 3d party airport the scenery will not change. The FSDT runways are their scenery. With default airports, what you see is what is in the AF file.
  9. After finishing my new build and Setting everything up I have encountered a Problem I can't solve, even after Hours of Google and Forum searches. I'm using AivlaSoft's EFB with the Client on a Laptop. Apparently MS has Chosen to discontinue homegroups, which was how I was running the System without Problems until now. To this date I managed to connect the two PCs, so each Shows up on the other and has Access to all required files. But no matter what I do, Server and Client do never establish a Connection. Am I missing something? Am I doing anything wrong? Help highly appreciated! Best regards, Peter
  10. Anders Bermann

    FlyTampa's Las Vegas (KLAS) now available!

    Amazing! Another gem by FlyTampa!
  11. Thanks so much n4gix, and neither is possible to add a click spot? I've already installed as a popup and recall it via joystick/keyboard shortcut through FSUIPC.
  12. A long time waiting comes to its end. Thanks for HU.
  13. Looking at airports on Simmarket, some 10 year old sceneries are still the full price. it would be nice if they reduced the price as it got older.
  14. bobterri


    Can anyone suggest a preset similar to Thopat's?
  15. Amen to that. The personal irony is I was an airline type in the real world for 30 years but prefer GA in sim world.
  16. Thunderbolt44

    RC is Slow in Contacting Tower

    Hi Ray, It seems like when I use a program for so long, I fail to check the manual. I had the interact with AI checked, but I also had the AI chatter checked by mistake. I flew an IFR flight this morning with my DC-6 without AI Chatter checked. The approach phase worked fine although we just shot an ILS Rwy18 approach into KDAY, Dayton, OH so that is not as busy as a lot of places. We'll continue to work this out. As always, your advice is appreciated. Mike
  17. hetolaz

    Repaint Requests

    hola me encanta esta aerolínea espero y alguien me ayude se llama AEROMAR
  18. Wow! That looks amazing! Will buy immedeately!
  19. Denzel

    Repaint Requests

    Thanx for advising guys, it's fixed Regards
  20. Holy moly! That's awesome! Well done! Thank you so much! @GarminFlyer I seem to be missing a file or two though... I made the post over at the Org forums as to what is happening.
  21. Took a bit longer, but here's a preview...
  22. tttocs

    FlyTampa's Las Vegas (KLAS) now available!

    Just looking at some of the final screenshots and they definitely look good! Been looking forward to this one for some time. Scott
  23. Today
  24. Nice!! Congrats on the new build and prices you paid!! No doubt you'll like how the system performs with P3D. Greg
  25. HighBypass

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Don't forget that the mesh will give you the contours - you can then find more realistic landclasses and textures (better than stock FSX to lay on top of the mesh. EDIT - of course if you have photoreal then use that
  26. And it's looking mighty fine, hoping to see some user screenshots 🙂
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