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  2. Was the name “scammium” already taken?
  3. ryanbatcund

    Airport user or collector?

    I used to fly on vatsim a lot more so I liked having a payware airport where the big events were. Now I rarely go to the big ones...mostly just stay near Orbx stuff or flightbeam stuff
  4. Zévatech

    FSW Lear35A Update 4.1A

    Hello, i have the same problem since V4.1. and i don't have the previous version. regards
  5. For the mentioned bug I will wait for the 4th of July LoL. I am on the same boat of José Luís with milviz
  6. oscarbcn78

    Tiles / Squares on ground

    Reinstalled but without success...
  7. This turned out to be a dying video card for me. Replaced with a 1080ti and all is well. Cheers, Mark
  8. If the Milviz KAP 140 autopilot in the 310 in xPlane is like that in the FSX version that I use, it is closely modeled to some idiosyncrasies of the real world KAP140. One of those is reportedly that in capturing vertical guidance for an RNAP GPS LPV or LNAV approach you must first establish on the final approach course in HDG mode, then switch to APR mode. I know, I know! that is lateral guidance isn't it? HDG then APR. But that is evidently how it is. In FSX I have mixed results even with that AP sequence during the final approach. At KBMG the AP sequence above works just fine for RNAV/GPS 35, but does not work reliably for RNAV/GPS 17. So what is the answer? In FSX, in the RXP GTN settings menu, in the AFMS section of the settings, in the subsection of Navigation Features, is a setting "transition to approach". So this again in FSX. I do not own xPlane. Enabling this selection in the GTN for the 310R in FSX overcomes the issue. If the same setting is there in xPlane I recommend you at least try using it and observe results. I might say that this transition to approach if like in FSX can actually allow you to use the APR mode of the AP to fly the complete approach from quite some distance out. Not so realistic perhaps in its own right, but if you wait to select APR mode until the the normally appropriate time in the approach, vertical guidance may work as expected. At least try it. Then question Milviz for a more detailed explanation of how to reliably use a defined sequence with their KAP 140 to gain reliable vertical guidance during approach. For more discussion on this please read deep into the topic I am linking just below?
  9. charliearon

    FMC add-on

    Welcome to the AVSIM forum! Did this product come with instructions for installation? What is the name of this product and where did you purchase it from?
  10. simbio

    FMC add-on

    You should give us some more detail which addon it is, and which crj200 you want to configure. There was a free one called Vasfmc easy to handle via autopilot coupled with hdg bug.
  11. Appears to have been pulled from Simmarket, unless I am mistaken?
  12. pgde

    Hard cloud edges in valleys

    I use PTA and ASP4 and between Anchorage and Fairbanks, when there are clouds, it looks almost identical to the screenshot above. The issue is not a shader issue. You may want to post on the Active Sky forums, if I remember correctly, this subject has come up before.
  13. Phillip Gallagher

    CARENADO A42 500 Series For P3D/FSX

    The Carenado description of this bird is almost exactly the same as the FA50....copy and paste? lol They make beautiful models but the beauty is only skin deep. Seems like when I buy one of their jets I don't fly it much. Not quite complex enough for MY taste.
  14. mikeat

    Purchase Question

    Thank you for your reply. My intention is to be able to just move the map and screens associated with the GPS to my cockpit with dragging the GPS bezel with it. My cockpit is made up of physical hardware such as two NAV/COM radios, the audio amplifier, and the GNS 530. I elected to go this way for the realism in the cockpit. The GPS has a VGA monitor in it so that I can have the screens that FSX shows and I can push buttons and turn the knobs in real life. I believe you've answered all my questions and I appreciate it. I will be ordering it as soon as I get back home. Thank you again, Mike
  15. Is it possible to get some sort of balance between gsx and fs2crew? (With voice recognition). I want to talk to gsx just like I do with fs2crew. thanks in advance Philip
  16. BillS511

    Carenado GTN 750

    Post the contents of the 3 GTN log files found in your documents folder. The current (latest) version of RXP GTN is I'm running P3Dv4.5 with the latest Windows update. No Issues.
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  18. simbol

    problems with intense lights

    Hello, This is not related to my products. I will ask AVSIM staff to move this to the general P3D forums, in the meantime check post more information like which airport is this in the picture, your HDR settings, etc. Regards Simbol
  19. Peter Webber

    HDR Lighting Settings P3D v4.5

    Thanks. Going to start with those settings..
  20. On my GTX 1080Ti overclocking did that, I reduced it with 100MHz (offset to the GPU clock and MEM clock) and it is usually stable. Still, sometimes I get a CTD without any error message, I suppose still due to overlock, overload of GPU or due to switching the focus between my 2 monitors. Sometimes the driver can get also corrupted(but rare).
  21. I'm sorry, the company name just sounds like a magic trick from Harry Potter 🙂
  22. downscc

    North Pole Scenery Issues

    I see the exact same thing on multiple polar flights. I suspect it has something to do with Vector, I don't have show frozen water in winter checked because it causes problems year around. Ray, do you have Orbx Vector?
  23. jabloomf1230

    Voxatc does not assign star, only full ils

    I try it. I have fsaerodata installed so the sim's database is at AIRAC 1904. Also, make sure that you don't have multiple versions of ELLX installed in your scenery library.
  24. downscc

    HDR Lighting Settings P3D v4.5

    I'm close to Niklas on this one: Brightness 1.00 Bloom 0.30 Staturation 0.80. I also have set up custom color/brightness/contrast setting with my NVidia control panel to suit my preference. Using a 42-in 4K TV located about a forearm distance from my nose.
  25. Bert Pieke

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Same here..
  26. fakeflyer737

    Flightbeam KPDX

    Yes. All updates are via the FB Manager.
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