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Found 24 results

  1. Hi guys, I recently tried to get my VRinsight equipment up and running again. Unfortunately the CDU II is not displaying (the screen) anything, not windows or FSX in the sim. The odd thing is, the VRsim program (that connects the hardware to the sim) shows the CDU II as a usable device and I tested the CDU II with the NGX and the buttons on the physical CDU hardware, interface fine and work with the FMC display in game, so I know that the keyboard/USB portion of the CDU II is still functioning. Whats left is the display is black, as in the monitor won't show any video. So I have tried a few things: I thought maybe the VGA cable was the issue, so I borrowed a friends VGA cable, no luck. I thought the graphics card was the issue, updated all the drivers, rolled back. no luck With my main monitor, I took out the DVI cable, and connected the main monitor (an HP) to my GPU with the same VGA cable. Monitor worked fine with the VGA cable, so the cable is good. Tried to connect the CDU VGA cable to the DVI input in my GPU (with the VGA-DVI converter) and no luck. The CDU's power cable: I have tested it with my VRinsight MCP, and the power cable provided power to the MCP panel. Power cable is fine. (the CDU and MCP cables have the same voltage) Also, the CDU II is recognized as an "analog" display. The computer recognizes the monitor, but for some reason no video shows on the physical CDU II screen. I had this working last year, and installed it the same way this time, and followed the VRinsight CDU II manual to the letter. No luck. I should add: This CDU worked 100% on my previous graphics card, my GTX 560, last year. I recently downgraded to a GT 730 (560 fried), so I am not sure how that would affect the video portion of it. Switched to windows 10 a few weeks ago. The CDU worked great on windows 7. Also not sure what affect that would have. All other PC hardware from last year to now = no change. My biggest fear is that the monitor/screen on the CDU II is somehow broken. Sorry for the long post, and thanks to anyone who can provide any input of some kind. I really do appreciate it. Kind Regards Chris Kennedy
  2. Hello, I know the PMDG 737's FMC is very realistic but today, i have a big problem. I have watch this video : about the real FMCS and I think it is impossible to do the same thing. For exemple how to create a false waypoint with its coordinates in NAV DATA page ?thanks a lot
  3. Is this possible in the PMDG 777 presently?
  4. Hey, So I have had the 737NGX for a while and it has been working perfectly. Today though I flew KPHL-KORD in it and something very wierd happened with the fuel Loading. I set up the aircraft same as I always do, programmed the FMC and loaded the fuel. I loaded about 15,000 pounds according to the FMC and FSX and FSC. Plenty of fuel to reach ohare. I flew the departure as usual, used VNAV, LNAV and the A/P same as always. Everything was normal. I then left for a quick 5 minute break, and when I came back there was 0lbs of fuel onboard and the engines were at idle. I have no idea why this happened. So, anyway, I flew the flight over later and it all went perfectly well. Any ideas? ~Remy
  5. Hey, I just got the PMDG 747-400X and I installed it, everything went well, no errors. I restarted my system after the install and then opened up FSX and selected the 747-400. I pressed FLY NOW and when my aircraft loaded it was like this: What is wrong with this landing gear? I am on the ground Another gear shot. Also, none of the control surfaces work and are locked in the position when no hydraulic power is available. All the aircraft's systems are on. None of the Panels Work, and none of the buttons can be clicked. The throttle also doesnt move when needed. Main Panel. Nothing Works, Nothing visible. More gear. For somereason, even though none of the control surfaces animate, I can still fly the aircraft around. So any ideas? I really want to fly this thing. I have been waiting 4 years for it! Thanks!
  6. Good day! I bought flengravity CDU and want to use it with the PMDG NGX Please help link engravity cdu and pmdg 737 ngx :( Regards
  7. I'm sure this has been asked many times before but I'm baffled that I cannot search this forum....!!! And since I don't find this question answered anywhere obvious at PMDG website here goes the question. How can trigger the buttons on the CDU via external hardware? The aircraft has tons of LVars, standard FS controls etc to push all kinds of other buttons but I can't find anything that triggers the CDU buttons. How do I do that? I have registered FSUIPC, an VRInsight MCP-Combo, know the Lua language etc. so hopefully somehow there is a way... Regards, Allan Jensen
  8. Hello, today I recieved my Opencockpits FMC v3, I have followed two guides, and I have tried to set it up to the NGX with Ptoject Magenta, SIOC and Prosim 737 but I cant get the buttons to work. Is there anyone that can help me? I can gladly let you do it through TeamViewer Guides used: http://www.opencockpits.com/uploads/manuales/Opencockpits%20FMC%20V3%20Review.pdf http://www.opencockpits.com/uploads/manuales/FMC_737_V3_Manual_2012_REV1.0_English.pdf Sincerly Asmund
  9. Yesterday I was doing approaches and practicing go-around maneuvers at ESSA, I repeatedly set up my approach on rwy 01L and repeatedly (maybe 3 times) also re-entered the ILS approach on the CDU "app" page. Then the CDU gave a "program pin error" and I could no more enter any approaches on the fmc/cdu. The simulator did not crash and I landed normally but I could no longer enter any stars and approaches on the computer. If I tried it gave me a blank screen with only "FMC ACT" on it. Has this happened to you guys? I purchased my PMDG 737NGX in 2012 so I should have automatically all the updates sp:s etc? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I have just bought the VRinsight CDU1 (from the SerialFP2 range)- it has a two line LCD disply, not a full screen like the CDU 2. I am having trouble getting it to work. It works fine as a radio, when I set it to the radio function, but has no effect as a CDU-what is was built to do! It shows what i type on the CDU on the LCD, but not on the sim. I have tried it in the planes that it is supposed to be compatible with, but it doesn't work. I am running P3D V3.4 on Windows 10. And whilst I'm on the topic, when it does work how can I program it? I can't program it through LINDA as it is not picked up as a joystick. I do have a registered version of FSUIPC4 as well, and have followed a tutorial (.pdf) but I can't program it there. Thanks a lot Harry Karmel And yes, I have read the manual!
  11. As I was inbound to Atlanta from Germany I discovered the Captains CDU panel no longer accepted any key inputs. I tried both the panel keys and the Desktop keyboard. Not a huge problem as I was no longer using the LNav or LNav function to fly the aircraft but became a little concerned when I was prompted to configure the vRef page. What was puzzling was all the LSK and page buttons were working, I just couldn't input any data. After I parked the airplane and shut the engines down, I began to troubleshoot the problem. It seems the FO CDU was working perfectly, only the Captains CDU didn't. This was a first for me. Anyone else have this problem?
  12. I fly the PMDG 737-800 NGX in Flight Simulator X and I find it a hair pulling experience to have to move my cursor around to type in routes of 50 waypoints on that tiny FMC. Does anyone know of any hardware modules of FMS..or more accurately the CDU, preferably identical to that of the 737 I can buy and use? Or any alternative solution. I own FSUIPC. Note it needs to work with FSX and the PMDG 737 NGX! Any help is very much appreciated (:
  13. Hello, recently I bought the VRInsight CDU I. UnfortunatelyI could not find the PMDG 737NGX for FSX. I managed to get the CDU running partly, introducing keys and numbers into the CDU in edit mode. The LSKs and function keys on the CDU did not work. I searched the forums for a solution and by the way I found LINDA. I like it a lot dealing with my CH yoke and throttle quadrant. But I could not yet get the CDU coming alive with LINDA. Could it be that LINDA does not support the CDU from VRI although it does support the MCP Combo from VRI? Or can anybody point me to a workaround to adress the CDU keys for Input. The output is already available by the PMDG 737NGX module. In the moment I feel stuck. Best regard and hoping for a solution Michael
  14. I checked the FCOM V2 but no specific details on "how to use the datalink to update the Flight Number uplink?". I understand how to use the other features of the datalink such as the ALTN Update, Forecast update, etc. Tried manually inserting the FLT Number, but this does not remove the FLT NUMBER UPLINK message. Thanks in advance!
  15. Has anyone else had this problem with blurry text on the left side of the CDU ? I just noticed it today and can't say for sure it was like this before the 3rd hotfix. It looks like this whether I use the high quality 3d vc or not. I have also tried changing my AA and AF settings but get the same results. Moving it around the screen also has no effect. Some menus are nearly impossible to navigate due to this. Also, is there any way to illuminate the CDU at night? Thanks!
  16. Cannot find saved flightplan in CDU PMDG 737NG in P3DV4 and in my PC I cannot find flightplan LOWIEGLL001 showed in CDU See screenshot https://henkwijngaards.stackstorage.com/s/FtX25Gcf4OMaHTw please assist
  17. Hi, not associated with the company. While looking through the Android Playstore I found a virtual CDU This is my tablet, can also connect phone, either as two of the same CDU or as F/O CDU.. If anyone knows more of handy Android thingies, plz...
  18. I got a Ryanair FCOM2 and I'm looking a bit into it. It says what to write, to put a waypoint on the route! But I can not insert a waypoint in the LEGS page! (Along the route) Examples. "GG711 / 5" The ESGG STAR to 03 It should end up 5 NM along the route ahead of GG711 Manually Entered Along–Track Waypoint Names Along–track waypoints are a special case of place–bearing/distance waypoints applied to the current route. When a waypoint is desired on the route where none exists, the along–track waypoint feature creates the desired waypoint without creating a route discontinuity. Along–track waypoints are entered using the waypoint name (the place), followed by a slash and minus sign, for points before the waypoint, or no sign for points after the waypoint, followed by the mileage offset for the newly defined waypoint. The route course takes the place of the bearing which is not entered. The created waypoint is then inserted over the original waypoint. The distance offset must be less than the distance between the originating waypoint and next (positive value) or preceding (negative value) waypoint. Latitude and longitude waypoints cannot be used to create along–track waypoints. Examples: • VAMPS/25 is 25 miles after VAMPS on the present route, and is displayed as VAM01 • ELN/–30 is 30 miles before ELN on the present route,and is displayed as ELN01.
  19. Hello, I was wondering how to configure the FMS, and if it was possible, for a touch-a-go configuration. When I load a flightplan in my FMS, each time the 737 passes a fix it is deleted from the Legs Page and on the Navigation Display, so that only the points that the plane hasn't passed yet are remaining. My problem is that when I perform touch-and-goes and that I have put my airport and runway indication on the Navigation Display, after the first landing everything is deleted on the ND, consequently it is all clean during my second circuit pattern.In this video, we can clearly see that those indications stay on the Navigation Display during the whole procedure : How could I do that ? Thanks you in advance :) Bekatro PS : Sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native english speaker.
  20. I don't understand why programming the CDU can be so quirky. Sometimes I can enter all the required route and performance information and the speeds/altitudes are automatically populated for all the legs. Other times I get nothing at all until I exit FSX, reload, then go through the same exact steps and it works fine. I have also had problems on occasion arming VNAV on the ground and the same thing fixes it....closing FSX and reloading under the same conditions. It just seems quite buggy. Am I the only one having problems like this?
  21. I have looked through several forums where some guys have the same question, but have not found an answer yet. Let’s assume the following scenario: I am at a X airportand have programed my flight. I used a saved company route that already includes SID, route, STAR and approach runway at my destination. (I use vroute to generate my flight plans, and of course I’ll have SID, route, STAR and approach already pre-programmed since it saves a lot of time during preflight of the B737 NGX). I have taken of, climbed and I am en route to my destination. Everything is fine. Before descent or during descent I either get instructions from ATC (for example on VATSIM) to change my STAR and approach runway, or if not on-line I decide based on ATIS at the arrival airport to change my STAR and approach runway. Now comes my question / worry: - How can I change the STAR and the approach in the CDU, if I have another, active one in it? - I have tried lots of things, but the active STAR and approach cannot be erased, and a new STAR and approach put into the CDU. I know that in real world flying pilots will not input the approach runway (maybe even the STAR) into the CDU at the departure airport due to unknown circumstances at the destination airport (traffic, wind changes and so on). But we FS pilots might do it as per point 1. above. I am a SE / ME – IFR rated pilot, but I don’t fly anything bigger than a SENECA V, which of course does not have a FMC. I would appreciate if anyone could let me know how to do the task in question 4. Thank you and have a great weekend. Andy Andreas Ziegler Niederuzwil, Switzerland
  22. Name: SYSK - Forecasting Descents Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:23 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided Stuff You Should Know: How to forecast VNAV descents by finding and choosing the best data. Additionally, why this data matters. View Video
  23. Name: SYSK - Understanding Descents Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:22 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided Stuff You Should Know: How to understand VNAV descents and the limitations of automation in understanding STARs. NY Airspace Application: http://tfmlearning.fly.faa.gov/NY_Airspace/NY_Airspace_Pkg/NY_Airspace.swf View Video
  24. Name: SYSK - Offsets Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:21 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided Stuff You Should Know: How to offset track using the OFFSET function of an FMS. View Video
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