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  1. Hey guys ! I am trying to leave VATSIM for my flights for the following reaons : 1:Empty Airports, 2: Baby coming soon 3: Lack of trafic 4: Lotsm of uncontrolled airspace Therefore I'm more looking in injected Trafic (FSLTL) and the best immersion possible (I know that is possible even offline) So I started trying P2A, but since I only have 9 remaining days, no time to loose in order to see if the product is for me or not. Even though it took me quite a long time to configured it (Installing update, updating it's Airac Cycle, voice input, sound output) it seems to be working out now, though few question for my first 5 minutes flight which did not work as expected. First scenario, well, he could not understand my clearance Read back so I used ''Say it'' function, requested pushback, request taxi, so far so good. I am parked at EIDW Stand 404, he gave me these intructions ''TAXI 10L via L2 (I guess thats Link 2), F2, F3, F4, AT5, D3, Hold Short 28R : https://snipboard.io/DT0FVd.jpg (Taxi Chart here) - AT5, D3, does not exist and... Hold short 28R ?? ehhh I should have got something like TAXI 10L Via L2, F2, F3, FOuter, N, Cross 16 on M Hold short 10L. So then I readback his taxi instructions, got no response so I started taxiing my way to N7, while using bad taxiways he never told my like SHAMROCK 154 are you lost, or anything. Oh and when I started taxiing, an inject aircraft was on my way and he did not tell me to give way to that company 737 (RyanAir). I arrived at N7, Say ''Ground, Shamrock 154 holding short 10L ready for departure, he told me ''Contact tower 118.6'' redback, called tower, he said ''Contact ground on xxxx,'' He said contact tower, so was stuck in a loop... Started my take off and from there, unable to spead to ATC. Anything I have done wrong in all this ? Please let me know, I would love to use P2A if I can. Perhaps I was in a bad airport for it ? Do I have to any config so it interacts with trafic ? Any help would be much appreciated <3
  2. I'm new to VATSIM ATC and have a headset. Done a few flights and I like the experience. However, I would like the headset to only play ATC sounds - NOT ambient plane sounds (i.e., engines, AC, cabin announcements, etc.) Essentially, when using the headset all sounds play through the headset and none through the speakers. Is there a way in X-Plane 10.50/Windows 10 to have headset only hear ATC and cpu speakers play everything else?
  3. Hi Im looking for Live ATC from Italy. The list from Live ATC has closed airports from Italy. Greeting Lysse
  4. Good Afternoon I have LIRQ from sim market and P3D refuses to assign runways for landing and takeoff as the AFCAD (.bgl) dictates. I checked with ADE and the assignments are correct although P3D gets them backwards. P3D has the app/arr (23) coming down a hillside which is not correct and against the ILS. I've checked for other signs of LIRQ and disabled them. No help at all. Thanks Jon
  5. I installed the demo to boeing 737 800 (default) but whenever I open Voxatc it closes and the recent comms just becomes white. Please help!
  6. Hi, Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere or repeatedly, and I appreciate your patience if that's the case; but can the ATC and Kneeboard pop up windows in P3D2, be made transparent? I really dislike the solidity of these windows in P3D, and cannot see any advantage to not having partially transparent pop up dialogue boxes, as per FSX. Any pointers? Thanks in advance.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Fbq5NpvGjnc
  8. Since I haven't found anything comparable, I've created a small tool for looking up call signs. The program uses the ICAO airline designator and resolutes it to the name of the airline and the voice call sign used for ATC communications. It currently features 998 airlines. Might be handy for air traffic controllers on Vatsim, IVAO or other networks http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=188395 The program requires NET 4.5. If you have any wishes for further functions or missing airlines, just post it here.
  9. I am having success programming the flight plan into the FMS, the waypoints display and change color as I pass over them, etc. But ATC is using the flight plan that is in FSX, not the FMS. Do I have to also manually create another flight plan in FSX in order to have ATC give the proper directions?
  10. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I am still learning the forum layout. Hello all, I am just about completed with my FSX PC and my first sim pit. I have many software and add-on questions answered, though I am still not sure what to do about ATC and Traffic. I know it has probably been beat to death, but nothing I read sways me in a direction. I try to fly as realistically as I know how, and my aviation knowledge is only basic. I kind of know what SIDs and STARs are and that is about my large aircraft ATC/Navigation knowledge. I fly general aviation aircraft and small to medium charter aircraft. I have/would like a2a 172, realair duke2.0, baytowerstudios RV, aerosoft twin otter, flight1 king air... and would like to get into the majestic Q and some PMDG's someday. So my problem is that I don't know what to look at for add-on traffic and ATC programs. I did look at VOXATC and decided not to go a "spoken aloud" direction. So considering that I enjoy small aircraft and that I generally fly into smaller airports, does anyone have any suggestions for a program? Hopefully a product that combines ATC and Traffic? I would love to come to a large airport and see planes in holding patterns rather than the occasional plane come straight in and land. Or have to wait for a plane to land at a small local airstrip before I can get on the runway. It seems at my home airport KLND, even with traffic all the way up, I never ever see any other planes. I am sorry, this post is not organized at all in it's presentation, but basically I would love a combined ATC/Traffic solution that is PRETTY realistic and something that I can continue to grow with as my knowledge increases and I move on to more complex aircraft. P.S. I will eventually try VATSIM, but don't plan to use it in the close future. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  11. I noticied this afternoon while selecting a different pilot voice for my flight that some of the voices are not working. I still see the text just like they are talking but no voice. Later on i changed the time and found out the voice that wouldn't work now works and a different one doesn't work. I still see the text for the ones that don't work. This just started this afternoon. How can i fix this? What are the voice files on the cd named so that i can reinstall the voice files? Anyone have this thing happen before? Please help...
  12. I have heard so many good things about PFE that I bought it over Rader Contact and VoxATC. I have been using it for few weeks now…don't get me wrong, I am fairly happy with the product but there are few glitches that's really annoying me. Last night I was flying to Paris LFPG as soon as I entered the STAR control asked me to head right on 105deg and gave me runway 8L, I was busy setting up ILS etc. then within 30 sec they changed the runway to 9L…I don't see the point of doing it? plus I couldn't establish contact with tower and got 30 miles further from the airport, so I changed the frequency to contact centre and they asked me keep going on heading 105, which was taking me further away from the airport! It says the ATC will help you to get back on tract in case of missed approach etc. but that clearly didn't happen to me yesterday! Anyone using PFE faced this sort of problem? I thought the runway change thing was addressed and fixed? Will it be better if I get my flight plans from FlightSim Commander? I am using the demo version so I can't really export a flight plan out of Flightsim Commander at the moment. Do you know any other free flight planning software that will work well with PFE? Thanks in advance. Ronnie
  13. Hello fellow simmers, Does anybody have a normal working atc in prepar3dv2.1? I have tried making a flight in the flight planner as a vfr and when i start the flight and open the atc window, the "contact ground" response is there and when i click it it just tells me about options like departure to the north and all that but no vfr following. its like i didnt make any flight plan? anyone else? thanks in advance
  14. Good all crewmembers We are pleased to provide even more free voice packs Download Lorna, the very first female MCE co-pilot http://www.multicrewxp.com/FO_Lorna_For_MCE_V2.zip Three more mechanic voice packs http://www.multicrewxp.com/Mechanic_Andrew_For_MCE.zip http://www.multicrewxp.com/Mechanic_David_For_MCE.zip http://www.multicrewxp.com/Mechanic_Lorna_For_MCE.zip Download, unzip and run “InstallVoice.exe” for each voice pack. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very good new year.
  15. Just wondering if anyone has created any atc addons... I've seen the one Pro Flight Emulator and Radar Contact. But these are quite old addons. Just wondering if there have been new ones created....
  16. This upcoming Tuesday (10/22/13) at 5:00PM EST, SkyConnection will be hosting "Traffic Tuesday" an ATC event in which new and or experienced flyers are Welcome!. Featured ATC service(s) will include service(s) at: Toronto-Pearson International (Default Airfield), Cleveland ARTCC (Center) and Buffalo Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF). Position(s) at the fields are as follows: Toronto-Pearson International (CYYZ) - CLN/GND/TWR Cleveland ARTCC (vZOB) - CTR Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF) - TWR For IP Address and TeamSpeak3 information click here!: http://sky-connection.wix.com/flightsim
  17. I do not want to open a long discussion on what ATC is better. Each has its pros and cons. But one thing that is still unsurpassed in ATC default FS2004/FSX, in my opinion, is the quality of the voices and the realism. Now, since it is going to be released P3D 2.0, and then the ATC source code is available for LM developers, do you think could be finally developed a good default ATC with SID / STARs and AIRAC upgradeable, and with a voice quality equal or superior to that which we know? I can not fly always online, rather are less the times I can do it, so I think it is essential to have a complete ATC environment, with a good and realistic sound quality. That could handle properly AI traffic on ground, enroute and during approach and final phase of flight, could save the situation, could handle SID and STARs and is aligned with AIRAC. Yes, you'll think, that's allready exist, but the quality of audio? None ATC addons I know have the same audio realism of FS2004/FSX default or not? A rock solid default ATC saves you from having to run third-party programs that often block or otherwise crash your sim or causes various problems. What do you think about?
  18. Hi everyone. Im new to the forum and to X Plane so please forgive me if this has been covered before. When on a flight from Manchester to Glasgow, the ATC was fine throughout until about 20 miles from the approach. The ATC would give me various headings and altitudes to fly on which i would adhere to and as soon as it lined me up for the final approach and it asked me to call the field (which i did), it would then give me another heading and fly another series of headings etc. This went on for about 30 minutes. Does anyone know if i'm doing something seriously wrong or is the ATC just having a funny 5 (30) minutes? Thanks in advance. Steve
  19. Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a parking code functionality into the Operations Centre. I tried editing the aircraft.cfg manually on the NGX and adding the "atc_parking_codes" parameter, but this seems to mess up the alphabetical sorting of the liveries in FSX. I'd imagine it does the same thing on the 777 as well. It would be nice if there was a way to manually enter parking codes into the Ops Centre which then makes the necessary changes to the aircraft.cfg. It can get a bit tedious at times when ATC assigns you a parking spot at the complete opposite end of the airport to where you would normally park. Any thoughts on this? Regards.
  20. Attention forum members! This Saturday, the 21st, SkyConnection will be hosting a Pro ATC Session @ Boston Logan Intl. Airport which includes Tower’s at Boston Logan Intl. Airport, Boston Center, and Providence’s T.F. Green Airport, located just , 40nm, to the West. Whether you are a professional flight-simmer and looking for ATC that meet’s professional standards or looking to have some fun on a Saturday night with your buds. SkyConnection offers a professional ATC service to all ages and or skillset. Check-out more information on our future Pro Sessions Here: http://sky-connection.wix.com/flightsim Just click on the ATC Schedule Tab! Airport Navaids and Chart’s here: Boston: http://www.airnav.com/airport/KBOS Providence: http://www.airnav.com/airport/KPVD
  21. I'm seriously considering purchasing a 3rd Party ATC software add-on program to finally rid myself of the laborious default FSX ATC. nb: No, I won't be considering using VATSIM or any of the online ATC's at this present point in time. So, I would welcome Pro's & Con's from any of you regarding your experience with the 3rd party ATC add-on you're using. Taking into consideration, I would prefer the software: 1. handles SIDS/STARS & Jet Routes (Worldwide) 2. handles AI aircraft (UT2) 3. voice or text (or both) 4. follows IFR procedures (as closely as possible) 5. recognizes PMDG aircraft 6. Good tech support 7. Program has been continually updated Thanks & Regards, Steve
  22. Upcoming Pro-ATC Session; 9 Feb 2013 * SKY CONNECTION ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY PRO-SESSION * Come celebrate ONE YEAR of Sky Connection by attending our anniversary Pro-ATC Session starting at 1900CST on Saturday 9 Feb 2013. Session will run based on traffic until 2100CST. Default Aerodrome for the session is Chicaco O'Hare (KORD) Service provided: Ground and Tower at KORD Ground and Tower at KGRB (Greenbay) Radar Services (Arrival, Departure, Center) at MILWAUKEE Center Aerodrome charts and approach plates are available at: http://www.faa.gov/airports/runway_safety/diagrams/ In the area marked "Airport Identifier" enter the icao airport identifier (KORD or KGRB) and then select "ICAO" from the drop down (by default FAA is selected), then click "Complete Search" Upon joining the session, check the chat box for frequencies and session specific instructions. Pilots wishing to fly outside of KORD airspace are required to file a flight plan in the chat box, and obtain proper airways/clearance from Clearance Delivery PRIOR to taxi. Look forward to having you all in the session!
  23. A dream come true (albeit in a limited service area) so hold on before you get crazy... yes, the service area is limited in scope to southern California USA so it's not IVAO and it's not VATSIM. On the other hand, here's what you --do-- get (thus far, YMMV) CRYSTAL CLEAR VHF COMS across ALL the frequencies for your entire flight while in the coverage area. Controllers are "ON DUTY" and available 7 days a week, 8am to 11pm (Pacific). This is HUGE. How many times have you got on VATSIM or IVAO only to find NO CONTROLLERS anywhere near your intended flight route? Many times I was forced to fly in a completely different area just to have real-world ATC Works with X-Plane 10 RC1 64-bit (requires you download the 32-bit software from Pilot Edge, then add the additional files to make it work in 64-bits. Works GREAT! DRUMROLL! You DO NOT hear the other pilots yammering on your channel at all different volume levels. No annoying people with low-grade mics or desktop mics blowing your eardrums out during your flight. You start with Clearance, Then Ground, Then Tower, Departure and so on... and as you arrive at the other end you switch from Approach to Tower, To Ground. A complete 'real-world' experience. In some cases you have different people covering the different roles, in other cases it's the same person on the different frequency. DRUMROLL! 14-day no-credit-card-required free trial. Try it first. Several different plans available, including annual which averages to about $15 a month if I remember right. I'm happy to pay 50 cents a day to have a real human being control my heavy jet flight. Team this with the Ramzzess VMAX 777 64-bits and life is NOT BAD! All in 64-bits! NO WAITING! You can do this TODAY, and wait for the world to catch up (if it ever does) with 64-bit X-Squawkbox or something similar. I recommend anyone interested at least take a look at this service. You can pay monthly without an annual commitment If you want to fly out of the coverage area, it's not a lot different from VATSIM. The big difference is, if you depart KSEA for KSAN and arrive at KSAN prior to their close of business hours, you'll have ATC when you get to your destination. I can't count the times that my destination airport "had service" when I took off, and it closed shop suddenly moments after takeoff! That is NOT great! Happens a LOT on VATSIM. You're subject to catch as catch can, meal breaks, whatever. Not to "knock" Vatsim (it's free) - but no 64-bits in Vatsim means no real live ATC for me (until TODAY). You can listen to daily recordings (including your own flights) on the PilotEdge website. After the flight, you can see what you did graphically and pictorially:
  24. Okay so I want to fly and IFR flight plan and I go the way points and set them in my GPS. But ATC gives me headings instead of allowing me to fly my route. Are the headings I get corresponding with my flight plan? Should I just use the headings or just use my flight plan? Help!!!
  25. Has anyone come across this problem before and if so do you have an answer... please. The only time I get a CTD in FSX is when I try to open the ATC window. Most of the time it's ok but crashes when the window has been undocked before and moved to a second monitor. I run FSX windowed. I've tried replicating the problem with a docked ATC window - no problem. I've tried replicating the problem with an undocked window positioned over the main FSX display - no problem. Only when the ATC undocked window is not positioned over the main display. Not very serious but it would be nice to use all the 'extras' on monitor 2. TAI.
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